7 Best East Coast Swing Dance Shoes for Men

Best East Coast Swing Dance Shoes for Men

Are you a swing dancer who is looking for the best East Coast Swing Dance Shoes for Men? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you.

Here we will share with you reviews of some of the top options on the market and tips and tricks to finding your perfect pair. Let’s dive in!

At a Glance: Our Top East Coast Swing Dance Shoes for Men

Men’s East Coast Swing Dance Shoes List

1. Capezio Men’s Social Dance Shoe

Capezio is one of the top names in dancewear and dance shoes, and these are simple and classic pairs of versatile lace-up shoes for men. 

They are appropriate for theater, ballroom, tap, swing, and other styles. 

They are made of synthetic faux leather with suede soles for excellent traction. 

Both the heel and insole are shock absorbent, perfect for landing those big jumps.

The interior is soft and cushioned, lined with moisture-absorbent material.

2. Bei Best Coat Classic Lace-Up Leather Dance Shoes

These shoes are made from premium leather and environmentally friendly materials. 

The outsole is not only skid-resistant but water-resistant as well, which is perfect for an outdoor performance. 

The shoes offer added protection for the Achilles tendon, which is prone to injury, and extra ankle support by reinforcing the vamp. 

Many reviewers praise the fit and feel of these shoes, especially at such a low price point.

3. Very Fine Dance Shoes Men’s Ballroom Suede Shoes

These shoes, which are available in five different colors and styles, have the look of a comfortable slide, and they are sleek and modern.

They are made from 100% suede with a suede sole to prevent skids and slips on the dance floor. 

The shank is lightweight for an overall light shoe that flexes easily. 

They have a padded, breathable footbed meant to keep your feet comfortable through long hours of rehearsals. 

In addition to the suede look, they also come in crocodile, leather, and perforated leather. 

They come with a complete care kit to keep your shoes looking and feeling (and smelling!) like new.

4. MSMAX Modern Dancing Shoes

These affordable shoes are 100% leather, with perforated air oles around the toes and insoles for even more breathability. 

They are lightweight and have a comfortable insole and anti-slip outsole.

All around, these shoes are a good bargain and have a classic look. 

They’re also highly versatile, great for swing dancing and other types of dance, theatre, and off the stage for formal events.

5. VFS Party Series Men’s Two-Tone Dance Shoes

VFS Party Series Men's Spectator Swing Shoes

These eye-catching two-tone Oxford men’s shoes are made from 100% leather with a suede sole. 

The insole is cushioned to protect against injury and cradle feet that are tired from long hours of dancing. 

Almost all user reviews are positive, pointing out the fine craftsmanship and professional look, especially at their low price point. 

These are a great pair of shoes to complete a quintessential 1950s swing look.

6. GoGoDance Men’s Breathable Ballroom Shoes

One of the best features of these shoes is right in the name: they are super breathable with air holes around the upper and the insoles for extra flow. 

In addition, they are made from 100% leather, and the outsole is lightweight and flexible to make dancing easier. 

The shoes were designed to be flexible and accentuate the male dancer’s leg line, which is sometimes overlooked. 

Overall, these are very fashionable, sharp shoes, especially for a low price.

7. Very Fine Dance Latin Tango Salsa Shoes

These patent leather shoes are built to be noticed. They have a very sleek, smooth look that is perfect for a swing dance routine or event. 

They have a suede sole that helps prevent skids and slips, and they come with a cleaning brush to help them maintain their out-of-the-box look. 

The cushioned insole provides both comfort and shock absorption to help ward off injuries.

8. Linodes Slip-On Jazz Shoe

These slip-on jazz shoes are perfect for fast costume changes. They are also great for experienced male dancers dabbling in swing since they are technically jazz shoes and can be worn later for other purposes. 

They have a high-quality leather upper and a split sole to allow flexibility through the foot, accentuate lines, and good technique. 

The lining is smooth and comfortable, and the shoes come with an arch insert for added support.

9. Capezio Men’s 2-Inch Social Dance Oxford

These eye-catching shoes are certainly unique, vintage (we’re talking eighteenth-century vintage) style men’s shoes with a small heel. 

Capezio is specially designed for dancers with a flexible, skid-resistant sole, comfortable leather upper, breathable soft interior, and shock absorbency. 

They also have extra support for your sensitive Achilles tendon. 

Not your traditional swing shoe, these are perfect for anyone looking to spice up their dancing with something a bit flamboyant.

10. Sansha Salsette Dance Sneaker

This is another option, but a sneaker look is appropriate for many swing routines, especially casual period costumes. 

These dance sneakers are also versatile and can be worn for other styles of dance as well. 

They are made of leather and mesh with a padded collar for extra comfort. 

They are breathable, very flexible, and lightweight, making them great for dancing. All around, these are great pairs of dance sneakers.

Shoe Chart

Very FineSuede soleSoft Lambskin LeatherCuban heelSee all reviews
CapezioSuede sole100% Synthetic1 inchSee all reviews
Dance NWearSuede soleAll Leather1 inchSee all reviews
BlochRubber soleTextile and Synthetic1 inchSee all reviews
MinishionSuede soleLeather upper1 inchSee all reviews
MSMAXLeather sole100% Leather1 inchSee all reviews
VeryFine SneakerSuede soleLeather & MicrofiberFlatSee all reviews
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Frequently Ask Questions

What shoes should you wear for swing dancing?

For swing dancing, it’s best to wear shoes with smooth, non-grippy soles that allow for easy gliding and pivoting on the dance floor. Low-heeled shoes with a secure fit provide stability and support for energetic movements, while closed-toe designs offer added protection and comfort during dynamic footwork.

What makes a good men’s dance shoe?

A good men’s dance shoe should have suede or leather soles for smooth gliding and pivoting on the dance floor. It should offer adequate support and cushioning for comfort during prolonged dancing sessions. Additionally, a secure fit, low heel, and durable construction are essential for stability and performance in various dance styles.

What is the difference between Jitterbug and East Coast Swing?

Jitterbug and East Coast Swing are both energetic swing dance styles with similar roots. However, Jitterbug tends to have a more relaxed and improvisational feel, with dancers often incorporating flashy moves. In contrast, East Coast Swing is more structured, emphasizing basic steps and partner connection, making it accessible for beginners.

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