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Best Ballroom Dance Shoes: Beginner’s Guide

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Have you signed up for ballroom dancing lessons? You’ll need a pair of dancing shoes then.

Unlike most activities, where you can still get away with just about any kind of shoe, owning a good pair of ballroom dance shoes can make all the difference to your dancing experience.

It is little like trying to climb a mountain.

If your shoes are not durable against the rocky terrains and don’t offer a sufficient amount of grip, protection, and flexibility to your feet, then well… you’re in trouble (and we are putting this mildly).

Of course, unlike rock climbing, the consequences of choosing the wrong kind of dancing shoes are not exactly fatal.

You might get a minor sprain, but if you are looking to avoid that (and you probably are), then let’s take a look at a few tips that can ensure that you buy the best ballroom dance shoes.

Tip # 1: Checking the Sole

ballroom dance teacher certification for beginners (1)

Most professional ballroom dancing shoes have a suede sole.

Some may also have a leather or resin-based sole.

A sole made out of suede can offer several advantages to a dancer.

It offers a good amount of resistance while also allowing you to glide across the dance floor.

They are also very durable and can last a long time.

Tip # 2: Checking The Shoe Material

how do you find your size for dance shoes

Professional dance shoes are usually made out of plain leather, patent leather, satin, or canvas material.

Plain leather is usually the best choice as far as the material is concerned.

It is stiff in nature, which allows the shoe to retain its original shape for a longer period.

It also requires very little maintenance and offers a good amount of support and protection to your feet.

Leather shoes are a standard in professional dance competitions as well so your feet won’t stick out.

Tip # 3: Checking for Arch Support

Who Created Ballroom Dancing? A Quick Summary

Dancing is essentially a workout for your feet.

You must make sure that your shoes provide an adequate amount of arch support while you dance.

Shoes with poor arch support will make your feet hurt while you dance.

Additionally, make sure that the padded lining of the shoes is of a firm and high-quality material.

There should also be a steel shank installed in the middle of your dance.

This provides improved stability to your foot while you dance.

Tip #4: Checking for Shoes That Fit

It’s also important that you choose shoes that fit you well.

They should not be too tight, however, as your feet need to breathe while you dance.

women checking if its the right fit for their shoes before buying

Make sure you test out the shoes before buying.

If the shoes are tight enough that your toes feel pressured, then you need to look for a second option.

Choose something of moderate width so that your feet don’t hurt after wearing them.

If your foot feels trapped in the shoe, then once again, you need to give it a skip.

Tip #5: Checking the Length of the Heel

Professional dancers shoes for beginners

Since you are a beginner, you should only opt for wearing a length that you are comfortable in.

Remember, you are supposed to be dancing in these shoes and not everyone can dance comfortably while wearing heels.

There will be a lot of slipping and falling once you break into a dance shoe with heels so be prepared to get a little hurt.

There are also different types of heels among dance shoes.

Most dancers opt for dance shoes that have a flared heel as it provides you with more stability.

In the case of dancing shoes for men, a half-inch heel is suitable for ballroom dancing.

Latin dance styles make use of Cuban heels that are at least 1.5 inches long.

Tip # 6:  Checking for Bonus Features

The best ballroom dance shoes also come with an antibacterial lining.

As you dance, your feet will produce sweat.

thinking about what dance shoes should i get

This can cause the growth of bacteria and fungus in the shoe.

An antibacterial lining can absorb sweat and prevent this.

Consider opting for an odor-free bacterial lining as well.

Shoes with latex technology are also good at absorbing shock.

This prevents your feet from getting tired too quickly.

Which Ballroom Dance Shoes Should You Get?

dancing makes you smart

Now that you know some of the main features to look for in the best ballroom dance shoes, you should start exploring your options.

To help make the process easier, we’ve gathered some of the top recommendations.

Ballroom Dance Shoes For Ladies


If you want to add flair to your dance, jazz up your feet with these ballroom dance shoes from SHALL WE. (See Here)

The shoes feature stylish satin with an elegant, yet bold, design.

You could wear these shoes for almost any dance, including the salsa, samba, jive, rumba, practice, and performance.

With these shoes, you get a 2.5 flared heel, perfect for beginners.

It is easy to maintain your balance and comfortable well enough for hours of practice or dancing all night.

The attractive design and stability provide two important reasons to consider these shoes.

The cost is another benefit.

These shoes are among the most affordable options, yet they still provide the arch support and overall stability you need for dance.


When you want shoes for more than just ballroom dancing, consider getting this pair from iCKER. (See Here)

These all-purpose dance shoes have a simple, solid design, making them more versatile.

Made from PU Synthetic Leather (VEGAN), these shoes are durable.

They should hold up to repeated use, such as practicing your moves all day.

Sizing should not be an issue, as the shoes come in a wide range of women’s US sizes.

For added comfort, the GET MINE Dance Shoes feature padded insoles with arch cookie support.

They also have moisture-absorbing lining, which helps to keep your feet and the shoes dry.

These shoes make the top of the list for ballroom dance shoes for everyday wear.

Besides ballroom dancing, you could wear these shoes for a night out or even to work.

Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men

ballroom dance shoes for men

1. Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe:

Protect your heels with this pair of Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoes. (See Here)

These shoes feature a shock-absorbing sponge insole and suede-covered bottoms for added comfort and shock absorption.

As with most standard men’s ballroom dance shoes, this pair features a one-inch heel that is covered in suede.

The upper features soft PU leather, while more suede covers the soles.

As with the other Capezio shoes, the lining includes moisture-absorbent material.

With these features, you can stay comfortable throughout your dance routine.

The only issue to watch out for is sizing.

These shoes run a little small, possibly requiring you to go up a size compared to your typical shoe size.

2. Very Fine Men’s Salsa Ballroom Dance Shoes:

Most professional dancers agree that leather is the best choice for dance shoes, which is what you get with the Very Fine Men’s Salsa Ballroom Dance Shoes.

The shoes feature durable 100% real leather. (See Here)

Despite the quality leather material, these shoes remain light on your feet and suitable for all types of ballroom dance.

As with most men’s dance shoes, they have the standard one-inch heel.

These shoes also come with an accessory.

Keep your shoes clean with the provided dance shoe wire brush.

If you want a pair of lightweight men’s dance shoes with a good fit, try the Very Fine Men’s Salsa Ballroom Shoes.

Just make sure that you order the same as a street shoe size.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot that you need to keep in mind when choosing the best ballroom dance shoes.

Everything, from the material of the shoe to the heel height, can make a difference.

Ballroom dance shoes can be expensive, but you can consider them as an investment.

Remember, you will be wearing these shoes while you dance.

That’s a lot of physical activity, so you will need to buy shoes that last you a long time.

Opting for low-priced shoes can backfire since these may not last very long.

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  1. jacobs2

    Thank you for this information.

    I recently started tango courses with friends. My actual shoes are not really dancing shoes and after 30 minutes of dancing, I start feeling pain in my feet.  I would like to change shoes and go to professional shoes as you explained. 

    Your article inspired me. Can you tell me if KAI-ROAD Ballroom Dance Shoes are also suitable for the tango dance, as a beginner?


    1. Jonathan

      Hey there Jacob… That’s awesome to hear about your new hobby. Yea it’s better to have dance shoes even if you just getting started. Regular shoes to me feel heavier and also makes it difficult to pivot when dancing… which means you’re gonna have to work twice as hard. And that’s probably why you feeling pain on your feet after dancing.

      The Kai Road dance shoes are women’s dance shoes!

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