Ballerina Shoes for Toddlers: A Guide for Beginners

Best Ballerina Shoes for Toddlers

In this article we share with you our top ballerina shoes for toddlers.


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1. Bloch Glitter Dust Ballet Slipper

2. Ruqiji Leather Ballet Shoes

1. Bloch Glitter Dust Ballet Slipper

Are you looking to spark a love of dance in a little one? 

These shoes might do the trick with their eye-catching, irresistible glitter exterior. 

Available in pink or gold, these flashy and fun shoes are also designed for your little ballerina’s comfort. 

The soft cotton interior provides a cushion for sensitive feet and has a sweet bunny print as well.

The elastic comes pre-sewn over the foot’s instep, and there is an adjustable elastic band to adjust for fit. 

The shoes are slip-on, which makes getting into class much easier for the dancer and parents, and is also convenient for a class that splits dance styles. 

This shoe also features a full leather sole for extra traction and to prevent falls.

2. Ruqiji Leather Ballet Shoes

These are classic leather ballet slippers, perfect for a little beginner. 

The leather exterior is durable and stain-resistant; they won’t pick up dirt from the dance floor. 

They also feature a split leather sole, the leather material providing more traction than the suede, and the split design mimicking the shoes they will wear if they continue in the sport.

These shoes also have a comfortable cotton interior and adjustable elastic. 

The double elastic straps are pre-sewn, and there is extra padding along the heel to support the Achilles tendon.

3. Stelle Satin Ballet Slippers

These are another great option if you’re hoping to inspire a love of dance in your daughter. 

Or, if she loves watching the older girls with their pointe shoes, they mimic the look with their satin exterior and ribbons. 

At the same time, they are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible. 

The leather split soles help little ones develop good technique and prevent falls, and they have extra heel padding for the Achilles tendons. 

Your little one might not want to take these off; if not, there are several color options for dress-up and pretend play at home.

4. Move Dance Canvas Ballet Flats

These shoes are very classic canvas ballet slippers. 

While canvas isn’t always parents’ first choice since it gets dirty faster and is more slippery than leather, these shoes have some specifications that make them especially great for toddlers. 

For one thing, they are stain-resistant, and if they get dirty, they can be thrown in the washing machine.

The canvas is also very breathable, and there is additional breathable material in the shoe’s interior. 

The leather soles provide traction, and the fact that they are split allows little dancers to get used to the feel of the kind of ballet shoes they will wear when they’re older. 

The crossed double elastics provide extra stability and come pre-sewn.

5. Bloch Belle Full Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

From the well-known and respected dancewear maker Bloch, these leather slippers are designed for the youngest ballerinas. 

They have a 100% leather exterior that is durable and resists stains, and they are sock-lined for extra comfort for toddlers with sweet little hearts printed on the inside for a special touch.

They do not have a drawstring because they have plush elastic all around the outside of the shoe, which can be more convenient for dancers and their parents. 

The elastic strap comes pre-sewn over the instep. 

The full sole, made of leather as well, provides traction and helps prevent falls.

6. Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoe

In addition to Bloch, Capezio is another top name in dance supplies, and these sweet slippers are perfect for your budding ballerina. 

The single strap makes it easy to slip them on and off. 

The interior is extra soft with cotton sock lining with an adorable floral print (select colors).

The full sole helps prevent skids and falls, and the durable leather is stain- and scuff-resistant. 

Parents can tighten the outside elastic strap for a better fit as well.

7. Stelle Canvas Ballet Slippers

These standard canvas ballet slippers are inexpensive, making them great for little feet that are growing quickly. 

They also lack the elastic band around the outside, and the double-crossed adjustable straps are pre-sewn, so you can use them as soon as they arrive.

They are durable, made from high-quality canvas, and have a split suede sole designed to help your child prepare for more advanced ballet work. 

They are also very breathable and soft, with supple cotton insoles.

8. Ambershine Full Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

These 100% leather ballet flats have a full sole for extra traction and prevent spills and falls. 

They are uniquely tailored for a perfect fit for your toddler.

They have a thick elastic strap around the outside that does not need to be adjusted. 

They are designed to be comfortable and soft, so if your little one is particular about their feet, these might be the perfect shoe for your needs.

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