Ballerina Shoes: A Guide for Beginners

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Disclaimer: While it is OK to purchase ballet slippers online, pointe shoes ideally need to be fit by a professional. 

Ill-fitting pointe shoes are tough to dance in, and what is more, they can cause serious injury. 

Once your fitting is done, though, you can buy the shoes wherever you want. 

If working with a professional is not an option for you, at the very least, have your dance instructor help you pick out a pair online. 

Browsing options online can also help you make a list of styles you want to try in person.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time, use the links below to quickly find our top Ballerina Shoes for you on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products…

1. Daydance Pointe Shoes

2. Bloch Performa Canvas

At a Glance: Our Top Ballerina Shoes for Beginners

1. DaydanceCork SoleQuality Satin Upper MaterialFlat
2. Bloch PerformaLeather SoleFabric or TextileFlat
3. Bloch SynchronyLeather SoleTextileFlat
4. Capezio HanamiLeather SoleFabric or TextileFlat
5. Capezio AriaLeather SoleSatinFlat
6. Capezio Turning PointeLeather Sole100% LeatherFlat

Daydance Pointe Shoes

These pointe shoes are especially great because they come in three different colors (traditional pink, black, and red). 

If you need colored shoes for a costume or performance, you don’t have to go through the trouble of dying these as you often do with other brands. 

These pointe shoes also come with silicone toe pads specially designed to fit inside them, reducing slipping and blistering. 

Toe pads are a must for comfort inside pointe shoes.

These shoes have a relatively soft shank, which makes them great for dancers with lower or weak arches or students who are just starting pointe work. 

Their online buying guide runs through several different foot shapes and peculiarities and how to adjust sizing accordingly, including the shape of toes and the width of varying foot parts.

Bloch Performa Canvas

Bloch is one of the foremost names in dancewear and dance supplies, especially shoes, and this is their classic ballet slipper. 

It is designed to adhere closely to the arch of the foot, an essential aesthetic element in ballet. 

Specially designed for the ballerina, they are durable and long-lasting. 

The canvas material breathes well and stretches with your foot, while the leather sole offers the perfect amount of traction for turns while protecting the dancer from slipping.

The cross-elastics are pre-sewn, so that takes some of the headaches out of them. 

The drawstring is adjustable, though, so you can tighten the fit. 

They are available in several colors, including classic theatrical pink, black, white, sand, and others.

Bloch Synchrony Canvas

The Synchrony slippers are similar to the classic Performa’s made by the same company, except that they have a sleeker, more modern look.

It more closely adheres and mirrors the actual shape of the foot, so in some ways, these might be better for ballet classes since that is so important for teachers to observe. 

The sleek look may match certain costumes and choreography better, as well. 

They have a wider outsole for greater ease in balancing and turning. 

Like the Performa, they are made of breathable canvas with leather soles for traction.

Capezio Hanami

Like Bloch, Capezio is also a well-recognized brand in the dance world. 

Operating since the 1880s, these are Capezio’s classic ballet slippers. 

That said, they are entirely modern shoes; Capezio has patented their unique seamless design, which has flat pleats and is designed to fit snugly on the feet. 

It allows dance instructors to observe the shape of the foot closely. 

They come with straps sewn on and do not need a drawstring. 

They have a split sole, and the sole is made of suede, which gives traction and prevents slippage without using leather.

Capezio Aria Pointe Shoes

The Aria pointe shoe is also made by Capezio and is one of their most classic and versatile styles of pointe shoe. 

It is 100% satin, and it has a traditional feathered toe box. 

The leather sole is flexible yet stable, and the #3 skived shank is perfect for strong arches or for dancers working to increase the strength of their arch.

As previously stated, we recommend scheduling a pointe shoe fitting with an experienced professional. 

Once you have done that, you may return online to purchase shoes that you know will fit your feet.

WendyWu Pointe Shoes

These pointe shoes are exceptionally soft and comfortable. 

They come with silicone toe pads that are cut to fit each shoe’s size, which can help prevent blisters and irritation. 

The ribbons come sewn on already, which is a bit unusual for pointe shoes. 

That said, this might be hugely useful for a student new to pointe work.

Capezio Turning Pointe Dance Shoes

These shoes look like Capezio forgot to sew on the back half of them, but don’t worry, they’re supposed to look like that! 

For these shoes, Capezio partnered with internationally famous dancer Sophia Lucia, who holds the Guinness World Record for consecutive pirouettes (55). 

They are designed to be ideal for pirouettes and turns, and they encourage good technique by forcing the dancer higher up on the balls of their feet in demi-pointe. 

They allow dance teachers to very clearly see the shape of the foot. 

The elastics come pre-sewn, so you can start using them right away.

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