Flared Heel Swing Dance Shoes by YAMI

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YAMI Womens Latin Dance Shoes for Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Practice,...
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YAMI Womens Latin Dance Shoes for Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Practice,...
  • CUSHIONS UNDER THE BALLS AND HEELS OF YOUR FEET FOR COMFORT- Dance the night away in a pair of comfy dance shoes....
  • FLEXIBLE / OPEN TOE DESIGN FOR GREAT FLEXIBILITY - Feel the floor and have more control with every step you take....

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If you are a professional dance performer or want to dance all night long at a swing dance event without worrying about your feet, enjoy wearing these YAMI Swing dance shoes.

You will be delighted to see that they won’t wobble or slip as the shoes stay snugly in place and cradle your feet comfortably so that you feel like you are dancing on a cloud.

Being able to count on having the stability of your ankles, no pain or pressure in the forefront of your feet, reducing or eliminating fatigue in your lower back and legs.

Also, other essential pointers are significant benefits that are also a boon to your whole body’s health.

Padded insoles and sturdy heel cups provide cushions for the balls and heels of your feet and prevent fatigue and soreness as they give the needed support.

The soft barriers are shock absorbers and help distribute your weight correctly when wearing these dance heels.

Dance all night without worrying about pain in your feet.

The steady heel and heel cup also help with posture and steadiness as you twirl and spin.

At the same time, your posture can be straighter, and your body alignment can stay at the correct level.

The belt straps are adjustable to the length you require and have buckles easy to release when you need to put the shoes on.

Beautiful satin creates an exceptional “dance slipper,” and the almost-three-inch flared heel, suede sole, open toes for flexibility.

Plus, other features result in a unique shoe that looks phenomenal.

At the same time, it accomplishes all those above excellent results.

Top all that off with micro-fiber insoles that avoid a collection of sweat and odor and are easy to clean.

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