9 Best Jive Dancing Etiquettes for Beginners

jive dance beginners etiquette

Are you a beginner jive dancer? If so, there are some etiquettes that you should follow to make your experience more enjoyable for yourself and your dance partners.

In this blog post, we will list nine of the best etiquettes for beginners. Keep these in mind as you start learning how to jive, and you’ll be well on your way to having a great time dancing!

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Best Jive Dancing Etiquettes List

1. Ask somebody to dance

There’s no standing on an event at modern jive. , if you desire a dance, ask for one. Yes, that includes you, ladies!

No need to wait to be asked by the guys, you can ask them too.

If you are a brand-new, anxious, or shy couple of things will do more for your dancing, your total self-confidence, and your sense of accomplishment than asking others to dance with you.

So merely make eye contact, extend your hand, and state, “Would you care to dance?”

Men love to be asked to dance, and unless they’re kicking back after a previous dance, they will usually say yes.

Guys, unlike in clubs where the chances of rejection when you request a dance are relatively high, at a contemporary jive night or event, it’s uncommon for that to take place.

As long as you’re respectful and polite, you’re pretty much guaranteed a “yes, I ‘d like to dance” in reaction, so don’t be shy ask away even if you’re a newbie.

2. Say yes when you’ve requested a dance

It takes very little time to get to know people, so when they ask you for a dance, whether you’re a novice or pro, the general rule is to accept.

If you’re resting or there’s another good factor to refuse a dance it’s perfectly okay to say no or suggest the next dance.

Tip: Declining a dance because the individual isn’t the most excellent dancer in the area isn’t a great reason to refuse a dance.

If you only dance with the cool or excellent dancers, people will believe you’re a dance snob – and this might lower how often you get to dance.

Even the excellent dancers need to rest.

3. Make eye contact and smile

Some people require time to feel completely comfortable with making eye contact.

However, dancing is like a discussion, so look at your partner (not into the range or at whatever else is taking place on the dance floor).

Prevent gazing your partner down (it can feel aggressive) try taking a look at a point in between their eyes or the bottom of their ear lobe or their shoulder from time to time.

Together with a smile, this tells your partner you’re delighting in dancing with them.

4. Focus on your partner and dancing together

Leave thoughts of your work, or what’s for lunch or how someone else occurs to be dancing for later on.

Your partner will quickly feel if your mind is somewhere else, so leave any baggage off the dance floor and focus on making the dance enjoyable for your partner.

If just for a couple of hours, dancing is a delightful way to forget your stresses and worries.

It’s no fun dancing with somebody who’s far-off. Besides, if you’re not taking note, you could miss out on essential cues.

So be sure to look at your partner, smile, talk, and enjoy the music and dance.

5. Regard and motivate your partner

kym jonhson dancing
Kym Johnson & Robert Herjavec Dancing

Finding out to dance is a brave action towards a brand-new future for a lot of us. You could be dancing with the next social star.

Everybody who comes to contemporary jive is aiming to find out a new ability and have a good time.

If you’re helping someone get better at dancing, always encourage them rather than criticize.

Enhance them when they do something well, possibly provide a tip or more. You will do wonders for their self-confidence.

If you have genuine criticisms, always speak to an instructor first and ask how to stay motivated.

6. Staying Fresh

What’s that food smell you’re wearing?

“You give off garlic and bacon” isn’t truly what you wish to hear from your dance partner, and breathing pungent fumes over them will do little to endear you as a dancer.

Avoid spicy foods before dancing and always carry breath mints with you to be two times as sure you have fresh, pleasant breath.

Shower before you go out to class – it takes just a little effort to remind you of the long day you have actually had at work – and always bring some antiperspirant with you only in case.

7. Men lead

In partner dancing, men typically lead. , if there’s a mistake, it’s almost always down to the men.

So girls, feel free to relax into the moves and don’t try to direct the dancing.

Be alert, expect hints, enjoy, and assist him in looking great!

8. Eliminate all deadly weapons

Ladies – long hair, rings, and sharp nails can end up being pretty lethal weapons when you’re dancing contemporary jive.

So people will be most appreciative if you help them by tying back long hair, eliminating rings (especially those with big stones) and dangling earrings and by keeping your nails short.

Men – keep those smartphones off the holsters and belts, since they can hinder moves.

9. Smile and have fun!

You might be new, shy or plain scared to go out on the dance flooring – do it and have a good time with it.

Every dancer was a beginner as soon as.

You will discover a modern-day jive session welcoming and inclusive, so jumping in and dancing is the fastest way to get proficient at it.

Modern Jive is an enjoyable way to build your self-confidence, and the more you do it, the more individuals will want to dance with you.

Do not be amazed if your dance card and social journal are full in a matter of months.


Searching for a fun social activity that develops your confidence, and that will give you head-turning dance skills? Look no further than Modern Jive.

You do not require to bring a partner to go to lessons or jive occasions.

You can master very cool-looking dance moves in a relatively short time.

Modern jive turns heads at wedding events and almost any social event, and you can dance it to any 4/4 beat music.

Most importantly, modern jive dancing is an excellent way to meet individuals, and smart guys understand it’s a fantastic way to meet women in an unwinded environment with shared enthusiasm.

Modern jive is partner dancing, and just like a lot of things, understanding the dance rules will assist you always get the very best from your dance experience.

Keep these top tips in mind and, you will have people lining up to dance with you.

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