Can Ballroom Dance Shoes Be Worn Outside?

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Ballroom dance shoes are typically not recommended to be worn outside. The delicate materials and specialized soles they are made of can wear out quickly on rough outdoor surfaces.

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Making of Ballroom Dance Shoes

It is important to remember that ballroom dance shoes are made differently from normal shoes.

Because of this, it can take some time to get used to them.

They have a thin suede sole that helps you to glide across the dance floor with enough grip to grab the floor.

In addition, the sole is flexible, so your shoe will move along with your foot. 

Often, normal shoes have a rubber sole to prevent you from slipping and allow your foot to grip a number of different surfaces, but you do not need rubber soles for ballroom dance (nor do you want them).

The heels have a look that is similar to wine goblets.

The top of the heel is wide.

It narrows and then flares at the bottom.

It is normally around two inches tall.

Different types of ballroom dance use different shoes.

If you see a Latin dance shoe, it will have a thinner heel, which requires more experience to use for dance.

In addition, you can find a heavier shoe that will give you extra support. These are called Spanish heels.

Sometimes these heels are sold in a style that is called Cuban heels.

You will also find narrow international dance heels in the center and flared at the bottom. 

Choosing a Ballroom Dance Shoe

The most important thing is that you can dance in the shoes comfortably.

Dancing is different from buying shoes to walk around in, and you need to make sure that you are comfortable in these shoes.

You should also make sure that you don’t start out overly ambitious.

Get a good sturdy heel and practice.

You can get a different style once you are comfortable dancing in these shoes. 

When choosing a shoe, you need to start by ensuring that it fits you perfectly.

They should be snug without putting any extra pressure on any part of your foot.

In addition, you can choose open-toe or closed-toe.

Open-toe shoes are usually for Latin dances because you need to point your toes, making it easier.

Closed-toe shoes are used for smooth dances such as the Foxtrot and the Waltz.

People often recommend that beginners start with open-toe shoes because they are easier if you learn different dance styles.

When you are starting out, a 0.5-inch heel should be sufficient.

Learning to dance on a lower heel will make it easier for you.

Make sure that whatever shoes you buy have suede soles.

This type of sole will help you grip the floor as you are dancing and give you more control.

Wearing Ballroom Dance Shoes Outside

One of the first questions many people ask is, “Can ballroom dance shoes be worn outside?”

You really should not, especially if you plan to use them for dance.

The thing is that the sole is made of suede, which will not hold up to the elements.

They will be ruined if the shoes get wet or get any moisture trapped inside them. 

In addition, they will break down and wear out quickly when you walk on pavement.

Even the well-made expensive dance shoes will wear out more quickly than shoes that are designed to be worn outdoors.

These shoes are made to be worn on the dance floor, and they should not be worn outside.

Once you wear your ballroom dance shoes outside, they will start to lose the very thing that they are designed to do:

Their grip gives you traction on the dance floor.

If you look for ballroom dance shoes that are made to transition from outdoors onto the dance floor, then you will be able to wear them outside.

Some companies, such as Burju, make good shoes inside and outside.

However, remember that these shoes are made to be used for dancing, and your best bet is to save them for the dance floor.

The suede is the best material for the flexible sole, and it doesn’t do well if it is exposed to any moisture.

You will want to store your dance shoes in a shoe bag that is made to protect them.

You can wear your street shoes to the studio, and then change when you arrive.

When you take care of your shoes this way, they will last longer and provide all of the comfort and traction you need to dance.

Although they make some shoes that you can wear outside, you should remember that the materials that they are made with will allow them to break down more quickly.

Buying a good pair of dance shoes is important because it will protect your feet and other joints, so you will do better to stick with good dance shoes and carry them to and from the dance studio with you. 

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