6 Reasons to Love Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing lessons
Ballroom Dancing

Have you ever tried ballroom dancing? If you haven’t, then we can assure you that you’re missing out.

Whether you take it up as a hobby or something you’d consider competing in, there are plenty of reasons to love ballroom dancing.

Here’s why we root so hard for ballroom dancing and why you should consider taking ballroom dancing lessons:  

1. It’s a Creative Way to Exercise

As necessary as it may be, not all of us fancy lifting weights at a gym.

Taking up ballroom dancing doesn’t just mean you get to learn a new form of dance.

It also helps your body get the exercise you need.  

All dancing is hard work, and whether you take up the Waltz or the Tango, it puts your body to work.

In simple words, ballroom dancing is actually a workout.

It may not appear so at first, but once you sign up for ballroom dancing lessons, the effects will be visible.

2. It Helps You Discover New Genres of Music

If all you’ve heard is Taylor Swift or Rihanna (Not that this is a bad thing, both of them are fabulous), then you’re in for a surprise.

Ballroom dancing can introduce you to new genres of music.

You can explore Latin music, groove to some Enrique Iglesias (Salsa, anyone?), and even enjoy some Frank Sinatra.

If you love music, then your love for ballroom dancing is not far behind since the two pretty much co-exist.

3. It’s Great for Your Health

Focusing on getting your movements right can also help divert your mind from any pressing problems.

You can strike up a conversation with the people in your dance class and expand your social circle.

Dancing also improves coordination and physical strength.

Dancing also improves coordination and physical strength.

It can make you smarter as well.

You are required to memorize patterns and tap into your creative side.

This can improve your mental capacity.

Finally, ballroom dancing is also an effective way to help increase energy.

This is because not only are you keeping yourself physically active, but you are also learning something that is mentally stimulating.

You’ll feel good, and that’s half the struggle, right?

4. It Makes You More Confident

Ballroom dancing can help improve your self-esteem and make you more confident. You can start with a beginner’s class, and work your way up.

All the health benefits we mentioned can improve your self-image as well.

This will automatically help boost your self-esteem.

There’s also the fact that you’ll see yourself creating all these beautiful poses.

If you have been uncomfortable with your body before, this will help you feel good about it.

Remember that dancing is more than a few steps to some music.

It’s a personal process that requires you to embrace your individuality.

If you’ve have been shy about performing around people before, ballroom dancing can help cure that.

5. You Get to be in the Limelight

Learning ballroom dancing can help you shine in parties and other social gatherings.

If you’ve always been on the sidelines before this, then ballroom dancing can change all that.

After all, there is nothing quite as attractive as a person who knows how to dance, really dance.

What’s more, you could be encouraging others to follow in your footsteps too (No pun intended).

6. It’s Rewarding

Taking up ballroom dancing can be stimulating and exhausting.

In the end; however, it is also incredibly rewarding.

You’re taking up something you have never done before and that learning process can be pretty incredible.

Even if you fumble initially, there’s no need to beat yourself over it.

The slip-ups will barely compare to the joy you will feel when you master a particularly difficult step.

Taking It Up Professionally

What may start out as a hobby can quickly turn into a way of life.

Ballroom dancing is no different.

Once you’re through with your ballroom dancing lessons, you may discover that you’re, in fact, so good that you may be able to compete on a professional level.

Ballroom dancing comes with a world of opportunities.

You may have held a 9-to-5 job until now, but if you have a passion for ballroom dancing, then suffice it to say that your life will change forever.

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