Who are the Rising Stars of Ballroom Dancing?

Rising stars of ballroom dance
Rising stars of ballroom dance

There are many dancers who have achieved success in ballroom dance competitions, but there are also many rising stars who have not yet reached the top.

These dancers are amazing and deserve recognition for their talent and hard work. This blog post will feature some of the rising stars of ballroom dancing, so be sure to watch out for them in future competitions!

Let’s take a look and see which of these dancing stars show the most promise:

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The Rising Stars of Ballroom Dancing List

Here we give you our list of the top ones:

1. Kamri Peterson

Kamri Peterson is only ten years old and has starred in Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

She was partnered with Akash Vukoti, another talented dancer, and they placed 6th in the competition.

Kamri has received praise for the passion and technique she shows in her movement.

She received formal training for several dance styles, but ballroom dancing went on to become her favorite.

Kamri is also the United States Under 10 Vice-champion.

She has also represented the United States at the Open World Championships held in Paris, France.

2. Daniel Novikov and Mishella Vishnevskiy

Daniel Novikov and Mishella Vishnevskiy won the Blackpool Dance Festival in the Latin Under 12 division last year.

They are the first American couple to have won in this prestigious dance festival.

They partnered up in 2014 when they were only 7 years old.

Since then, they have won several US dance competitions in the Under 9 age group.

They also won two gold medals during the Under 10 Open to the World Latin Championships.

Among the dancing duo, Daniel Novikov has shown some exceptional talent.

He has won three times at the World Ballroom Dance Championship.

Interestingly, Kamri Peterson has also competed against him and describes his talent as “magic”.  

3. Jake Monreal

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Jake Monreal has been dancing since he was ten years old.

He participated in the first season of Dancing with the Stars:

Juniors and later took part in Season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance where he earned 7th place.

The 15-year-old dancer is naturally charismatic and talented.

His stage presence is incredible and his dancing skills have earned him quite a bit of acclaim.

Besides ballroom dancing, Jake has also learned ballet and contemporary dancing.

His versatility and charm have made him tailor-made for commercial dancing gigs and he’s definitely someone to watch out for.

4. Ezra and Stephanie Sosa

This sibling duo may very well be the next Derek and Julianne Hough.

Ezra is 18, while his sister Stephanie is 19.

They train at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, UT and aspire to be the Latin-American version of the dancing duo they are compared to.

They are natural dancers with good hip action and excellent rhythm.

According to Ezra and Stephanie, this is also because dance is a big part of the Latin-American culture.

Where Ezra is known for his precision, speed, and power on the dance floor, Stephanie stands out with her fiery footwork and attitude.

They have been training in other dance styles as well and hope to make it to Dancing with the Stars.

5. Rickie Taylor

18-year-old Rickie Taylor has been dancing since she was 4 years old.

She recently became the Under 21 Ballroom and Latin Champion in the United States.

She was also an Under 16 World Champion and made it to the final round of Blackpool Under 21 Dance Festival.

Her dancing is nothing short of mesmerizing and she definitely makes it among the rising stars of ballroom dance.

At just 18 years old, Rickie Taylor shows sultriness and maturity when she’s on the dance floor.

Her dancing skills are incredibly polished and she’s certain to make a name for herself in ballroom dance competitions.

6. Ruby Castro

Ruby Castro has been dancing since she was 8 years old.

Her performance alongside her dance partner Jonas Terleckas in World of Dance left the audience stunned.

Ruby and Jonas have been partners for many years now.

Their chemistry and footwork have earned them much acclaim and they attribute to how well they know each other.

A social media sensation, Ruby Castro has also made a name for herself in contemporary dance.

She earned 4th place at Blackpool Dance Festival and also competed in competitions like America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, where she made it among the Top 10.

There are several notable names among the rising stars of ballroom dance and nearly all of them appear to have the talent and potential to make it big.

With more and more young dancers joining, ballroom dance competitions continue to be an exciting arena where talent and magic come together to give you something truly special.  


Competitive ballroom dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

There are times the dancing regimen can get pretty brutal.

Just reading about it can leave you wondering about the amount of motivation and discipline that’s required.

And while most of us can still wrap our head around veteran ballroom dancing stars, it’s the kids that inspire a whole different level of awe.

Some of these rising stars of ballroom dance are not old enough to ride a rollercoaster, yet they move like air across the dance floor whilst maintaining perfect posture.

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