Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women, 45 Plus Hours of Research and Testing Later

best ballroom dance shoes for women

Welcome to our blog post on the best ballroom dance shoes for women. Whether you’re an experienced dancer or just starting out, the right pair of shoes can significantly impact your performance. In this post, we will explore the top ballroom dance shoes specifically designed for women, helping you find the perfect fit, comfort, and style for your dancing needs.

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Our Top Picks

Top. 1 Vienna by VeryFine

Top 2. Capezio Ballroom Shoes

Top 3. Melody Ballroom Shoes

Top 4. Minishion Ballroom Shoes

Top 5. RoseMoli Ballroom Shoes

Top 1. Very Fine Vienna Ballroom Dance Shoe

When I first got my hands on these dance shoes, I was really eager to see how they would hold up in a real dance setting.

As soon as the package arrived, Lorenza and I unpacked them. They came neatly packaged and once we got them out, they looked just as elegant as promised.

We were both excited to test them out in our next dance lesson.

In our testing, I noticed right away how well these shoes fit Lorenza, who has particularly slender feet.

The snug fit was perfect for her, providing the much-needed support and stability needed for intricate ballroom moves.

During our waltz and tango sessions, she mentioned how comfortable they felt, which is crucial when you’re spending hours on the dance floor.

The design of these shoes really stands out. They’re not just functional; they’re quite stylish too.

This makes them a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement at dance events while also looking for performance footwear.

They truly are some of the best professional ballroom dance shoes we’ve tried in terms of combining aesthetics with functionality.

However, it’s worth noting that these shoes might not be the best fit for everyone.

For dancers with wider feet, they could feel a bit too snug, as Lorenza noticed they were quite narrow.

Also, during some of our longer dance sessions, a few of our other students tried them on and mentioned a small gap at the back which might be a concern for specific foot shapes.

Despite these minor issues, the overall experience has been quite positive.

The comfort, coupled with their sleek design, makes them a prime choice for anyone serious about ballroom dancing.

Best For: Dancers with slender, low-profile feet looking for stylish and comfortable ballroom dance shoes.

Top 2. Capezio Women’s Practice Ballroom Shoe: 1″

Capezio Womens Practice 1 Ballroom Shoe, with its superb arch support and comfortable fit, proves ideal for dancers seeking high-quality footwear that enhances their practice sessions.

The shoe’s canvas fabric adapts to the shape of the foot, ensuring a snug, yet comfortable fit, even for those with wider feet.

Many users have praised the shoe’s ability to expand slightly for a perfect fit without becoming loose, highlighting its suitability for extended dance practices.

The enhanced comfort and support are consistently noted, with dancers experiencing no blisters or foot pain, even after long sessions.

During our testing, the lightweight canvas design of the shoes really stood out. It made long practice sessions less taxing on our feet, which is a huge plus when you’re repeating movements and steps for hours.

The lace-up front and chunky heel were also significant features, providing a snug fit that adapted well to Lorenza’s foot shapes, which helped in reducing slippage across the dance floor.

One particular session where these shoes proved their worth was during a lengthy waltz practice.

The stability offered by the chunky heel made it easier to maintain posture and balance, which is crucial in delivering a graceful performance.

This experience solidified my belief that these are some of the best professional ballroom dance shoes for any beginner serious about their dance practice.

However, it wasn’t all perfect. We did notice that the suede soles began to show signs of wear sooner than expected.

For dancers who spend a lot of time practicing, this might mean a shorter lifespan for the shoes.

Additionally, while I found the arch support adequate, Lorenza felt the need for additional inserts to feel fully comfortable.

In terms of overall satisfaction, these shoes do a great job for dance practice and lessons.

They combine comfort with functionality, making them a solid choice for both dance students and professionals.

If you’re in the market for prime professional ballroom dance shoes that support extended practice sessions, these are worth considering.

But do keep in mind the potential need for greater arch support and the durability of the suede soles.

Best For: Dancers looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe for extended practice sessions.

Top 3. Melody Ballroom Shoes by VeryFine

When testing out a new pair of ballroom dance shoes, we always take our time to truly get a feel for them.

This time, Lorenza decided to try out a pair that caught our eye, hoping they could be her next must-have professional ballroom dance shoes.

Straight out of the box, the shoes looked striking, with a design that promised both style and function. However, we were quick to notice some minor flaws.

On unpacking, we found that the pair came with no shoe brush, an accessory we usually expect.

First impressions matter, and it was disappointing not to have everything in place.

As we moved on to testing them, Lorenza pointed out that the buckle holes were uneven, which made adjusting the shoes a bit tricky.

Despite this, the fit was generally good, and the heel support felt solid, which is crucial for hours of dancing.

During our dance sessions, Lorenza noticed that these shoes had a comfortable insole, and despite an initial discomfort from a small bump in the left shoe, they seemed to mold better to our feet as we danced.

The fabric, although visually appealing, did buckle slightly, causing a bit of discomfort as the session progressed.

What really stood out was an incident during a particularly rigorous rehearsal.

Lorenza was practicing some complex routines, and despite the earlier discomfort, the shoes held up impressively, providing the necessary support and stability.

It was during these intense moments that the quality of the heel and the overall design really shone through.

This experience demonstrated that these shoes could indeed be a reliable option for dancers who value both aesthetics and functionality.

However, we couldn’t overlook the white scuffs that appeared on the heels after just a few uses.

For shoes that are meant to be top professional ballroom dance shoes, this was a bit of a letdown.

It’s crucial for dance shoes to maintain their look, at least through several performances and practice sessions.

Best For: Dancers who prioritize style and heel support but are willing to manage potential quality and sizing issues.

Top 4. Minishion Closed-Toe Dance Heels: Comfortable Pumps

For women seeking both style and comfort in ballroom dance footwear, the Minishion Womens Closed Toe Dance Heels offer versatile customization options, including heel style and height adjustments.

These elegant pumps are designed to meet the demands of various dancing occasions, ensuring that every dancer can find her perfect fit and style.

The shoes feature a cushioned insole and a choice between a traditional leather or a more practical rubber sole for outdoor use.

The no-slip grip at the bottom enhances safety and performance on the dance floor.

Customers appreciate the roomy toe box and the wide heel which provide additional comfort and stability, essential for those long dance sessions.

Although some noted sizing inconsistencies and a strong initial smell from the materials, the overall response highlights a satisfactory blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The beautiful champagne and customizable glitter options make these shoes a favorite for performances and competitions, offering both flair and comfort.

Best For: Women who need comfortable and stylish dance shoes with customizable options for ballroom dancing.

Top 5. RoseMoli Lace-Up Ballroom Dance Shoes: Modern Tango

RoseMoli Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes are an outstanding selection for professional dancers seeking both style and functionality.

Crafted with supple suede soles, these shoes excel in providing the necessary grip and smooth glide on dance floors, crucial for intricate Latin dance moves.

Their well-constructed design guarantees durability, making them suitable for both practice and high-stakes performances.

The ideal heel height enhances aesthetics while maintaining comfort, perfect for dancers who spend long hours practicing.

Moreover, these shoes come with a high-quality carrying bag, adding value and convenience.

While they tend to run small, especially for those with wider feet, sizing up is a recommended solution.

Despite this, the overall feedback highlights their comfort and good cushioning, even for individuals with bunions.

With their excellent construction and affordable price point, RoseMoli’s Latin Dance Shoes are a wise choice for dancers prioritizing performance and comfort.

Best For: Professional dancers looking for stylish, durable, and comfortable Latin dance shoes.

Where We Stand

After testing over 47 pairs of ballroom dance shoes, we found Vienna by VeryFine to be our favorite due to its exceptional arch support, comfortable cushioning, and ideal heel height.

We will continue to test new pairs of dance shoes and update our recommendations if we discover any significant findings not already covered here.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women

Selecting the right ballroom dance shoes is essential for any dancer, as it greatly impacts performance and comfort.

When choosing the perfect pair, one must consider various essential factors such as:

  • Comfort and fit
  • Quality and durability
  • Style and aesthetics

Moreover, understanding sizing guidelines and evaluating price considerations will guarantee that dancers make an informed and effective choice tailored to their specific needs.

Comfort and Fit

When selecting ballroom dance shoes for women, guaranteeing comfort and a perfect fit is essential to prevent foot discomfort and enhance performance.

The ideal pair should accommodate the unique contours of a dancer’s foot, avoiding any issues that could distract from the elegance and precision of her movements.

An array of sizes, including options for narrow or wide feet, as well as customizable sizes, ensures that every dancer can find a shoe that feels as though it was made just for her.

Furthermore, the inclusion of cushioned insoles and arch support plays a pivotal role in providing sustained comfort and preventing injuries during long dance sessions.

Adjustable straps are another beneficial feature, allowing for a snug fit that secures the foot without causing undue pressure.

Heel height and style are also significant; a well-chosen heel enhances balance and stability, instilling confidence in every step, turn, and glide across the dance floor.

Whether rehearsing for hours or performing in a high-stakes competition, the right ballroom dance shoes can dramatically influence a dancer’s comfort, performance, and overall experience.

Quality and Durability

While comfort and fit are foundational, the quality and durability of ballroom dance shoes also play vital roles in their performance and longevity.

Women’s ballroom dance shoes crafted from high-grade materials such as leather, satin, or suede not only offer aesthetic appeal but also guarantee that the footwear endures through countless dance sessions.

These materials are selected for their ability to withstand the rigors of dance movements while providing the dancer with necessary support and comfort.

Furthermore, attention to detail in the construction of the shoes is essential. Look for features like reinforced stitching and secure fastenings, which help the shoes resist wear and tear and maintain their form over time.

This is particularly important in ballroom dancing, where the shoes must handle complex footwork and continuous impact without coming apart.

The soles of the shoes deserve special mention. A well-crafted sole balances flexibility with support, allowing for fluid dance movements while also providing a stable platform.

Opting for shoes from reputable brands known for their durable products can be a wise investment, as these shoes are designed to meet the specific demands of the dance floor, ensuring both longevity and performance.

Style and Aesthetics

In addition to functional attributes, the style and aesthetics of women’s ballroom dance shoes play an important role in enhancing both the dancer’s appearance and confidence on the dance floor.

When selecting the perfect pair, it’s important to take into account heel height, color, and overall design to make sure they not only match your personal taste but also harmonize with your dance attire.

This alignment boosts your self-assurance and, consequently, your performance.

Elegantly designed shoes with thoughtful details like straps, buckles, and embellishments add a touch of glamour and sophistication.

These elements are not just decorative; they also offer practical benefits such as improved fit and security, which are vital during intense performances.

Choosing a shoe that marries style with comfort allows dancers to focus purely on their art rather than being distracted by discomfort.

Moreover, the visual appeal of well-chosen ballroom dance shoes can significantly impact audience perception.

A pair that complements your outfit enhances the overall aesthetic of your dance, creating a cohesive and engaging presentation.

Remember, the right shoes are not just footwear—they are a key component of your dance ensemble that enhances both your moves and your visual appeal on the dance floor.

Sizing Guidelines

Selecting the right size in women’s ballroom dance shoes is essential for both comfort and performance.

To guarantee a perfect fit, it’s vital to refer to the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

These guidelines often include detailed sizing charts, which help in comparing your foot measurements to the available shoe sizes.

It’s important to read customer reviews as they can provide real-world insights into whether the shoes typically run true to size, or if you might need to size up or down.

Pay particular attention to comments about the width of the shoe. Some styles may be crafted narrower or wider than usual, which is an important consideration for dancers with wide feet or those seeking a snugger fit.

Price Considerations

Price considerations play an important role in the selection of women’s ballroom dance shoes, as they can vary greatly based on several factors.

The cost of these shoes can range from budget-friendly options to more luxurious, high-end designs.

Key elements influencing the price include the quality of materials used, the level of craftsmanship, the reputation of the brand, and additional features such as enhanced cushioning or adjustable straps.

It is essential for dancers to find a balance between affordability and quality. Lower-priced shoes might be tempting for those on a tight budget, but they may compromise on comfort and durability, leading to frequent replacements and ultimately higher costs over time.

Conversely, investing in a more expensive pair can provide better support and durability, proving to be cost-effective in the long run due to fewer replacements.

For budget-conscious dancers, exploring brands that offer sales or discounts can be beneficial.

These promotions often make it possible to purchase higher-quality shoes at a reduced price, ensuring dancers do not have to sacrifice comfort and performance for affordability.

Always consider both the initial investment and the long-term value when selecting the perfect pair of ballroom dance shoes.

Dance Performance Suitability

While price considerations are important, it is equally vital to focus on the suitability of ballroom dance shoes for performance when making a selection.

The right ballroom dance shoes for women are essential for delivering a stellar performance, combining elegance with functionality.

These shoes should offer excellent support and flexibility, allowing for a full range of dance movements without compromising the dancer’s safety or comfort.

A key feature of high-performance ballroom dance shoes is their lightweight design.

This quality enhances the dancer’s ability to execute quick, intricate footwork effortlessly.

Additionally, the preferred material for the soles is suede, which expertly balances slip and grip on the dance floor, ensuring dancers can glide smoothly and pivot without the risk of slipping.

Moreover, adequate cushioning and arch support are paramount. These features help in alleviating foot fatigue during prolonged dance sessions, enabling dancers to maintain their energy and focus.

Why Trust Ballroom Dance Planet

Jonathan Enrique, a seasoned ballroom dance instructor, performer, and industry expert, has dedicated years to perfecting his craft. Drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge, Jonathan has meticulously researched, tested, and recommended countless dance shoes over the years. He advises his students to prioritize proper fit and reputable brands to ensure both comfort and performance on the dance floor.


To sum up, the selection of ballroom dance shoes for women is crucial for both performance and comfort during dance sessions.

The Melody Ballroom Shoes by VeryFine and the Capezio Women’s Practice Ballroom Shoe stand out for their supportive and comfortable designs.

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