Why Do Ballroom Dancers Wear Fake Tan?

Why Do Ballroom Dancers Wear Fake Tan
Why Do Ballroom Dancers Wear Fake Tan

Have you ever wondered why ballroom dancers always seem to have such a nice tan? It’s because of the fake tan they wear! But why do ballroom dancers wear fake tan? This article will be answering this question.

Reasons Why Ballroom Dancers Wear Fake Tan

1. It’s for elegance

Ballroom dance is an elegant and formal dance that requires elegance. The idea behind wearing fake tan is to give them a more golden, sun-kissed look. It goes well with wearing tuxedos and ball gowns.

2. Tan accents the graceful leg and arm movements

This is another major reason why dancers wear fake tans. Dancers perform graceful movements with their arms and legs, so the tan helps to accentuate these parts of the body.

If you didn’t have tan on your skin, then it wouldn’t be as easy for people to see what part of your body is moving.

3. It enhances beauty

Besides elegance, ballroom dancers wear fake tan because of their beautiful appearance!

There are many shades to choose from – the most popular one is orange/brown, which makes them look like they’ve spent a long time in the sun. This gives off an air of sun-kissed beauty.

4. It disguises sweat

When dancing, your body will inevitably sweat. Sweat can ruin a dancer’s performance and also look unappealing.

Dancers wear fake tan, so they’ll still have their golden glow even when the lights are on them. This makes it easier for them to perform better.

5. It gives off a nice smell.

One reason why ballroom dancers wear fake tan is so they’ll have their signature scent.

Fake tans are infused with different scents, and the most common ones include coconut or vanilla. This gives off a nice and pleasant aroma.

6. It’s photogenic

To get the best photos, ballroom dancers wear fake tan so they’ll have their signature golden glow in every photo!

They need to look good on camera for all of those endorsements you see them doing with big brands.

It also makes it easier for photographers to compose their shots.

7. It enhances confidence

Some ballroom dancers just can’t go on stage without their tan. It’s not only because of the reasons mentioned above, but it also enhances their confidence.

If you feel confident about yourself and your appearance, you’ll do better in whatever performance or competition comes your way.

8. It’s a way of expression.

One thing that sets ballroom dancers apart from other dancers is their choice to wear fake tan.

Although it may seem like an unusual choice, ballroom dancing is also about expressing yourself and wearing what you want!

If you’re not feeling comfortable with your skin tone, then by all means – wear a fake tan.

9. It gives off a healthy appearance.

Finally, ballroom dancers wear fake tan to give themselves an overall healthier-looking complexion.

Some people may not like the appearance of tan skin, but it’s something that ballroom dancers are proud to have.

Healthy-looking skin is important in performing well.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Tanning for Ballroom Dancing

Here is what you should do when tanning for ballroom dancing:

Choose the right color.

You want to look like the elegant dancer you are and not like some beefy weight lifter who’s just gotten off the beach. Make sure that your fake tan is a golden color, not too dark or light.

You can choose from different shades of fake tan like orange/brown and gold/bronze to give yourself an even glow.

Prepare your skin before you apply a fake tan.

Before putting on your self-tanning lotion, make sure you exfoliate your skin. This gets rid of dead skin cells and ensures a smoother finish when applying fake tan.

Use a high moisture product so it will stay on for longer without peeling off too early.

Moisturize afterward to keep those tan lines away

Moisturizing your skin after tanning is very important. Without moisturizing, your fake tan will start to peel off in a few days.

This leaves unattractive lines on the surface of your skin where you applied it before – not something that dancers want.

Protect yourself from UV rays when outdoors

If you’re going out into the sun, then wear sunscreen. This is to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, which can fade the color of your fake tan.

Tanning in the sun isn’t good for your skin either, so be sure to consult with a dermatologist about how often you should take care of it when tanning.

Here is what you should not do when tanning for ballroom dancing:

Don’t overdo it

Make sure you don’t exaggerate when applying fake tan, or else people will think you’re wearing a weird-looking Halloween costume.

Applying too much fake tan can cause discoloration on the surface of your skin, and nobody wants that to happen. You should only apply a light coat before going out for practice or performances.

This ensures that you will look great in photos and videos without having unsightly streaks all over your skin.

Don’t overuse a tanning bed.

It’s not healthy to expose yourself to ultraviolet rays for extended periods. Fake-tanning products are made from ingredients that won’t harm your skin when applied sparingly, so it’s best to just stick with those.

You can also experiment and see which fake tan fits you best.

Do not use a poor-quality tanning spray.

Instead of accentuating your features and making you look more attractive, poor-quality tanning spray can make you look dirty, dry, and orange.

Fake tanning sprays are not cheap either, so it’s best to invest in the right one for you – don’t just settle for what’s cheap but is also bad quality.

Final Thoughts

Ballroom dancers wear fake tans for various reasons. Apart from making them look more elegant and boosting their confidence, it gives them a healthier appearance.

Hopefully, this article has been informative enough for you to make an informed decision about whether or not a fake tan is right for you.

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