Black T-Strap Medium Heel Salsa Dance Shoes




Black T-Strap Salsa Dance Shoes

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CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance shoes Latin Salsa...
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CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance shoes Latin Salsa…
  • Perfect Materials: Crafted from lightweight materials. High elastic latex midsole, sweat absorption suede insole,…

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Having the right salsa shoes makes a big difference when you dance salsa.

You can find great shoes that are designed especially for salsa dancing, and they will keep your feet safe and comfortable all night long.

It is important to have stability and a good fit so that you can enjoy dancing without your feet becoming sore or tired.

Choosing a great pair of salsa shoes that is both attractive and functional will enhance your dancing experience.

The Cleecli black salsa shoe is great for anyone who dances salsa.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will love wearing these shoes to dance class, on the stage, or at a party.

You can salsa all night long without ever worrying about your comfort or your style. Take a look at why this is such a great shoe.


This salsa shoe by Cleecli is made of satin and mesh, and it has a soft suede sole.

It has a 2.5” heel, which is the ideal size when you are doing the salsa.

It has a T-strap for extra support.

They have a quick release buckle at the ankle and they are stylish.

They provide all of the support that you need for a night of dancing.

The T-strap sandal has a suede sole for spinning and gliding with ease, and it is made using lightweight materials.

It has a high elastic latex midsole and there is suede for sweat absorption.

It also has a soft, breathable lining.

They are made to keep your feet comfortable and free of slippage while you are dancing.

You can order your regular shoe size because these shoes are true to size.

They are elegant and stylish while being comfortable and protective of your feet.

If you choose this pair of shoes, you will look and feel great all night.


  • Suede insole for sweat absorption
  • True sizing
  • 2.5” comfortable heel
  • Suede soles
  • Stylish, elegant shoes


  • They stretch over time

Why You Should Wear Salsa Shoes

You should wear salsa shoes when you dance because they are designed perfectly to support your feet while you are dancing.

They are supposed to be worn when you are dancing and not on the street.

The soles are suede and designed to help you glide and spin on the dance floor with ease.

When you shift your weight as you move across the dance floor, salsa shoes help by making sure that you are perfectly balanced for dance.

They evenly distribute your weight and they have cushioning and support for your arches.

They also absorb shock and alleviate pressure on your feet.

As long as they fit you just right, they offer the support you need to keep your feet comfortable all night.

Final Words

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes to wear when you salsa dance, these Black T-Strap Medium Heel Salsa Dance Shoes are a great choice.

They have the right size heel, and they are made with soft satin and mesh so that you can have fun dancing all night long.

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