5 Best Men’s Swing Dance Shoes: Beginner’s Guide

mens swing dance shoes

The swing is one of the most amazing dances, and there is so much to love about it.

It’s easy to learn, and it makes for a great pastime. One thing that can increase your enjoyment of the swing is your dance shoes.

You should consider buying a great pair of men’s swing dance shoes to boost your performance and give comfort and support to your feet.

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The Sole of Swing Shoes

Swing shoes can have rubber or leather soles, and there are different reasons for each.

The lindy hop is a great example of a rubber-sole shoe such as those worn for street dancing.

They have more grip, and they allow you to keep your balance while you move fast, but they make it difficult to do certain moves such as spinning.

The leather sole is the most popular choice for most swing dancers because they allow a smooth style and allow you to slide across the floor and spin easily.

This is the feature that you are likely looking for.

The Heel Height of Swing Shoes

Is the Swing Ballroom Dancing?

Different style dances favor different heel heights, and the swing is more of a flat heel dance.

You can use a swing shoe with a small heel or just stick with a flat heel.

If the shoe has a heel, it should be thick, strong, and sturdy so that you don’t twist your ankle.

What to Look for in a Swing Dance Shoe

Men should try to choose swing dance shoes that have leather soles.

They should avoid rubber soles because they will not allow you to twist and turn or spin as easily.

As long as they have a leather sole, you can wear your men’s dress shoes until you have a special pair of swing shoes.

Another feature to look at is comfort and fit.

You should have a shoe that fits your foot well and is comfortable.

You should not use your Latin dance shoes because the heel is too high.

Find a low heel and make sure that the shoe fits snugly.

Leather tends to stretch out over time, so you want a snug shoe with a flexible upper.

Can You Wear Swing Dance Shoes Outdoors?

swing dance shoes for men

Generally speaking, your swing dance shoes are not designed to be worn outdoors.

They have leather or suede soles, which can easily wear out walking around on concrete and other harsh surfaces.

Ideally, you should keep your shoes clean and put them on when you get to the dance studio.

Men’s Swing Dance Shoes List

When choosing a pair of shoes to swing dance in, you should look for a low heel, comfort, and style.

There are different colors and styles, and you can choose whichever is best for you.

Take a look at a few great pairs of men’s swing dance shoes.

Minishion Men’s Leather Swing Dance Shoes

The Minishion Men’s Leather Dance Shoes are black and white leather, and they are imported.

They have a suede sole to slide and glide across the dance floor, and they have real leather uppers.

They are designed in an oxford style that is fashionable and classic.

These shoes come with a one-inch standard heel, and they are recommended for indoor dancing.

You will enjoy wearing them in many dances, including the swing dance.

Minishion has been making professional dance shoes since 2013.

One thing to note is sizing.

They include a size conversion chart, but they show you the inch measurement and the American sizing, and then you can choose the correct size.

These shoes have the following great features:

Real leather or soft PU leather upper
Suede sole and cushioned insole
One-inch standard block heel
Lace-up to closure
Anti-slip soles
Shock absorbency
Soft and lightweight materials

DanceNwear Very Fine Shoes Men’s Swing Shoes

This pair of men’s swing shoes from DanceNwear very Fine Shoes is a Men’s Standard & Smooth Spectator Swing Ballroom Shoe.

They have leather uppers, come in a black or black and white oxford, and boast a suede sole to make spinning and sliding easy.

They also have a professional ultra soft suede outer sole, and the insole is cushioned for shock absorption and comfort.

They are great for swing dancing, smooth dancing, and ballroom.

When you wear these shoes, your feet will be comfortable, and your performance will be enhanced.

You will dance for hours without any discomfort as long as you choose the right size for a snug and perfect fit.

These shoes have the following great features:

Leather uppers and suede soles
Cushioned insole for shock absorption and comfort
Ability to slide and spin safely and effortlessly
Quality shoes for swing and smooth dancing

Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Standard & Smooth

This is another pair of dance shoes for swing by Very Fine Dance Shoes.

These shoes come with leather uppers and suede soles.

The shoe comes with a bundle of five items, including dance shoes, a shoe brush, a pouch bag, a shoe freshener, and a carry-along shoe bag.

These shoes are lightweight, and professional dancers love them.

This pair of shoes are versatile, and you can wear them for most of your dances.

It has an outer suede sole that has a good grip.

The cushioned insole has great shock absorption and is very comfortable.

You will want to reserve these shoes for dancing only as the delicate soles aren’t designed for harsh outdoor surfaces.

These swing dance shoes come with the following features:

Lightweight, comfortable dance shoes
Leather uppers in several color choices
Suede soles and cushioned insole
Bundle of accessories

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Final Words

If you are into swing dancing, you will want to buy a pair of men’s swing dance shoes.

These shoes will help improve your dance steps, and they will make it easy to twist, turn, and spin.

When you have a pair of supportive yet comfortable swing dance shoes with suede soles, you will protect your feet and enjoy your time dancing.

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