Women’s Professional Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

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JZNXdanza Women's Professional Rhinestone Ballroom...
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JZNXdanza Women's Professional Rhinestone Ballroom...
  • STEADY AND COMFORTABLE HEELS: 2.4-inch heels are high but not tired, steady but not heavy, which can't hide your...

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These ballroom dance shoes from JZNXdanza offer a great combination of comfort, support, and style.

The shoes are available in black or nude colors and multiple sizes to suit your needs.

With an ergonomic design and durable stitching and material, the JZNXdanza ballroom dance shoes offer excellent value.

The design is light and airy, featuring an open-toe design with thin yet sturdy straps around the ankle.

The strap on each foot has a buckle that secures to ensure that you get a perfect fit.

Made with Durable Materials and Quality Craftsmanship

The shoes include quality material on the inside and outside.

The upper material of the shoes is made with high-quality satin material.

It has a nice shine, which helps accent the rhinestones that line the toe cap and heel.

The result is an attractive set of shoes that should pair well with any dance attire.

The shoes’ soles are made with suede leather, which offers greater support and flexibility compared to rubber soles.

The suede leather requires you to break the shoes in a little for optimal comfort.

After a few nights of dancing, the soles should begin to mold and shape to your foot.

The soles begin to follow your feet’ natural contour, which enhances the arch support of the shoes.

High-quality craftsmanship is found throughout the stitching and materials.

The shoes are made to hold up to rigorous dance steps without suffering major wear and tear.

Perfect Heel Height for Ballroom Dancing 

The JZNXdanza women’s dance shoes feature 2.4-inch heels, perfect for dancers of all experience levels.

As with other standard ballroom dance shoes, the top of the heel is wide and narrows before slightly flaring at the bottom.

At just under the 2.5-inch average, these shoes are versatile and provide the support needed for performing the quickstep, foxtrot, or rumba.

While the shoes are supportive, they are also flexible and light.

You can focus more on your dancing instead of dealing with restrictive shoes.

Comfortable Inner Lining and Arch Support

Along with a stylish, durable exterior, the shoes feature a comfortable interior.

The inside is lined with a soft inner lining that absorbs sweat to keep your feet dry and comfy during a long dance session.

The shoes also offer proper arch support to help with foot alignment, keeping your feet from rolling inward and reducing the risk of over-pronation and sore feet.

Available in a Wide Range of Shoe Sizes

The JZNXdanza shoes are made to follow American standard shoe sizes.

Sizes range from women’s 5.5 to 10.5. For optimal comfort and support, measure your feet’ length and compare the measurement to a sizing chart.

All sizes are medium width. Women who typically wear wide-width shoes may need to move up a shoe size.

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