Tapping Shoes for Kids: Beginners Guide

Best Tapping Shoes for Kids


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1. Capezio Mary Jane Tap Shoe

2. Freed of London Dreamy Dancer

1. Capezio Mary Jane Tap Shoe

These adorable Mary Jane tap shoes come with an adjustable strap and buckle instead of a lace-up tie or bow.

So you no need to worry about knots coming undone or falling over loose strings while dancing. 

They have several other features that also make them great for young kids.

They have a shock-absorbing foam insole. 

This is great because your young dancer can feel freer to experiment with big moves and risks in their dance training without straining their feet and legs. 

The shoe’s interior is also designed for comfort; sometimes, tap shoes can feel very stiff and rigid and irritate little feet. 

These avoid that pitfall.

There is a rubber platform between the soles that provides stability, helps prevent falls, and helps kids learn technique by emphasizing weight on the taps themselves. 

Finally, they come with a clip-on (or removable) bow for added cuteness!

2. Freed of London Dreamy Dancer Glitter Couture Tap Shoe

Freed of London is one of the most famous pointe shoemakers in the world, and they have truly outdone themselves with these over-the-top tap shoes! 

These fun, flashy shoes are made with very high-quality materials and are designed to last (which is excellent, given the higher price tag). 

What’s more, the glitter will not flake off the shoe onto other materials or all over studio floors so they can be safely worn and thrown into dance bags. 

The couture look is topped off with a ribbon bow closure.

These shoes aren’t only about the look, though; they also have some essential features for safety and good technique. 

They come with Super Sonic taps and an anti-slip grip behind the front tap to prevent falls. 

Reviews from users also speak to the comfort of these dazzling, fun shoes. 

Kids don’t want to take them off!

3. Capezio Tic Toe Tap Shoe

These shoes are perfect for either girls or boys who have high tap-dancing aspirations. 

The standard oxford style makes them great for class, rehearsal, or performance. 

The exterior is made of genuine leather, so they resist stains and wear and can be shined up if they get scuffed or dirty.

The interior is made from a breathable material, there is a rubber anti-slip pad on the sole behind the front tap, and the heel is padded to absorb shock. 

The lace-up closure allows your child to adjust the fit, especially as their feet grow. 

These are an excellent option for serious young dancers who enjoy hoofing-style tap or too young for character tap shoes. 

They come with high-quality Tele Tone Taps attached.

4. Bloch Annie Tyette Tap Shoe

These shoes are designed with stability in mind, making them an excellent option for beginners or dancers working on their balance. 

It achieves this with a balance pad that they add to the outsole that aids in weight transference. 

Something that kids can use to catch themselves if they begin to wobble. 

Bloch is one of the leading brands in dance footwear, and that design is unique to these special shoes.

The interior is lined in cashmere, so they are super soft and comfortable for little feet. 

This material doesn’t breathe like the cotton material, so they aren’t great for long rehearsals. 

They look as if they fasten using ribbon, but the ribbon conceals an elastic strap for added security and stability.

5. Theatricals Child Easy Strap Tap Shoe

These Mary Jane-style tap shoes fasten onto your child’s foot using a hook and loop and Velcro, so your child should be able to put them on themselves. 

The exterior is patent leather, which really accentuates the Mary Jane shoe look, and is classic for young tappers on stage. 

The sole is padded for shock absorbency, allowing more unrestrained movement. 

In addition, the interior of the heel collar is also padded and extra soft, keeping blisters at bay and protecting your child’s sensitive Achilles tendon. 

These shoes are typically less expensive than other brands, so they’re perfect for fast growers and kids just testing out dance lessons for the first time.

6. JooCare Split Sole Beginner Tap Shoes

True to their name, these shoes are perfect for beginners and relatively affordable. 

They are classic lace-up styles, so they are appropriate for both girls and boys. 

At the same time, they have lots of features that make them appealing. 

Such as the notched heel collar that reduces blisters and protects the Achilles tendon.

They feature a split sole, allowing a range of motion and flexibility for the foot. 

The heels have a small amount of height to help kids work on their balance or prepare for character shoes. 

The interior is absorbent and comfortable. 

Finally, they come with acoustic taps for great sound.

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