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Hello, dance enthusiasts, and welcome to Ballroom Dance Planet, your ultimate stop for everything about ballroom dancing and dance gear.

Our journey started with a simple passion for dance. We wanted to dance, glide across the floor, swirl, twirl, and make magic with movement.

But as we plunged deeper into the world of ballroom, we realized the complex artistry, the intricate steps, and the precise timing required.

Jonathan dancing salsa at the one hundred social

That’s when we also understood that there wasn’t enough guidance out there for people like us who wanted to embrace this beautiful form of dance. Thus, ‘Ballroom Dance Planet’ was born.

Today, we are a team of dance enthusiasts, professional ballroom dancers, and gear experts devoted to bringing the joy of ballroom dancing to everyone who shares this love.

We aim to be your trusty dance partner in your ballroom journey, guiding your every step, from teaching you the first basic move to helping you choose the perfect dance gear.

Our blog uniquely blends dance tutorials, gear reviews, insider tips, and personal stories.

We cover most of the basic steps in Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-cha, and more. And for all those times you wonder about the best shoes for a Rumba or the ideal dress for a Salsa performance, we have got you covered.

Through detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials, we aim to break down the seemingly complicated steps of ballroom dances into simple, approachable ones, making it possible for anyone to learn and enjoy.

Our gear reviews are carefully curated, honest, and thorough, providing you with everything you need to know to choose the best for your dance practice or routine.

At ‘Ballroom Dance Planet,’ we believe that dance isn’t just about the steps and the music.

It’s about the experience, the joy of movement, and the magic that happens when music meets motion.

We want to help you discover the dancer in you and the passion, dedication, and joy that ballroom dancing brings.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer wanting to perfect your steps, Ballroom Dance Planet is here to help you master the art and heart of partner dance.

Jonathan Enrique

jonathan enrique dancing salsa at the 100 social

Hello everyone! I started dancing and taking lessons in 2002.

In 2012 I got certified by Arthur Murray Dance Studios and became a ballroom and Latin dance instructor.

I also study and practice salsa dancing, Jazz. That’s why I created and founded the Ballroom Dance Planet blog/website.

Ballroom Dance Planet aims to help you make more informed decisions about your dancing. I hope you enjoy our content and find it helpful and valuable!

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abraham ballroom dance

Abraham (Abe)

Hello, I’m Abraham. I have always been passionate about dancing and helping people stay healthy and look their best.

That’s why I became a certified dancer with Arthur Murray and DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association). Plus, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports & Recreation Management from the University of Utah.

I love helping others achieve their goals. I was a Rhythm Finalist in the IDA (International Dance Association) World Championships. As a certified fitness and health coach, I know how to help you get fit and feel great!

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