Orange Lightweight Flared Heel Salsa Dance Shoes




Orange Lightweight Flared Heel Salsa Dance Shoes

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Women's Latin Dance Shoes Female's Ballroom Salsa...
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Women’s Latin Dance Shoes Female’s Ballroom Salsa…
  • Comfortable: Our dance shoes are made by Bulunka, a professional dance shoe manufacturer, and the insole is made of…

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When you dance salsa, you need to have the right salsa shoes.

Not only do they look amazing, but they help to protect your feet and provide stability and comfort while you are dancing.

Dancing is a rigorous exercise and with the wrong shoes, your feet can get blisters.

You can twist your ankle or get stuck on the floor when you are meant to be gliding and spinning.

Having the right shoes will help you to be the best salsa dancer you can be.

One of the most popular shoes for salsa is this attractive, lightweight shoe by Balunka.

It is made to help you glide across the dance floor effortlessly and your feet will last all night without growing tired.

Continue reading to learn why people love this shoe.


This shoe is lightweight and has a 2.5” heel, which is the perfect height for salsa dance.

The heel is flared, and the shoe has criss-cross straps at the toe and the instep.

There is also an adjustable buckle at the ankle so you can get the fit you need.

Your feet will be comfortable and stable in these shoes.

The shoes are made of soft satin cloth, and the sole is very elastic and cushioned.

It supports the sole of your feet while you are enjoying the fast, rhythmic movements of the salsa.

Your foot will not slip because the surface of the cushion is covered with a layer of flannelette.

They are made in the same shape as street shoes so you will look fashionable while you dance.

These shoes are true to size and they have a great fit.

They are easy to wear and attractive while being lightweight and comfortable.

Be sure to carry your shoes to your dance class or party because wearing them on the street can put unnecessary wear and tear on them.

Dance shoes are designed for dancing and you want them to last as long as possible.


  • These shoes are elegant and stylish
  • The comfortable midsole is cushioned
  • They are styled similarly to street shoes
  • They provide great support
  • They are lightweight


  • Only come in 2.5” heel

What Makes Salsa Shoes Different from Street Shoes?

Salsa shoes, including these wonderful shoes from Balunka, are designed specifically for salsa dance.

Although they look very similar to stylish street shoes, they have additional features that make them ideal for salsa dance.

The soles are designed to allow you to glide and spin effortlessly across the dance floor, and they have extra cushioning to keep your feet secure and comfortable all night.

They have the ideal heel height of 2.5” and will allow your body to have the right balance for salsa.

Final Words

This is a stylish yet functional pair of salsa shoes that will keep your feet safe and comfortable when you dance.

They offer additional colors and they are true to size. This is a great pair of shoes to add to your dance wardrobe.

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