White Ballet Shoes for Toddlers: A Guide for Beginners

Best White Ballet Shoes for Toddlers

Here you have our top white ballet shoes, this is a guide for beginners.


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1. DIPUG Canvas Ballet Slippers

2. Daydance Ballet Slippers

At a Glance: Our Top White Ballet Shoes for Toddlers Beginners Guide

1. DIPUG CanvasSplit fiber soleThick canvasFlat
2. DaydanceSuede solePremium Chrome LeatherFlat
3. CapezioLeather sole100% LeatherFlat
4. Stelle CanvasSuede soleCanvasFlat
5. MSMAXSuede sole100% LeatherFlat
6. Stelle SatinLeather solePremium satin upperFlat
7. Capezio GymLeather and Synthetic100% LeatherFlat

1. DIPUG Canvas Ballet Slippers

These adorable little ballet slippers are perfect for a whole range of uses such as ballet class, other types of dance (including Irish step dance), and gymnastics. 

They could even be worn by your little one for dress-up play or running around the house.

They are comfortable and come with an adjustable drawstring, so they have the potential to grow with your child’s feet (to an extent). 

The suede soles help prevent slipping and tears from bruised knees. 

They are durable and, best of all, you can wash them in a washing machine and drip-dried whenever they get dirty, a given for toddlers.

2. Daydance Genuine Leather Full Sole Slippers

If your child’s dance teacher requests a full-sole shoe, this is one of your best options. 

The exterior is made from genuine goat leather, and the sole is made of suede, which helps prevent slips and falls. 

The downside to leather is that it must be spot cleaned (can’t go in the washing machine), but the plus is that it is more durable and stain-resistant, especially compared to canvas.

The cotton lining is comfortable and breathable, which is especially helpful if your child will wear them for more than one dance class. 

Or maybe play at home, also if they are sensitive about the feel of their footwear, as many children are.

3. Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoe

This leather ballet shoe, which is available in white and several other colors, is from the well-known and respected dancewear maker Capezio. 

It is made from 100% leather, including a single leather sole, so it is very durable. 

Your child is more likely to outgrow the shoe long before they wear it out, so it could absolutely be handed down to a younger dance student.

The elastic drawstring is very long, so you can make adjustments as your tiny dancer needs them. 

The elastic strap is also thicker than most other brands, so it is less likely to irritate their ankles. 

The interior is cotton for breathability and has a sweet floral print for an added adorable touch.

4. Stelle Canvas Ballet Slipper

This canvas slipper has a split rather than a single sole, which many instructors at more serious dance schools prefer. 

These are an excellent option for families who intend for their child to continue dancing for many years; the split sole is much more common at higher levels, as is canvas. 

The soles are made of suede, which is again similar to shoes made for older dancers. 

They even come with crossed elastic straps.

At the same time, these shoes are exceptionally comfortable and breathable and can be machine washed to get out stains and dirt.

5. MSMAX Leather Dance Shoes

These shoes are another inexpensive option for a toddler’s white ballet slipper. 

The 100% leather exterior is durable and stain-resistant. 

The split suede sole prevents slips and gives traction while mimicking the feel of slippers made for older dancers.

They are designed to be comfortable and breathable, with an adjustable drawstring. 

They are extra safe with double elastic straps, so if you buy them a little bit big (not too big!) with room to grow, they’re less likely to fall off your child’s feet.

If your child likes them, they also come in pink, purple, red, and black. 

Whatever color they need for fun play at home or for taking the stage in a recital.

6. Stelle Satin Ballet Slippers with Ribbon

Looking for something fancy, perhaps to inspire your young dancer? 

If so, Stelle has you covered with this shoe, which looks strikingly like a pointe shoe and is perfect for the little dancer who idolizes the older ballerinas at the studio and on stage.

At the same time, these shoes are very comfortable (a must for toddlers, as every parent knows), lightweight, and durable. 

The ribbons especially are high quality and designed for the kind of wear and tear that toddlers are likely to inflict. 

They are perfect for dance class or dress-up and pretend play at home.

7. Capezio Little Kid Ability Gym Shoe

A classical ballet teacher might not accept this shoe, but if you’re looking for versatility in a ballet slipper, this might be a good option for your little one. 

It is especially appropriate for pre-ballet and creative movement students.

The leather exterior is very durable, so you’ll likely be able to use these shoes long after your child outgrows them. 

The soles are suede with rubber patches to prevent skids and falls. 

In addition, the footbeds are made of comfortable foam, encouraging your child to hop, jump, skip, or whatever else strikes them.

If you’re looking for a shoe that will give your child physical stability while discovering joy in movement and dance, these are perfect for you.

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