Best Dance Shoes with Suede Soles for Women

best dance shoes with suede soles for women

Welcome to our blog post on the best dance shoes with suede soles for women. If you’re a dancer looking for the perfect footwear that combines both style and functionality, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore the top dance shoes available in the market that feature suede soles, ensuring optimal grip, flexibility, and comfort for your every move. So, Let’s dive in…

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At a Glance: Top Brands for Women’s Suede Sole Dance Shoes

Top 1. Gabriella by VeryFine

Top 2. RoseMoli Ballroom Latin Shoes

Top 3. Sasha Dance Sneakers

Top 4. TTDanceWear Ballroom Latin Shoes

Top 5. Elektra by VeryFine

1. Gabriella by VeryFine

Gabriella by VeryFine is an excellent choice for women seeking dance shoes that offer style and comfort.

The shoes feature built-in cushioning and arch support for improved performance.

The design includes high-quality natural suede soles, providing an ideal balance of traction and slide.

The interior is lined with genuine leather that molds to the foot for a personalized fit. The exterior is finished with premium leather, adding to both visual appeal and durability.

These shoes are suitable for various dance styles, including bachata, salsa, and Latin ballroom.

While most customers praise their comfort and fit, some have noted the need to order a smaller size for a snug fit.

A few customers have reported issues like unraveling stitches and stretching straps.

Best For: Women seeking stylish, comfortable, and high-quality dance shoes suitable for bachata, salsa, and Latin ballroom.

2. RoseMoli Ballroom Latin Shoes

RoseMoli Ballroom Latin Shoes are ideal for beginner and non-professional dancers seeking comfortable, lightweight, and affordable footwear.

Users appreciate the comfort and softness of these shoes, especially the supportive strap around the foot.

For the best fit, order half a size down, as some users have experienced sizing discrepancies.

Stability can be an issue, with some users reporting wobbly heels, which may affect performance.

Durability concerns include the heels breaking easily if not used with covers.

An initial chemical smell dissipates after a few days, but issues with material quality and communication with the company have been noted.

Despite these drawbacks, the shoes remain popular for their comfort and affordability.

Best For: Beginner and non-professional dancers looking for comfortable, lightweight, and affordable ballroom Latin shoes.

3. Sansha Dance Sneakers

Ideal for dancers seeking comfort and performance, the Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker features a mesh upper and suede sole designed for better mobility and ease of movement.

Sansha is a reputable brand offering a range of dance shoes for various styles.

The Salsette 1 provides arch support and weight equalization, making it suitable for activities like Zumba and line dancing.

The split-sole design enhances flexibility and allows for easier sliding on different surfaces.

Many users recommend ordering a size up for the best fit. The shoe’s comfort and stability have received positive feedback.

However, some customers note the need for additional cushioning or inserts to improve arch support.

Best For: Dancers seeking comfortable and flexible shoes for Zumba, line dancing, or practice shoes.

4. TTDanceWear

TTDanceWear’s dance shoes with suede soles are a top choice for women seeking comfort, quality, and style for dance performances and special occasions.

These shoes are known for their comfortable fit and soft interior, making them suitable for extended hours of dancing.

While some users find the shoes true to size, others may need to adjust for a better fit.

The shoes are appreciated for their quality and stylish design, with durable construction that makes them ideal for various events, including weddings and competitions.

There are occasional issues with sizing, ankle strap security, and slipperiness.

However, the return process is efficient. Overall, TTDanceWear receives positive reviews for its elegant and functional dance shoes.

Best For: Women seeking comfortable, stylish, and durable dance shoes for performances, special occasions, and long hours of dancing.

5. Elektra by VeryFine

Elektra by VeryFine offers a balanced and comfortable option for women seeking high-quality dance shoes at an affordable price.

These shoes are noted for their attractive color, flexible toe pad, and sturdy arch, making them suitable for dancing, even with a higher heel.

Users report that they provide good support and are comfortable enough for weekly dance classes or extended sessions.

However, some reviews mention that the buckles can be difficult to slide on and off, and the shoes might feel slightly tight, requiring a break-in period.

Additionally, there have been complaints about missing shoe bags in some orders.

Despite initial impressions, Elektra by VeryFine stands out as a more affordable alternative to brands like Capezio.

Best For: Women looking for high-quality, affordable dance shoes that offer good support and comfort for regular use or extended dance sessions.

affordable dance shoes with suede soles for women

Where We Stand

After testing over 50 pairs of dance shoes with suede soles, we found Gabriella by VeryFine to be our favorite due to its high-quality natural suede soles for optimal traction and slide.

We will continue to test new pairs of dance shoes and update our recommendations if we discover any significant findings not already covered here.

Why Trust Ballroom Dance Planet

Jonathan Enrique, a seasoned ballroom dance instructor, performer, and industry expert, has dedicated years to perfecting his craft. Drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge, Jonathan has meticulously researched, tested, and recommended countless dance shoes over the years. He advises his students to prioritize proper fit and reputable brands to ensure both comfort and performance on the dance floor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Women Dance Shoes with Suede Soles

When choosing women’s dance shoes with suede soles, consider several key factors to ensure comfort and performance.

The sole’s importance is vital, balancing between sliding and traction to match various dance styles.

Support from cushioned insoles and a flexible structure is essential for long sessions.

Heel height should align with your dance style, and sufficient arch support will help prevent fatigue. Stability is crucial, allowing you to focus on technique.

So, how do you find the perfect pair without compromising on these aspects?

First, check the sole. Suede soles provide the right mix of slide and grip, making them ideal for many dance styles.

Next, examine the insole. Cushioned insoles offer extra comfort, especially during long practices.

Flexibility in the shoe’s structure is also important, as it allows for better movement.

Heel height matters too. Choose a height that matches your dance style and skill level. High heels may look elegant but can be tricky for beginners.

Also, don’t overlook arch support. Good arch support helps prevent foot fatigue and pain.

Finally, ensure the shoes are stable. Stability in dance shoes helps you maintain balance and focus on your technique.

Look for shoes that fit well and provide good ankle support.

By considering these factors, you can find a pair of dance shoes that offer both comfort and performance.

Key Features of Suede-Sole Dance Shoes

What are the key features to look for in dance shoes with suede soles

When selecting dance shoes with suede soles, focus on key features like grip, support, and heel height to ensure top performance and comfort.

First, check the grip of the suede sole. The sole should offer a balance between sliding and traction.

This balance lets you glide smoothly across the floor while maintaining control during intricate footwork and turns.

Suede gives the right amount of friction, helping you make precise movements without slipping.

Next, consider the support of the shoes. Good arch support prevents foot fatigue during long dance sessions.

Look for shoes with a cushioned insole and a sturdy yet flexible structure that conforms to your foot’s shape.

This support helps maintain balance and stability, allowing you to focus on your technique and partner.

Heel height is another important factor. For followers, higher heels, typically around 2.5-3 inches, are common in Latin/Rhythm styles.

They enhance leg lines and facilitate spins. Ensure the heel is stable, whether slim or flared. For Smooth/Standard styles, a shorter heel provides more grounding and stability.

Best Dance Styles for Suede-Soled Shoes

Best Dance Styles for Suede-Soled Shoes

Suede-soled shoes are ideal for dances like ballroom, Latin, and swing. The suede material offers the right balance of grip and slide, which is crucial for smooth pivots and turns.

When selecting shoes, consider heel height, shoe construction, and durability to ensure they meet the needs of your specific dance style.

Sole Material

Suede-soled shoes are ideal for dances like ballroom, salsa, and tango, where grip and smooth movement are important.

Suede soles provide a good balance, allowing you to perform intricate steps and turns with confidence.

The texture of suede lets you glide across the dance floor while maintaining enough traction to avoid slipping.

When dancing, you need shoes that can adjust to different floor conditions.

Suede soles pick up wax or powder from the dance floor, keeping your movements consistent on various surfaces.

This makes suede-soled shoes a great choice for different dance environments, from polished wood to more textured floors.

The controlled slide of suede is crucial for precise spins and turns. This helps you maintain balance and pivot easily, making your dance experience smoother.

Whether performing a complex tango routine or a lively salsa number, suede-soled shoes offer the reliability and performance you need.

Heel Height

Choosing the right heel height for your suede-soled dance shoes depends on the type of dance you’re performing.

For Latin and Rhythm dances, followers generally prefer higher heels, around 2.5 to 3 inches.

These higher heels accentuate leg lines and make spins more fluid. In contrast, Smooth and Standard dances call for shorter, closed-toe heels, offering more stability and control.

Here’s a quick reference table to help you decide:

Dance StyleRecommended Heel Height
Latin/Rhythm (Leaders)1-1.5 inches
Latin/Rhythm (Followers)2.5-3 inches
Smooth/Standard (Leaders)Less than 1 inch
Smooth/Standard (Followers)Shorter, closed-toe heels
General Practice1-2 inches

Leaders usually opt for lower heels, around 1-1.5 inches, for Latin/Rhythm dances. They prefer even lower heels for Smooth/Standard dances to maintain stability.

For followers, heel height influences both performance and comfort during extended dance sessions.

High, slim, or flared heels in Latin/Rhythm dances provide an elegant look and facilitate intricate footwork.

Shorter heels in Smooth/Standard dances promote better balance.

Select the heel height that best suits your dance style and personal comfort to enhance your performance and enjoyment.

Shoe Construction

Now that you’ve considered heel height, let’s explore why suede-soled shoes are ideal for various dance styles.

Suede soles offer a good balance between grip and glide. This is important for dances requiring smooth movements and quick turns.

They work well for ballroom, Latin, and swing dances.

The soft, flexible materials like leather or satin uppers allow these shoes to mold to your feet over time. This provides a custom fit that enhances comfort and control.

For Latin and Rhythm dances, open-toe designs are common. They allow for better foot articulation and a more elegant line.

Lace-up or strap closures ensure a secure fit, preventing slipping during dynamic movements.

This construction supports stability and precision, which are essential for intricate footwork and spins.

In ballroom dancing, suede-soled shoes promote smoothness and fluidity on the dance floor.

Whether you’re gliding through a waltz or executing sharp tango steps, the combination of suede soles and a well-structured upper can improve your performance.


When considering durability, suede-soled shoes are well-suited for dances like ballroom, Latin, and swing.

These styles involve a lot of gliding, spinning, and precise footwork, which suede soles facilitate well.

However, the delicate nature of suede means you’ll need to be mindful of their care.

With frequent use, the nap of the suede will wear down, impacting your shoe’s performance and longevity.

To maintain their durability, regular brushing of the suede soles is essential.

This helps restore the nap and keep the soles in good condition, ensuring they continue to provide the necessary grip and slide for your dance moves.

Investing in shoes with replaceable suede outsoles can also extend their lifespan.

When the soles wear out, you can replace them instead of buying a new pair of shoes, which is both cost-effective and practical.

Caring for Suede-Soled Dance Shoes

Caring for Suede-Soled Dance Shoes

To keep your suede-soled dance shoes in top shape, follow these steps:

  1. Regularly brush the soles to remove dirt and maintain their grip.
  2. Clean the uppers with a soft cloth and appropriate cleaner to preserve their appearance.
  3. Protect the soles from moisture, as it can damage the suede.
  4. Replace the soles when they show significant wear to ensure optimal performance.

These steps will help you maintain your dance shoes effectively.

Brushing the Soles

Regularly brushing the suede soles every 2-3 wears with a high-quality suede brush helps maintain their grip and longevity.

Use firm, short strokes in one direction when brushing. This technique revives the nap and removes dirt and debris that accumulate during dancing.

Keeping the nap of the suede in good condition ensures your shoes maintain their necessary traction on the dance floor, which is essential for both performance and safety.

Avoid using a regular brush, as it can damage the delicate suede fibers. A high-quality suede brush is specifically designed to handle the texture and sensitivity of suede, helping you preserve the material without causing undue wear.

With regular brushing, you’ll notice that your dance shoes retain their original feel and functionality much longer.

Cleaning the Uppers

To remove scuffs and marks from the suede uppers of your dance shoes, you can often use a good quality eraser.

A simple pencil eraser works well for this. Gently rub the eraser over the affected areas, applying light pressure to avoid damaging the material.

Once you’ve removed the marks, it’s crucial to restore the nap of the suede.

Use a suede brush to gently brush the uppers after erasing. Brushing lifts the nap and helps maintain the texture and appearance of the suede.

Brush in one direction to keep the suede looking uniform and smooth.

Avoid getting the suede uppers wet. Water can cause staining and long-term damage, which are both difficult to reverse.

If your shoes do get wet, let them air dry naturally, away from direct heat sources.

To further protect the suede, consider applying a suede protector spray, which can help repel water and stains.

Protecting the Soles

Applying a suede protector spray to the soles before their first use helps repel dirt and moisture. This step creates a barrier, making it easier to maintain your dance shoes over time.

Reapply the protector every few months or whenever you notice the shoes losing their resistance to dirt and moisture.

Avoid wearing suede-soled shoes outdoors or on rough surfaces. These environments can cause significant damage, leading to premature wear and tear.

Stick to indoor dance floors where the surface is smooth and designed for dance activities. This practice will extend the life of your shoes.

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the condition of your suede soles. After each use, gently brush the soles with a suede brush to remove any debris or dirt.

This will keep the nap of the suede in good shape and maintain the grip essential for dancing.

Replacing Soles

Taking care of your suede-soled dance shoes is crucial for maintaining their performance.

It’s important to know when to replace the soles. Regularly check the soles for signs of excessive wear or bald spots.

These indicate that the suede is no longer providing the necessary grip and slide, which can affect your dancing.

When you notice the soles becoming too worn, it’s time to replace them. Worn-out suede soles can compromise your safety and performance on the dance floor.

Look for dance shoes with replaceable suede outsoles. This option extends the life of your shoes and ensures you maintain good traction and glide.

To replace the soles, visit a professional cobbler or a specialized dance shoe repair service. They can remove the old suede and attach new soles, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum performance.

Regular maintenance and timely sole replacement will keep your dance shoes in top condition, allowing you to dance with confidence and ease.

Proper care and maintenance of your suede-soled dance shoes enhance their durability and performance, making it a worthwhile investment.

Price Range for Quality Suede Dance Shoes

Price Range for Quality Suede Dance Shoes

When choosing women’s dance shoes with suede soles, you’ll find options to fit every budget. Budget-friendly shoes range from $30 to $60.

Mid-range options typically cost between $60 and $120.

For professional or high-end shoes, expect to spend $120 to over $300.

Budget-Friendly Options ($30 – $60)

You can find high-quality women’s dance shoes with suede soles in the budget-friendly range of $30 to $60.

These are perfect for beginners who are just starting out. These entry-level options are often available online or at local dance stores, making them easy to access.

While they may not be as durable as higher-priced shoes, they offer a good balance of quality and affordability.

Most dance shoes in this price range are made from synthetic materials, which helps keep the cost down.

Despite this, they still provide essential features like flexible soles and good grip for smooth movements.

These shoes are particularly useful if you’re new to dance and want to try it out before investing in more expensive options.

Mid-Range ($60 – $120)

Choosing high-quality women’s dance shoes with suede soles in the $60 to $120 price range offers a good balance between cost and performance.

Brands like Capezio and Bloch are well-known for their reliable and stylish dance shoes.

These shoes often use durable materials like leather or satin. They also feature replaceable suede outsoles, which ensure long-lasting use, making them perfect for recreational or semi-professional dancers.

When selecting your dance shoes, consider what material and features are most important for your needs.

This will help ensure you get the best value for your money while maintaining comfort and performance.

Professional/High-End ($120 – $300+)

In the world of professional dance, high-quality women’s dance shoes with suede soles usually range from $120 to $300 or more.

These shoes are crafted with great attention to detail and use premium materials like fine leathers and suedes.

This ensures a superior fit and performance, which is crucial for intense training and competitions.

When you invest in shoes at this price point, you’re paying for more than just a brand name.

You’re getting a product built to last and designed to enhance your dancing experience.

Many high-end options offer customizable features. You can choose different heel heights, sole types, and even add embellishments to match your personal style and needs.

However, if you’re on a tighter budget, there are also budget-friendly options.

While you might have to compromise on some customizable features or premium materials, you can still find decent-quality suede-soled dance shoes at lower prices.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs, frequency of use, and budget.

Investing in high-quality shoes can greatly improve your dance performance and comfort, making it worth the higher cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean and Maintain Suede-Soled Dance Shoes?

To clean and maintain suede-soled dance shoes, follow these steps:

1. Gently brush the soles with a suede brush to remove dirt and restore texture.
2. Avoid exposing the shoes to water.
3. For spot cleaning, use a dry cloth.
4. Regularly inspect the shoes for wear.
5. Replace the shoes when necessary.

Are Suede Soles Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Suede soles are not recommended for outdoor use. They are delicate and can easily be damaged by rough surfaces and moisture. To keep them in good condition, it’s best to use them indoors. This way, you can maintain their quality and functionality.

What Types of Dance Floors Are Best for Suede Soles?

Suede soles work best on smooth, indoor dance floors like hardwood, marley, or polished concrete. These surfaces offer a good balance of grip and glide, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

How Do Suede Soles Compare to Leather Soles in Terms of Grip?

Suede soles generally provide better grip and flexibility on dance floors compared to leather soles. Leather soles are durable but tend to be more slippery. For dancers who need precise movements and control, suede is often the preferred choice.

Can I Use Suede Protector Spray on My Dance Shoes?

Yes, you can use suede protector spray on your dance shoes. It helps maintain the quality and longevity of the suede by providing a protective barrier against dirt, moisture, and stains.

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