What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear For Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing shoes
Dancing shoes

First impressions go a long way in ballroom dancing.

What you wear on the dance floor is as much about functionality as it is about style.

For instance, many competitive ballroom judges will take in your appearance before marking you on your talent.

Of course, you can wear a suit or a particularly beautiful dress, but if you are not wearing the right ballroom dancing shoes, you are most definitely in trouble.

After all, nothing involves your feet as much as a dance performance, ballroom, or otherwise.

And if you are considering signing up for ballroom lessons, then learning a little about the various kinds of shoes for dancing is very important.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear For Ballroom Dancing?

For Her

There are a wide variety of ballroom dancing shoes.

You will see female dancers wearing closed-toe shoes that have a two-inch heel.

These dance shoes are made explicitly for standard/smooth dances.

Standard and Smooth dancing shoes have a short heel of two or two and a half inches.

Closed-toe heels are usually made of very strong material and don’t work for Latin or Rhythmic ballroom dancing.

Compared to these closed-toe shoes, Latin dancing shoes carry straps and have open toes.

The heel tends to be at least two inches long.

The heel is much less strong in these shoes, but they have a flexible sole.

Latin dancing shoes are suitable for beginners in Rhythm dances.

This shoe has the strong heel of the closed-toe shoes mentioned earlier, but it comes with a more flexible sole, like that of Latin shoes.

For Him

Men usually wear standard leather footwear for ballroom dancing.

These shoes are made of black leather and have a 1-inch heel.

They are more suitable for taking forward steps, but you might not be able to point your foot as easily.

If you are a beginner in ballroom dancing, these will work well for you as you are used to wearing them, and your feet won’t be immediately transported into a foreign environment.

Comfort is very important in the beginning stages of ballroom dancing, and these shoes do well in that department.

You can also wear them during the initial stages of Latin or Rhythm ballroom dancing competitions.  

Unlike standard leather shoes, Latin shoes are designed to offer you more flexibility.

They allow you to point your toe and do not have a rigid sole.

They also come with a heel that may take some getting used to.

Men can also wear flat shoes with no heels during private dance lessons.

These make it easier for you to move your feet while dancing.

Most men prefer wearing dress shoes with a rounded toe and a lace-up.

Shoes having square toes can be very inconvenient for ballroom dancing.

They are also a bit clunky.

You can’t wear slip-on shoes as well since these will keep sliding off while you dance. This is a popular choice for men.

What Should You Keep In Mind?

A good pair of dancing shoes must be shock-absorbent.

They must also provide strong arch support and have firm padding.

You will also have to consider the shape of your feet.

Dancers with wide feet may not be very comfortable wearing closed-toe shoes, which can hinder their feet movement.

Above all, the material used is also very important.

You don’t want to buy a shoe that wears out within a few weeks.

Make sure you buy shoes from a reputed brand so that they last longer.

Pricing tends to vary according to the quality and brand associated with dancing shoes.

Some dancing shoes also have embellished designs, which can cause the price to go up.

For the most part, you should buy shoes that can have their soles repaired or replaced.

This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Make sure you do not wear your dance shoes when you are not dancing.

It’s preferable to wear your regular street shoes when you are on your way to class and strap on your dance shoes once you are in the studio.

Like most other dancers, you can buy a shoe bag for carrying your shoes.

Have Fun!

Frequently Ask Questions

Which type of shoe is needed for ballroom dancing?

For ballroom dancing, specialized dance shoes are essential to optimize performance and comfort. These shoes typically feature suede or leather soles, providing the right balance of grip and slip for controlled movements on the dance floor.

They also have low, wide heels, around 1 to 2 inches, offering stability and balance for various dance styles. A snug but not overly tight fit ensures stability and prevents blisters.

Closed-toe designs provide extra support and an elegant look. By choosing the right ballroom dance shoes, dancers can optimize their performance, prevent injuries, and enjoy a comfortable dancing experience.

Can you wear ballet shoes for ballroom dancing?

While ballet shoes may offer some flexibility and comfort, they are not ideal for ballroom dancing. Ballet shoes lack the necessary features for ballroom dance, such as the suede or leather soles needed for controlled gliding and pivoting on the dance floor.

Additionally, ballet shoes typically have flat soles and lack the supportive structure and heel height necessary for ballroom dance styles.

It’s advisable to invest in specialized ballroom dance shoes tailored to the specific requirements of ballroom dancing, ensuring optimal performance, stability, and comfort during practice sessions and performances.

Can you wear character shoes for ballroom dancing?

While character shoes share some similarities with ballroom dance shoes, they are not specifically designed for ballroom dancing. Character shoes typically feature hard leather soles, providing durability and support suited for theatrical performances and character-based dances.

However, they lack the suede or leather soles essential for controlled gliding and pivoting in ballroom dances. Additionally, character shoes often have higher, slimmer heels, which may not offer the stability and balance required for ballroom dance styles.

For optimal performance and comfort in ballroom dancing, it’s recommended to invest in specialized ballroom dance shoes designed for the specific requirements of the dance style.

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