Roll up Dance Floor: A Guide for Beginners

Best Roll-up Dance Floor

Here you have our top Roll-up Dance Floor, this is a guide for beginners.


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1. Soozier Portable Dance Floor

2. IncStores

1. IncStores Modular Tap Dance Floor—Oak

This modular floor, which is specially designed for tap but can be used for any style of dance, comes in various square sizes as small as 3’x3’ and as large as 10’x10’. 

The interlocking design means that it can be easily folded up and stored out of the way, which is perfect for at-home dance practice and taking it on the road for competitions. 

No tools are required to assemble or tear down, and it can be used indoors or outdoors.

It is made from a lightweight polypropylene material and a vinyl surface, making it even more portable. 

It also absorbs shock well. 

As a bonus, you can also purchase additional tiles to broaden your practice space.

2. Soozier Portable Dance Floor Tiles

This model is a 42”x42” portable floor that weighs approximately 20 pounds. 

It can be used at home on any type of floor (carpet, concrete, and everything in between), as well as outdoors. 

It’s shock-absorbent to protect your knees and joints, as well as slip-resistant. 

It is also water-resistant and designed to withstand wear and tear very well. 

It is perfect for practicing tap routines, ballet turns, or a barre workout. 

It can even be used in a home gym.

3. Dot2dance Portable Marley Board

This dance floor is extremely portable, weighing only around two pounds (smaller size). 

It comes in various sizes, but the smaller models can even fit in a backpack or dance bag so you or your dancer can get some practice time anywhere. 

It is especially great for running practice routines and warm-up while on the road at competitions. 

It is engineered to be close to the ground and is slip-resistant; it works best when used on a hard floor or ground surface, but it can safely be used anywhere. 

The Marley floor closely mimics the material used in many studios and on stages.

4. Greatmats Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Roll

This portable Marley dance floor is especially great for laying down in a studio or taking on the road to a competition for group routine practice or warm-up.

It comes in a 5’x10’ roll.

It could also be laid down on an older wooden stage or another surface that is not ideal for dancers. 

It is appropriate for all types of dance, from ballet to tap and beyond. 

It is durable and lightweight and is designed to lay flat as soon as it is rolled out. The entire roll weighs only 16 pounds.

5. SnapFloors Modular Dance Floor Kit

This affordable dance floor includes nine interlocking squares for a 3’x3’ dance area. 

It weighs approximately 18 pounds and is easy to assemble and disassemble for no-fuss storage. 

There are no tools required.

It is scuff resistant and water-resistant and can be used on any surface.

For example carpet, grass, hardwood, etc. without damage to it or the floor underneath it. 

The squares snap and lock into place for added stability.

6. IncStores Practice Dance Tiles

This is another option from IncStores and is ideal for covering a larger area. 

This particular set comes with 20 1’x1’ interlocking tiles. 

Once again, the floor requires no tools for assembly or cleanup. 

It also comes in various colors, so if you were hoping to cover a larger area, you have some extra options. 

They can also be set up outdoors to create a dance floor or a level surface at a party or wedding. 

The tiles are lightweight (two pounds each) and durable. 

They are designed for the kind of wear and tear caused by laying them down and then disassembling them over and over again.

7. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat

This option is not a traditional dance floor, but it can be used by dancers, nonetheless. 

It is lovely for its portability and low price. 

Weighing only slightly more than seven pounds, it is 6’x4’ and is excellent when used for warm-ups, barre practice, and more. 

The memory foam material is easy on your shins and joints, which is especially great for practicing jumps on a hard surface.

8. Greatmats Marley Dance Floor

This is another excellent option for troupes on tour or competition practice and warm-up, especially since the material of this floor is likely to match the one used in dance studios.

The 10-foot-long roll of Marley flooring (three feet wide) can be easily rolled out, taped down, and then danced on for hours or days at a time. 

It can be joined using tape to other rolls, so it works well to cover a whole stage or larger area. 

The semi-matte anti-skid surface is ideal for all types of dance, including barefoot routines. 

It is reversible, with black on one side and gray on the other.

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