The Best Dance Shoes for Flat Feet: Beginner’s Guide



best dance shoes for flat feet

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When people have flat feet, the entire bottom of the foot is flat on the floor.

They are basically missing an arch.

Many people have flat feet and while it used to get in the way of activities such as dance, there are shoes and orthotics made today so that people with flat feet can dance just as comfortably as people who do not have flat feet.

Continue reading to learn all about the best dance shoes for people with flat feet.

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1. Zumba Air

2. Capezio

At a Glance: Beginners Top Dance Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Zumba AirRubberMesh1.96”
2. CapezioPolyurethaneNappa PU leather and tech-mesh upper1″
3. Slow ManRubber+Air Cushion soleMesh Fabric1.96”

The Build of a Flat Foot

Feet come in two major forms: with an arch and flat.

There are two kinds of flat feet. One is rigid and the other is a flexible flat foot.

With the rigid flat foot, the bones of the foot are fixed in the same position no matter what the foot is doing.

This kind of foot never has any kind of arch.

This makes it necessary to have a shoe that supports your foot as opposed to shoes that are designed to support a foot with an arch.

When your foot has the right support, you will be comfortable and able to dance without issues.

Benefits of Dance Shoes for Flat Feet

Dancing is a lot of fun.

It is a great exercise and it is a social activity.

However, if your feet are uncomfortable, dancing isn’t a lot of fun.

If you have flat feet, dancing can make your feet painful and achy rather quickly.

As a result, people with flat feet often will not even try to dance.

The good news is that you can dance with the right dance shoes even if you have flat feet.

When people have flat feet, they need support to keep their feet comfortable.

The best dance shoes for flat feet have everything that a flat-footed person needs, including great arch support, extra shock absorption, extra durability, and additional cushioning.

This helps to protect your feet and prevent you from having pain when you dance.

Features to Look for

If you have flat feet and are looking for the best dance shoes for your feet, there are certain features that you should look for.

In fact you can find dance shoes that are made specifically for flat feet.

It is important to read the shoe description and make sure that the shoes are made for your type of foot.

If you need to make any changes to the dance shoes, you may be able to remove the arch supports and insoles and replace them with supports that are designed for your feet.

If you have a special pair of insoles made for your feet, you can use them in different shoes so that your feet are always comfortable.

Best Dance Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Zumba Dance

Move and groove in style with Zumba dance shoes for flat feet! These low-top sneakers are perfect for any fitness enthusiast or beginner.

They provide energizing, cushioning air technology for high-impact protection and have a rubber toe-tip for added durability.

With split soles, removable insoles and arch support, these shoes will allow you to move freely and confidently in any direction.

Boogie the night away knowing your feet are supported in comfort and style!

2. Capezio

The Capezio DS11 Fierce Dansneaker is a perfect choice for dancers with flat feet.

The superior arch support and Achilles notch provide extra comfort, while the non-marking PU outsole with built-in patented flex points ensures safety and stability.

The shoe also runs approximately one size smaller than the street shoe size, so be sure to order up if you’re in between sizes.

And with a variety of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your personal style.

So check out the Capezio DS11 Fierce Dansneaker today and dance your way to success!

3. Slow Man Women’s Jazz Shoes

These dance shoes are made of mesh fabric and they have rubber soles.

They are made with a padded collar, arch support, Achilles support, a spin spot, and a comfortable memory foam footbed.

These shoes come in a number of colors including black, white, gray, red, pink, and more.

They have a mid-high heel and a boxed toe as well as a platform that measures about 1.96 inches.

These shoes have MD soles that are bouncy, providing you with durability and traction.

They have laces and a heel pull, and they are made with breathable mesh.

The foot bed is made of EVA and mesh and has a perforated arch, which gives your feet breathability and ventilation.

This is a great shoe with plenty of support for your feet.


The shoes have a lot of support for the entire foot
The soles are durable with great traction
They are made with mesh for breathability and traction
You have a lot of color choices


The heel feels bulky at first
They do not have suede soles

4. Low Heel Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

These dance shoes come in black, tan, and nude.

They are made with high-quality satin uppers and a fine sweat absorption suede insole.

They have a soft breathable lining and a high elastic latex midsole.

The outsole is made of thick, durable suede.

They are super comfortable with a 1.5-inch heel that is wide for maximum stability. The elastic band makes it easy to slip on.

You will love how soft and lightweight these shoes feel.

They are flexible so that you have freedom when you dance.

They are great shoes for Latin dances such as the salsa, cha-cha, tango, rumba, and more.

You can wear them for practice or performance and they will keep your feet comfortable and supported all night long.

They offer great support for people with flat feet.


High-quality build with satin uppers
Suede soles for easy spinning and gliding on the dance floor
Comfortable 1.5-inch heel
Lightweight and flexible design

5. Gogodance Women’s Professional Ballroom Shoes

The Gogodance Ballroom shoes are made by Very Fine, which is a trusted brand for ballroom dance shoes.

They are made of high-quality leather with a cushioned heel and a soft suede sole.

You will have no trouble gliding and spinning on the dance floor.

They are smooth, comfortable, and still durable enough to last for years with the proper care.

They offer two-inch heels.

They are very comfortable with a cushioned insole and an absorbable heel.

They are lightweight and easy on your feet when you are dancing.

You get enough support to dance the entire night without suffering from achy feet.


Lightweight design with an absorbable heel
Cushioned insole
Great design for ballroom and Latin dances
High-quality leather uppers


Customers say to go down a half size because they are a little less snug that you want

The Importance of Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are different from street shoes because they have suede soles that allow you to glide across the floor and spin.

In addition, dance shoes fit your feet like a glove and they provide the support that your feet need when you are dancing.

Dancing forces you to move your feet around the dance floor and this activity can be hard for people with flat feet.

However, your feet will not hurt with the right shoes.

When you choose dance shoes, you have different options.

You can start with a basic design that you can wear for practice and competition.

As you become more involved in ballroom dance, you can add more styles and colors to your wardrobe.

It is important to choose the shoes that will provide you the stability and support you need when you are dancing.

Final Words

If you have flat feet, it can be hard to dance because your foot bones are flat on the ground.

You need shoes that offer support for your feet as well as shock absorption.

You can remove the insoles and use orthotics that are designed for flat feet and then you simply need a dance shoe that gives you the support you need.

The shoes above are great choices for people with flat feet and you will be able to dance without suffering discomfort or achiness.

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