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best women's dance shoes with suede sole

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Congratulations – you’ve decided to start taking dance classes! As you begin your journey, it’s important to ensure you have the right gear.

In this post, we’ll share nine of the best women’s dance shoes with suede soles. We hope this helps make your decision easier. Happy dancing!

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– 1. Gabriella by Very Fine

– 2. Elektra

– 3. RoseMoli

At a Glance: Top Women’s Dance Shoes With Suede Sole Reviewed

Our #1 Pick!

gabriella by very fine

Gabriella by VeryFine

High-quality suede on the outer sole for the perfect traction and slide. High-quality leather insole for durable wear.

Editor’s Choice

Very Fine Elektra

Elektra by VeryFine

New memory foam cushioned heel to protect your feet.
Arch support for increased stability.

Best Value

rosemolly dance shoes

Rosemoli Dance Shoes

Elegant & generous classical design. Adjustable crisscross ankle straps match the shining rhinestone buckle.

Best Dance Shoes with Suede Soles for Women List Ideas

When you start looking for the best dance shoes for beginners, you might be overwhelmed by all of the choices.

There are many different companies that make dance shoes, and they have features that you might not be familiar with.

Read on to see some of the best women’s dance shoes with suede soles.

No. 1
Gabriella by Very Fine

Very Fine Women’s Gabriella Latin Dance Shoe

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Gabriella’s dance shoes by very fine and are perfect for any passionate dancer.

They have a suede sole with the heel measuring 2.5 inches and a high-quality suede on the outer sole for the perfect amount of traction and slide.

The shoes also have a strap. The shoes are made with premium synthetics that will stretch to fit your feet, avoiding those nasty blisters from other shoes that fit a little loose.

In addition, they have a cushioned heel to protect your feet from wear and tear.

So, if you’re looking for a great pair of dance shoes that will help you look your best and perform your best, then check out the Gabriellas!

No. 2

Women’s Latin Dance Shoes Satin Professional Ballroom Salsa Practice Performance Dance Shoes

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11/23/2023 05:09 pm GMT

These shoes by Rosemoli are elegant with a classical design.

They have adjustable crisscross ankle straps.

They also have a rhinestone sparkly quick-release buckle.

They are made of silk with a high-quality satin upper, and they have a high elastic latex midsole, a cushioned insole, and soft breathable lining, and they are very soft to the touch.

These dance shoes have an anti-slip suede sole that provides good skid resistance and balance.

They are lightweight and durable.

They also have high wear resistance and can withstand a great deal of bending compression without suffering any damage. 

They come with a heel height of 2.2 or 2.8 inches, so you can choose the height you are most comfortable with.

Rosemoli is known for excellent craftsmanship, and these shoes are comfortable for hours of dancing.

They are great for amateurs as well as professionals, and they come in black or tan.

These shoes are affordable while preserving quality, and they will enhance your dance.

No. 3

Professional Latin Dance Shoes Satin Salsa Dancer Shoes Ballroom Tango Dancing Shoes Z02 for Women with 2.4″ Heel

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These stylish dance shoes have steady and comfortable heels that measure 2.4 inches.

These shoes are steady without being heavy, and they will prevent you from becoming tired.

The shoes are ergonomically designed to be a close fit for your foot structure.

They are soft and comfortable, with enhanced cushioning to reduce foot fatigue.

The shoes are made with a high-quality satin material and a sweat-absorbing inner liner.

The liner is comfortable and soft against your foot.

They are made to be true to size, and the soles are made with anti-slip suede.

You can use these shoes for most ballroom dances, including the waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha, swing, samba, tango, and more.

These shoes are affordable and durable, so they are a great choice when you are starting out.

No. 4

Women’s Latin Dance Practice Shoes Closed Toe Rubber Sole Ballroom Dance Teaching Shoes Black Low Heel 2 Inch Modern Salsa Dancing Shoes, Model 709, US 5

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11/19/2023 05:15 pm GMT

This is a great pair of practice dance shoes for women, and you can use them for all different ballroom and Latin dances.

These shoes are comfortable and sturdy for practice, and they have leather uppers and a suede leather sole.

They have a low 1.6-inch Cuban heel, and they offer a full sole.

These shoes are very flexible, comfortable, and lightweight.

Your feet will be comfortable when you dance in these shoes, and you will have optimum flexibility with stability and control.

They have a support grade heel support material, and they are excellent for your performance when you are dancing.

You will enjoy the Swing, samba, salsa, rumba, and more with these great practice shoes.

No. 5

Women Swing Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes (Closed Toe, Suede Sole, Elastic Closure) 1.5 inch Heel YT26(6.5, Black)

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11/19/2023 06:05 pm GMT

Looking for a top-quality pair of dance shoes that will help you practice your moves and impress your friends?

Look no further than the YYting Dance Shoes! These shoes are perfect for those who want to ballroom dance in style.

The satin upper and suede sole are of the highest quality, making these shoes breathable, flexible, and comfortable.

With a simple yet elegant design, these shoes will make you feel like a true dancer.

No. 6

Salsette 1, Jazz Sneaker, Black, (Brand size 11/ 9.5 US Women/8.5 US Men)

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11/19/2023 05:15 pm GMT

This elegant sneaker is perfect for everything from jazz to hip-hop and everything in between.

The 100% mesh and suede construction is breathable and quick-drying, while the padded collar and lace-up vamp provide support and durability.

The suede sole provides traction and flexibility, making the Sansha Dance Shoe perfect for any dancer.

Choose your size carefully using the size conversion chart in the drop-down menu, as the shoe may come with an incorrect size conversion on the label.

Buying Guide

Reasons You Need Dance Shoes

Even beginners to ballroom dance need a good pair of dance shoes.

They help you dance comfortably, smoothly, and correctly.

They have a suede sole, which helps you turn, move, and feel the dance floor.

They may appear similar to everyday shoes, but they are made for dancing, and you will be able to spin, move, and glide across the dance floor.

These dance shoes may be an investment, but they will last you five to ten years as long as you take care of them. 

The Difference

People often wonder what makes dance shoes different from street shoes.

In general, dance shoes are lightweight and flexible, with a metal shank in the arch for support, and in particular, they have non-slip suede soles.

The best women’s dance shoes with suede soles come in open or closed-toe styles, and they can be pumps or sandals.

They have a heel that ranges from one to three inches in height.

The heels can be flared to provide more stability, and they come in many colors and materials.

As you learn and become more experienced, you will enjoy adding different styles to your dancing wardrobe.

How to Care for Dance Shoes

The key to having your dance shoes last is taking care of them properly.

You should not wear them on the street; the suede soles will be ruined if you do.

You should take them to the dance studio with you and change your shoes once you are inside.

This will ensure that you get the most out of your dance shoes.

You will need a suede sole brush so that you can clean them after use.

In addition, you should have cleaning oil to keep the leather moisturized and eliminate cracks.

A shoe polish cloth will allow you to keep the shoes looking great, and you can keep a spray bottle filled with water on hand to spot-clean your shoes if they get dirty. 

“If your shoes are made of leather, you should polish them once a week. Use a damp cloth to remove all dirt, then use a thin layer of cream or wax polish to preserve and moisturize the leather. This will keep your shoes looking like new!”

Use the suede brush to raise the nap and prevent it from going flat.

You will want to brush them from top to bottom.

You should polish your shoes once a week if they are leather, and if they are suede, you should remove dirt with a brush and then clean any stains with suede shampoo.

Brush them front to back once they are dry.

If you take care of your dance shoes, they can last many years. Be sure to clean them after you wear them and save them for the dance floor.

How often should you brush your dance shoes?

After each use, remove dirt and debris with a soft brush, preserving the texture for optimal grip. For suede-soled shoes, a gentle brush against the nap helps restore the texture.

For hard-soled shoes, occasional brushing removes scuff marks.

“If you’re on top of maintaining your suede soles, a gentle brushing should do the trick. If the suede has been neglected for longer periods of time, you may need to brush it more firmly to remove the build-up.”

Frequency depends on usage and dance surface. In general, after every practice or performance, and more often if dancing on abrasive surfaces.

Regular brushing not only keeps your shoes looking pristine but also ensures consistent performance on the dance floor.


1. Gabriella by Very FineAnti-slip Suede SoleStretchy premium synthetics2.5″See all Reviews
2. RoseMoli SuedeHigh-quality satin upperYou can choose from 2.2″ to 2.8″See all Reviews
3. YYTingAnti-slip Suede SoleHigh quality satin upper2.5”See all Reviews
4. JZX DanceSuedeSatin2.4-inchSee all Reviews
5. VCIXXVCESuedeLeather1.6″ Low Cuban HeelSee all Reviews
6. Sansha SalsetteSuede100% Mesh and suede1/2″-inchSee all Reviews
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Are suede soles good for dancing?

Yes, suede soles are excellent for dancing. In particular, they are widely used in dance shoes for ballroom and Latin dances. Suede provides the right balance of grip and slip on the dance floor, allowing dancers to have controlled movements, smooth gliding, and precise footwork.

The texture of suede enhances traction, which is crucial for dances that involve intricate steps and turns. Overall, suede soles contribute to a dancer’s stability and performance quality.

What is the difference between leather and suede sole?

The main difference between leather and suede soles lies in their texture. Leather is smooth and often used for more formal dance shoes, providing a controlled slide on the dance floor.

Suede, on the other hand, has a slightly textured surface, offering a balance of grip and slip. Suede is preferred in many ballroom and Latin dance shoes, enhancing traction and allowing for more precise footwork and controlled movements on various dance surfaces.

Do character shoes have suede soles?

Character shoes typically have hard leather soles rather than suede. The rigid nature of leather provides durability and support, making character shoes suitable for theatrical performances, musicals, and character-based dances.

This type of sole ensures stability for the dancer on stage while also producing distinct sounds, contributing to the character’s presence. While character shoes prioritize functionality over the gliding qualities of the suede, their design aligns with the specific demands of performance arts.

What material are dance shoe soles made of?

Dance shoe soles are commonly made from either suede or leather. Suede provides a textured surface for a balance of grip and slip, ideal for ballroom and Latin dances.

Smooth and durable leather is often used in formal dance shoes. Both materials facilitate controlled movements and precise footwork. The choice depends on the dance style and the desired interaction with the dance floor.

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