Bloch Salsa Shoes: Beginner’s Guide

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When you are looking for dance shoes for salsa, it is important that you choose the right ones.

You need to have full support while keeping your feet comfortable and stylish.

If your shoes stick to the floor, or if they are not properly fitted, they can ruin the entire dance.

Dance shoes are designed to help you move easily on the dance floor and to prevent injuries to your knees and joints.

At a Glance: The Top Bloch Salsa Shoes for Beginners

1. Ladies Giulia Satin DiamanteFlexible suede soleSatin2.75 inches
2. Ladies Nicola LightweightSuedeLeather2.5″ inches
3. Ladies AnnabellaSuede soleLeather1.5 inch
4. Ladies ElaineFlexible suede soleSatin2.75″ flared heel

What to Look for in a Salsa Shoe

bloch salsa dance shoes

When you are looking for salsa shoes, there are certain qualities that you will always want.

You need a shoe that allows you to move.

Dance shoes are more lightweight than regular shoes, and they are more flexible and allow for freedom of movement.

If they have a suede bottom, they work well on a wooden dance floor. 

In addition, they will fit your foot perfectly so that you have an excellent connection.

You need to wear the proper size, which is usually the same as your street shoe size.

You should take care of your dance shoes so that you can get a lot of use out of them, and choose the right heel.

Salsa shoes usually do have a heal for better balance and to create clean lines.

The heel can be as tall as four inches, with the most common size being between two and three inches tall.

What is Salsa Dance?

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The Salsa is a Latin dance that started in the 1960s in New York City.

It was mostly developed by Puerto Ricans in New York City.

Generally, the dancer shifts his or her weight by stepping to the middle and maintaining 50/50 weight.

The upper body stays level and isn’t impacted by the weight changes.

It is a sexy, energetic, and fun dance that uses partners, and it is very popular all around the world.

There are different styles of Salsa, including the Crossbody, Cuban, and Colombian.

The Crossbody is also called the LA style because it was developed in Los Angeles, and you dance by crossing each other mostly in a straight line.

Other styles focus on periods where one partner dances solo for a while.

No matter which style you prefer, you need shoes to make it easier for you and support your feet while you are dancing.

Different Salsa Shoes

Who Created Ballroom Dancing? A Quick Summary

1. Ladies Giulia Satin Diamante Latin Shoes

This is a beautiful pair of shoes with a T-strap and an open toe design.

It provides support with the T-strap and the diamante wrap ankle strap.

It has a 2.75 inch flared heel that works well for Latin and Salsa dances.

The shoe has a hidden quick fit buckle, which allows you to buckle and unbuckle it easily and without incident.

It has a flexible suede outsole that is excellent for spinning, sliding, turning, and more.

You can also spin, slide, and turn on many different types of floors.

The shoe also offers extra comfort in the way of padding for the soles and you will be able to dance for extended periods of time.

2. Ladies Nicola Lightweight Latin Shoes

ladies ballroom dance shoes feature

This shoe has a soft and strong leather upper with a covered leather heel.

It is a beautiful, classic, light Latin salsa shoe that is also suitable for ballroom dancing.

It has a slim tapered heel, which is elegant and placed in the middle of the shoe for stability.

It has a flexible outsole and crossed open toe, and it offers support and flexibility.

The suede outsole and crossed open toe will move along with your foot and offers support.

The suede outsole is perfect for slides and turns, and it has a cushioned insole for comfort and a self-locking buckle. 

3. Ladies Annabella Latin Practice Shoes

This shoe has a soft and strong leather upper and a covered leather heel.

It is a beautiful classic, light Latin shoe, and the slim tapered heel is elegant and placed in the middle of the shoe for support.

It has a flexible outsole and a crossed open toe design so that it can move with the floor when you point your toe.

In addition, the suede outsole is perfect for turning and sliding, and it has self-locking buckles. 

The shoe is designed with a cushioned insole for comfort and to protect the materials needed for comfort and shock absorption.

It is made of leather.

4. Ladies Elaine Ballroom Shoe

the meaning of ballroom dance

These shoes have a T-strap, and they also come with a unique diamante rap ankle strap.

They have a 2.75-inch flare heel that is ideal for Latin and salsa dances.

The T-strap and open toe design will give you support and give the design elegance and finesse.

The heel is 2.75 inches and flared, and it works well for Latin and salsa dances. 

The T-strap and open toe design are great for support and give the shoe elegance and finesse.

There is also a quick-fit buckle that allows you to swiftly fasten and unfasten the ankle strap.

These shoes have a suede sole that allows you to point, flex, turn, slide, and spin on many different types of floors.

In addition, the shoe has a full heel cup, and it has a quick-fit pin-hold buckle that is hidden and secure.

The insole is padded and offers extra comfort for long dance sessions.

Final Words

When you want to salsa dance, you will want to have good shoes that will improve your ability to dance.

Shoes that are made specifically for salsa and Latin dances are well made and elegant.

Bloch salsa shoes offer different styles with varying heel heights, and they are comfortable and offer extra cushioning so that your feet do not tire.

You need shoes that are designed to spin, turn, and point your toes, and these shoes offer these features with their suede soles.

Make sure that you save these shoes for dancing so that they last.

They are not designed to wear out around town.

You can improve your dancing when you have the right shoes.

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