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1. Bloch Super Jazz Shoe

2. Dynadans Slip-On Jazz Shoe

At a Glance: Our Top Jazz Shoes for Beginners

1. CapezioSynthetic sole100% Leather and fabricFlat
2. BlochLeather and Rubber sole100% LeatherFlat
3. LinodesLeather and Rubber sole100% LeatherFlat
4. DynadansSynthetic sole100% LeatherFlat
5. Bloch PulseRubber sole100% Leather/NeopreneFlat
6. StelleSynthetic soleConstructed of premium leatherFlat
7. Capezio CanvasSynthetic sole100% CanvasFlat
8. Bloch EclipseLeatherSoft canvas upperNo Heel

1. Capezio E-Series Jazz Slip-On

Capezio, which has been in business for more than 130 years, is a leading name in dancewear, especially dance shoes. 

These jazz slippers are easy on and off, perfect for fast costume changes or little downtime between dance classes.

At the same time, the fit is snug and flexible.

These shoes have several features that dancers will appreciate, including the cotton lining, which is super absorbent and keeps your feet dry. 

The synthetic sole is slip-resistant, and the split-sole design gives a better range of motion for your feet and highlights good technique. 

Finally, the leather exterior is durable and long-lasting.

2. Bloch Super Jazz Shoe

Super, indeed! Bloch is another leading name in dancewear and dance footwear. 

This jazz shoe, which comes in tan and black, is designed to accentuate the line of the foot, making them great for both studio and stage. 

The slip-on design is also convenient for quick changes, and the leather exterior is designed to outlast other shoes.

The 100% cotton interior absorbs sweat and lets your feet breathe, which is essential through long hours of rehearsals (and cuts down on foot odor). 

The split sole allows a full range of motion and is made of leather and rubber to prevent slipping and greater traction. 

Finally, these shoes are incredibly lightweight.

3. Linodes Leather Slip-On Jazz Shoe

Generally speaking, this lesser-known brand is less expensive than Capezio or Bloch, but you still get a quality, highly-rated jazz shoe. 

It also comes with removable arch support, and this is a massive bonus for dancers who need that feature.

The leather exterior is durable, and the soles are made of synthetic materials designed specifically for dance. 

These are an especially great option for dancers with growing feet or more casual hobbyists who do not need an advanced shoe.

4. Dynadans Slip-On Jazz Shoe

This shoe comes in tan and black, as do many of the others on this list. 

It has a 100% leather exterior for durability and a neoprene arch for greater flexibility and range of motion. 

The flat, synthetic sole is excellent for beginners or more advanced students who want to feel the floor better.

These shoes are incredibly lightweight with a breathable fabric lining. 

In general, users love the quality product they get from Dynadans, especially at a very reasonable price point.

5. Bloch Women’s Pulse Jazz Shoes

These super-modern jazz shoes are perfect for dancers looking to feel the floor when they dance. 

They also hug feet tightly, making them perfect for classes so dance instructors can easily observe the foot’s shape. 

The exterior is 100% leather and neoprene; these shoes are highly flexible. 

The fit will adhere to feet tightly, accentuating the arch especially.

The suede sole mimics the design of many ballet slippers and is perfect for turning. 

The heel is extra flat for greater control and quick stops. 

These shoes are ideal for auditions since they highlight the stretch in the foot so well.

6. Stelle Leather Slip-On Jazz Shoes

This is another brand of more affordable jazz shoes. 

These are especially breathable but still made of 100% leather exterior and with a neoprene arch. 

As with many others on this list, the soles and heels are synthetic for better grip and control when turning and stability for landing jumps or more complex steps.

These shoes may feel snug or even small at first, but they stretch as they are worn and broken in for a perfect fit. 

They are exceptionally lightweight and perfect for a studio or stage. 

Uniquely, they are also available in a canvas exterior, which is ideal for specific costumes, dances, or people who do not wear leather.

7. Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker

Are you looking for something a little bit different? 

Then this dance sneaker might be right for you, especially if you’re hoping to use your dance training in theatre. 

This is not your typical sneaker, though: it’s made from 100% canvas and has tons of padding, which makes landing big jumps easier on your feet and legs.

It has a synthetic split sole that allows you to move and point your feet. 

The soles are slip-resistant and non-marking so that they won’t scuff your studio floor. 

The shoes also have excellent arch support and are perfect for teachers who need to be on their feet all day.

8. Bloch Eclipse Contemporary Ballet Shoe

Ballet is the foundation of all other types of dance, and this ballet shoe might be perfect for jazz training.

This modern shoe has an entirely open heel. 

It hugs the foot without restricting movement at all.

The silicone backing on the elastic straps is slip-resistant, while the material on the sole makes turning even more effortless. 

These versatile shoes are as close to dancing barefoot as you can get. 

Their features extend beyond the ballet class, and they are usable for jazz too.

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