What are the Best Ballroom Dance Shoe Brands?




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There is always a lot to consider when buying shoes for ballroom dancing.

Luckily for you, there are several ballroom dance shoe brands that you can choose from.

Your decision will largely depend upon your budget and your level of investment in ballroom dancing.

For instance, if you are a beginner, then you may want to buy dance shoes from a cheap brand.

However, if you see yourself dancing for a long time, then you can consider investing in dance shoe brands such as Bloch, Capezio, or Gogo.

More expensive dance shoe brands include Aida, Dance Naturals, Ray Rose, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ballroom dance shoe brands:

At a Glance: Top Brands For Ballroom Dance Shoes

Best Ballroom Dance Shoe Brands List Ideas

1. Very Fine Shoe Brand

Looking for a high-quality, comfortable pair of ballroom dance shoes? Look no further than the Very Fine Women’s Melody Smooth Ballroom Dance Shoe!

These beautiful shoes are made from flesh satin and have a suede sole, providing the perfect traction and slide.

They’re also great for all types of dancing, including smooth, ballroom, Latin, rhythm, tango, and waltz.

Plus, they’re ultra-comfortable with a cushioned heel and superior arch support.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, these shoes are an excellent choice for you. Order your pair today!

2. Capezio Shoe Brand

Capezio is a ballroom dance shoe brand that offers awesome dance shoes at a reasonable price.

At present, they have two kinds of dance shoes for women and Latin ballroom dancing shoes for both men and women.

Their dance shoes for women feature flared heels, which make them a good choice in terms of stability.

The sole is made out of suede, whereas the upper portion is either made of leather or satin.

There is also a half-inch long shank present in these shoes that offers greater flexibility to dancers.

The length of the heel varies between 2 – 2.5 inches.

Their Latin dance shoes feature a Cuban heel.

The sole is made out of suede, whereas the upper portion makes use of canvas.

There is also a 0.75 inches long shank installed for additional flexibility and support.

3. Bloch

Bloch is another great brand that offers several choices in ballroom dance shoes for women.

Their dance shoes are priced very reasonably as well.

Their shoes feature an outsole made of suede, whereas the upper portion is made of leather or satin.

These shoes also have a padded insole that can cushion your feet while you dance.

The length of the heel will vary according to the shoe type you choose, but most of their shoes have flared heels.

Some of their shoes are also capable of absorbing shock and have an absorbent microfiber lining.

4. Paoul

Who Created Ballroom Dancing? A Quick Summary

This is one of the most versatile shoe brands for ballroom dancing.

It has something for everyone and hosts a variety of ballroom dance shoes for men, women, and children.  

Paoul is an international brand, and you might find their shoes pricey.

Their dance products are unique and exclusive, and you can consider buying from this brand if you are serious about ballroom dancing.

They offer dance shoes according to various dance types.

You will find shoes for standard ballroom dancing, Latin-American dancing, Modern dancing, Tango, Ballet, and more.

You can also ask them to make a customized pair of dance shoes for you, where you get to decide everything, including the shape and color of the material.

5. American Classic

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American Classic is a high-end dance shoe brand.

It is also one of the best ballroom dance shoe brands available right now.

They offer a wide variety of ballroom dance shoes for both men and women.

Their dance shoes for women come in a variety of styles such as open style, closed style, flat style, and dance shoes for practice.

They also offer custom-made ballroom dance shoes where you can choose between hundreds of fabrics.

They use high-quality leather in their shoes, but you will also find shoes made out of other kinds of fabric.

This and other features raise the price of these shoes to $180+.

If you plan to pursue ballroom dancing on a professional front, then we recommend you purchase dance shoes from this brand.

6. Dance Naturals

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Dance Naturals is another major brand in the world of ballroom dancing.

They offer ballroom dance shoes for both men and women.

Like Paoul, Dance Naturals is an international brand.

They offer nearly 85 types of dance shoes for women!

Their men’s collection is impressive as well— 26 varieties of dance shoes are available.

This is another high-end brand of dance shoes, and their products are priced accordingly.

We recommend this brand for professional ballroom dancers.

They offer dance shoes in a variety of colors and materials.

You can choose the type that you find most suitable for your dance style.

They also offer custom-made shoes, and you can get a pair designed for yourself.

Frequently Ask Questions

What shoes do ballroom dancers wear?

Ballroom dancers typically wear specialized dance shoes designed for optimal performance. These shoes feature suede or leather soles for controlled gliding and pivoting, low, wide heels for stability, and a snug fit for comfort. Closed-toe designs offer extra support, ensuring dancers can execute intricate footwork with precision and grace.

What shoes to wear to beginner ballroom dance class?

For a beginner ballroom dance class, it’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes that allow for ease of movement. Opt for closed-toe shoes with smooth, non-grippy soles, such as low-heeled flats or dance sneakers. These shoes provide adequate support and traction while learning basic steps and movements.

Are ballroom and salsa shoes the same?

Ballroom and salsa shoes share some similarities but also have differences. Both typically feature suede or leather soles for gliding and pivoting, but salsa shoes often have more flexible soles for intricate footwork, while ballroom shoes may have lower, wider heels for stability and balance in partner dances.

Why do ballroom dancers wear high heels?

Ballroom dancers wear high heels to enhance posture, aesthetics, and technique. The elevated heel position shifts the dancer’s weight forward, promoting proper alignment and creating a graceful silhouette. Additionally, high heels allow for smoother movement and facilitate the execution of turns and spins with greater ease and control.

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