Best Tap Shoes: A Guide for Beginners

Best Tap Shoes

In this article, we share with you our top Tap Shoes for beginners.


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1. Bloch Sync Tap Shoe

2. Linodes Unisex Slip-On Tap Shoe

1. Bloch Sync Tap Shoe

This is a classic flat tap shoe designed for women but could also potentially be worn by men. 

The exterior is made of 100% leather, including a leather sole, and the eyelets for the laces are reinforced to help it stay secure on your foot. 

There is also a rubber balance pad under the ball of the shoe, behind the tap, to aid with balance and more complicated steps. 

The insole has extra padding for comfort and injury prevention as well. 

In terms of sound, these shoes come with Bloch Mega taps. 

These taps are larger than average and fit the entire ball and heel, ideal for maximizing sound.

2. Linodes Unisex Slip-On Tap Shoe

This flat tap shoe features a leather upper and synthetic sole and lining. 

The best thing about these shoes is that they are slip-on, so you don’t have to worry about laces or buckles coming undone or breaking in the middle of performing. 

They are also ideal for fast costume changes backstage but still adhere nicely to the foot, thanks to elastic along the outside. 

The partial elastic outside of the shoe also gives dancers added flexibility in their feet. 

The outsole is fitted with skid-resistant rubber, and the interior lining is velvet for added comfort. 

They come in both black and tan with sizes for men and women.

3. Theatricals Adult Lace-Up Tap Shoe

These flat, lace-up tap shoes are a classic oxford style appropriate for men and women. 

The taps are screwed on, and users report good sound from them, especially considering the affordable price of these shoes. 

There is a rubber patch to prevent skids, and the interior is lined with a sock lining for extra comfort. 

These are great starter shoes or perfect for casual dancers, but probably not durable enough for a professional.

4. Bloch Chloe and Maude Tap Shoe

These beautiful two-tone tap shoes (which can also be purchased in solid black) are from Bloch’s well-known dancewear brand. 

They feature Bloch Mega taps and have a rubber sole for shock absorption and better balance. 

They are incredibly comfortable shoes designed for long days at the studio or on stage. 

The leather exterior is supple and soft right out of the box; there is no need to break them in. 

As a bonus, they come with an adorable Chloe and Maude charm that can be left on the shoe or used elsewhere.

5. Bloch Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe for Men

Bloch makes the list again with this shoe designed specifically for men. 

Unisex shoes are great but are often designed more for women (since they make up a more extensive customer base). 

These have a 100% leather upper and a leather and rubber split sole, which gives the dancer greater control and range of motion while preventing falls. 

A notched collar at the heel and other heel features protect the Achilles tendon, a common injury among male dancers. 

Finally, the shoes have Shockwave taps for superior sound.

6. Capezio Women’s Mary Jane Tap Shoe

Another well-known dancewear maker, Capezio, makes these feminine shoes. 

They come in several shades of tan as well as black and black patent leather. 

They are 100% leather with a synthetic sole and 1-inch heel. 

The Tele Tone Taps, which are unique to Capezio, offer superior sound. 

What is more, Capezio has screwed them onto fiberboard, giving them extra spring and sound. 

They have a rubber outsole and scored rubber pad to prevent skids and offer greater stability. 

Best of all, these shoes are supremely comfortable. 

They have a soft cotton lining that also absorbs sweat and breathes.

As well as a foam insole that not only provides extra comfort but also absorbs shock, which can help prevent injuries. 

The Mary Jane look goes great with all kinds of costumes.

7. Capezio Women’s Manhattan Xtreme Tap Shoe

If you’re looking for character tap shoes, look no further. 

This heeled shoe has many of the Mary Janes features mentioned earlier, including the non-slip rubber, comfortable interior (as comfortable as heels can be!), and Tele Tone Taps.

8. Miller and Ben Jazz-Tap Master Professional Tap Shoes

Avi Miller and Ofer Ben designed these beautiful tap shoes, famous professional tap dancers and teachers, with professional dancers and serious students in mind. 

Appropriate for both women and men, the oxford look is completed with a very high-quality leather upper and sole, and the heel is made from compressed leather and wood. 

Therefore, they aren’t the lightest pair of shoes on this list, but they will last a long time. 

The sound from the screwed-in taps is unparalleled and very clear. 

Perhaps best of all, users report that they are very comfortable shoes that fit well. 

They take some breaking in, but once they are, they conform to the foot and can be worn for longer than other high-end tap shoes.

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