Ohio Star Ball 2019: Cha-Cha Dance By Roman Italyankin and Alexandra Bokova

Via: Panache Star Dancesport Video

You did it! I trust that you dug that.

I’m the individual behind this blog, Jonathan, and my most sincere outcome for assembling this ever-growing video library is to share extremely awesome vids from some of my most well-trusted ballroom dance YouTubers.

That’s really my purpose with this video section.

Alright, so a “but” is coming…

Alright, before we even get started, I’ve got something big I’d like to admit to.

To be perfectly honest, my own personal needs are really to thank for this site having been built.

I absolutely love videos on the topic of cha-cha dance (Cha-Cha Dance video you just enjoyed), and a cool site on which I could re-watch and share with the world my favorite videos is really what I was after.

But I’m also somewhat of an opportunist.

Not gonna lie.

Hopefully, you won’t hold it against me if I’m able to generate a little side income from sponsorships and/or product recommendations.

I just wanted to disclose the fact that yes, I do make money from this site.

But don’t get wrong here… in no way is it my intention to sell you anything.

If you get the itch to buy anything from any of my sponsors, then that’s a bonus!

But if not, then all’s still well.

I’m just glad that you’re here.

I’m just cool with watching and sharing dance with like-minded people!

And that’s what ballroom dance planet is.

It’s basically just a place for people who care about ballroom and dance, in general, to get together and watch some cool videos.

Sound good? Great!

It’d be great to have you over again sometime.

So make this a site you return to!

I’ll continue sharing fantastic videos in the subjects of Foxtrot, Waltz, and Rumba … and so much more!

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Video Credits:

Panache Star Dancesport Video

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