Lindy Hop Dance Shoes: Beginners Guide

Best Lindy Hop Dance Shoes

If you looking to dance Lindy hop, you’re going to need comfortable dance shoes.

Here you have our top selection.

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1. Capezio Women’s Junior Footlight

2. Bloch Women’s Grecian Sandal


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At a Glance: The Top Lindy Hop Dance Shoes for Ladies

1. Capezio T-StrapLeather balance sole100% Polyurethane2.25″ Heel
2. Bloch GrecianLeather sole100% Leather1” Heel
3. MSMAXSuede soleSatin1.1″ Heel
4. TTdancewearSuede soleSoft Satin2.5 ” Heel
5. Bloch AnnabellaSuede sole100% Leather1 1/2″ Heel
6. Ollio Flat ShoeSynthetic sole100% Synthetic0.7″ Heel
7. Capezio ManhattanSynthetic sole100% Leather2.5″ Heel
8. Very FineSuede sole100% Suede 1” Heel

1. Capezio Women’s Junior Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoe

These shoes are made from polyurethane and have a 100% leather sole. 

The heel is approximately 2 inches, the toe box is slightly tapered, and the straps add a stylish touch while helping secure the shoes to your feet. 

They have several additional features that are great for dancers and a light shank for greater ease of movement. 

In addition, these shoes are lined with absorbent microfiber on the inside for comfort and a foam-padded footbed.

Also, they have a notch at the heel to protect your Achilles tendon.

Capezio is one of the most well-respected names in dancewear, and these shoes are great for practice or performance.

Also, they are built to last, especially at their reasonable price point. 

These shoes are also available without the T-strap (just a normal strap and buckle) for a slightly lower price.

2. Bloch Women’s Grecian Sandal

These shoes are somewhat reminiscent of Bloch’s jazz shoes, except the Grecian style and straps give it a more playful look appropriate for lindy hop or swing dancing. 

They are made from 100% leather, including the sole, and the upper design highlights the dancer’s instep. 

They are very flexible shoes that allow a wide range of motion and let the dancer feel the floor. 

The 1-inch heel gives a little bit of height and sophistication without sacrificing control, which is also helped by the suede outsole.

3. MSMAX Latin Practice Ballroom Shoe

These shoes were designed for students learning to dance complex choreography in heels, but they can also work as performance shoes for lindy hop or swing. 

They are close to the ground with only a 1-inch heel, but the strappy design gives them a stylish and playful look. 

At the same time, they have several dance-specific features, such as the anti-slip outsole and lightweight design made for ease of movement. 

The upper is made of satin for a polished look, and the footbed is a soft suede. 

They are available in black, brown, and white.

4. TTdancewear Ballroom Shoes

These flashy shoes will certainly impress audiences and judges alike in any of the three colors in which they are available: 

Black, silver, or nude. 

The 2.5-inch heel gives dancers just the right amount of lift, while the lightweight design and overall shape of the shoes offer extra stability. 

The satin upper is incredibly soft, and it comes with a padded footbed. 

The thick sponge insole provides added comfort as well as shock absorbency. 

User reviews rave about the comfort of these shoes, primarily through long hours of rehearsals.

5. Bloch Annabella Ballroom Shoe

These shoes are another low-heel option (1.5 inches) great for lindy hop dancers and swing routines.

Also, they are made by Bloch, one of the foremost companies in dancewear in the world. 

The heel is also wide, making it perfect for swing dancing where you need greater control. 

These shoes are made with a 100% leather upper and suede sole. 

The insole is cushioned for comfort, and the outsole is flexible and moves with your foot.

6. Ollio Women’s Wingtip Oxford

Want something a little bit different that still delivers that classic 1950s style? Look no further than the Oxford. 

These shoes aren’t exclusively made for dancing, and that presents some challenges.

However, all in all, they are comfortable and designed to be worn all day. 

Since they’re flat, it’s less important that you practice in them so that they could be worn for dress rehearsals and performances or competitions only. 

Nothing completes the lindy hop look quite like a pair of sharp oxfords.

7. Capezio Manhattan Character Shoe

These shoes are similar to Capezio’s Junior Footlight, which we discussed above, but these are a little more professional and for more experienced dancers. 

They are made from 100% leather with a synthetic sole and have a 2.5-inch heel. 

The footbed is fully lined with foam cushioning, and the topline is extra smooth, making them very comfortable shoes, especially given the height of the heels. 

What is more, if you participate in multiple dance styles, Capezio makes several types of taps (Tele Tone, Duo-Tone, and Selva Staccato taps) that are compatible with these shoes.

8. Very Fine Dance Shoes Dance Sneakers

Want to try something a little bit different for your next lindy hop routine? 

Dance sneakers might be just the thing, especially if you’re tired of aching, sore feet. 

These 100% suede sneakers with a suede sole are very lightweight, making them easy to move and jump significantly. 

The sole split design gives dancers lots of flexibility in their feet, and the material in the interior is breathable. 

These make great practice shoes, but they are undoubtedly good for performance as well with the right costume.

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