What to Wear to Dance Practice List Ideas

what to wear to dance practice

If you have started taking dance lessons, you may want to know what to wear to dance practice.

What you wear will vary a little bit depending on what type of dance you are doing.

There are so many different dance styles today, each requiring a slightly different wardrobe.

Continue reading to learn what to wear to practice different types of dance.

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What to Wear to Dance Practice List

1. Partner Dance Practice

What to Wear for Partner Dance Practice

When you go to ballroom dance practice, you will either dance with a partner or an instructor.

It is important to wear the right clothing to execute these dances well.

Your clothing should be comfortable, and it shouldn’t be distracting.

You can buy practice ballroom dance dresses or wear comfortable slacks and tops.

The important thing is that the clothing should not get in the way of the dance.

The shoes are more important.

For ladies, you will want to wear practice dance shoes.

They will usually have a small heel, but the choice is yours.

You can find practice ballroom dance shoes with a low, wide heel that helps with stability, or you can choose taller, thin heels if you are comfortable dancing in them.

The men should wear 1-inch heel dance shoes with a smooth sole.

One distinction with ballroom dance shoes is that they have suede soles that help you glide and spin effortlessly, which is an important part of the dances that you will practice.

If you intend to stick with ballroom dance, you will want to get shoes made for this style.

2. Ballet Dance Practice

What to Wear for Ballet

When you go to ballet practice, your instructor will be focused on your posture and the lines of your body.

It is ideal to wear tight-fitting clothing that makes it easy to see how you are aligned.

You can wear yoga clothing when you are starting, but at the higher levels, you will want to get a unitard or a leotard with tights to perfect your ballet technique.

You will need soft ballet shoes for all levels of ballet.

They are made especially for ballet, allowing you to point your toes.

If you are more advanced and take pointe classes, you will probably need to get a pair of pointe shoes.

3. Tap Dance Practice

What to Wear for tap dance (1)

When you practice tap dancing, most of the movement is from your knees down.

You can wear fitness clothing or a skirt and blouse.

Tap dancing is very athletic, so you might be most comfortable in fitness clothing or something that allows you to move freely.

You will need tap shoes for tap dance.

You can get basic tap shoes to start, and as you advance, you might want to try a more advanced style.

The better-quality tap shoes are heavier, and using tap shoes with heels will require some calf strength.

You might want to begin with a basic flat shoe and then buy more advanced styles as you get comfortable with tap dance.

4. Jazz Dance Practice

What to Wear for jazz dance

Jazz is a lot of fun, and it is important that your instructor can see your posture.

You want to wear something tight-fitting and comfortable at the same time.

Fitness clothing or leggings work well for jazz practice because you want to move your body freely as you learn the moves.

You will want to buy a pair of jazz shoes for this dance style.

They offer a little more support than ballet shoes, but they still allow your feet the freedom to move and point your toes.

You can actually practice jazz in bare feet if you don’t have a pair of shoes.

5. Contemporary Dance

What to Wear for contemporary dance

Contemporary dance combines elements of jazz, ballet, lyrical, and modern dance.

You should wear leggings or other fitness clothing because you want to be comfortable while showing the technique you are using.

In this dance style, your goal is to connect the mind and body through a series of fluid movements, so you want to be able to move freely.

You can do contemporary dance with bare feet or buy a pair of half shoes or foot gloves designed for dance.

You should choose whichever you are most comfortable dancing in.

If you are more advanced, you will likely want to have protection for your feet, but beginners shouldn’t have any trouble dancing with bare feet.

6. What to Wear for Street Dancing

What to Wear for street dance

Street dance is a style of dance that developed in urban areas outside of dance studios.

It includes break dancing, hip hop-style dance, and other forms that developed on the streets.

You will want to wear loose-fitting clothing for this dance style as some of the dance moves require you to hold onto a shirt or pants.

Baggy pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt are perfect for this style of dance.

You will want to wear trainers on your feet to help you move across the floor quickly.

You actually want less grip than you get from sports training shoes because you will do some sliding and need to move fast.

Leisure trainers are ideal for this style of dance.

7. What to Wear for Flamenco Practice

What to Wear for flamenco dance (1)

If you go to flamenco practice, you can wear anything comfortable, but ladies may want to wear a long, flowing skirt.

It will help you with the movements you are learning and make you feel the part.

Men might want to wear a waistcoat to practice because it helps to encourage the correct arm movements.

You should wear flamenco shoes when you practice this type of dance.

They should have a low heel and a closed toe. Men can wear low Cuban heels when they practice.

Final Words

When you go to dancing practice, it is essential to dress to get the most out of it.

Wearing the right clothing for your style of dance will make it easier to do and easier for your instructor to help you improve.

Make sure that you are comfortable and always wear the right shoes.

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