How to Find a Ballroom Dance Partner?




How to find a ballroom dance partner

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If you are thinking of signing up for ballroom dance lessons, then finding the right ballroom dance partner is extremely important.

Ballroom dancing is a unique and invigorating experience in itself.

It helps you grow physically and mentally.

You also discover a lot about yourself and the person next to you.

Of course, the quality of your dancing experience also depends upon your dancing partner.

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How do I Find a Ballroom Dance Partner?

The right ballroom dance partner can make your experience of ballroom dancing a lot more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Let’s take a look at how to find a ballroom dance partner and what you should look for in them:

What Qualities Should Your Dance Partner Have?

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Naturally, you can’t know everything there is to know about a person from the get-go.

Like other relationships, time plays an integral role in your relationship with your dance partner as well.

Nevertheless, there are some basic qualities that you should look for before choosing a person as your dance partner.

These are:

1) Mutual Respect

It’s important that you and your dance partner have mutual respect for each other.

This is important in establishing a sense of comfort with your dance partner.

As a beginner, there’s a lot that you won’t know about ballroom dancing.

There will be occasions where you are likely to make a complete fool out of yourself on the dance floor as well.

It is important that you are comfortable with your partner in this case.

Being too awkward and conscious around your dance partner will inhibit your movements and you will not be able to dance freely.

2) Passion for Dancing

This is a given. Your dance partner must have the same passion for dancing as you do.

Signing up with a dance partner who isn’t motivated enough can be a problem.

It can interfere with your learning as well since only one individual is interested in making an effort.

Being passionate about dance will also help you explore new dance styles and techniques.

You can push each other to work harder and improve your dancing.

3) Trustworthiness

Your dance partner should be able to inspire trust within you.

This isn’t just limited to trusting their dancing abilities.

In a lot of ways, you are entrusting yourself to this individual.

Dancing is based on a lot of vigorous movement and a minor mistake can result in injury.

You need to try and make sure that your dance partner will be able to keep up with you.

You also need to make sure that the two of you will be able to take care of each other on the dance floor and prevent any accidents from happening.

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4) Dancing Abilities

This is naturally very important.

If you are serious about ballroom dancing, then you need to pick a partner with a reasonable amount of natural dancing ability as well.

This will help the two of you learn faster.

It will also make your dancing experience more enjoyable.

Finding a Ballroom Dance Partner

If you are wondering how to find a ballroom dance partner, then these suggestions will help you out.

1) Dance Competitions

If you regularly visit dance competitions and dance events, then this can help you find a suitable partner for ballroom dancing.

The likelihood of meeting individuals with a shared passion for dancing is much greater here, and if you are lucky, you can meet someone who is willing to try out dance lessons with you.

2) Dance Studios and Dance Groups

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You can also pay a visit to the dance studios in your area.

This can let you see a potential dance partner in action and let you judge their dancing abilities as well as their personality.

You are also more likely to find amateur ballroom dancers in these places.

3) Dance Websites

Like with other things, the digital medium can help you find a potential dance partner as well.

This can be done through dance partner matching websites.

You can survey the profiles of potential dance partners and get in touch with someone who appears to be a suitable choice.

Of course, whether someone can be your dance partner is eventually determined when you interact with them in the real world.

In this video Leon from Passion4dancing is going to share with you 3 of his top tips on where to find a partner for you ballroom dancing:

To Sum It Up

We hope this post helped you figure out how to find a ballroom dance partner.

Remember, whoever your dance partner may be, you will be spending a lot of time with this person.

Learning how to dance becomes a lot easier if you enjoy the company of your dance partner, and sharing natural camaraderie is very important to have a healthy dancing relationship.

Picking a ballroom dance partner is an important decision and we suggest that you avoid rushing into committing to someone you are not entirely comfortable with.

Doing so may end up ruining your entire experience of ballroom dancing and that’s the last thing you want, right?

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