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Looking for the perfect pair of Latin dance shoes? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best shoes for women dancers.

From comfortable flats to flashy high heels, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

At a Glance: The Top Latin Dance Shoes for Women

Latin Dance Shoes for Women List

The best Latin dance shoes for women will be stylish and offer support.

They will provide flexibility so that your feet can move as they need to move with stability and balance.

Take a look at the following shoes.

1. Gabriella by Very Fine Dance Shoes

Gabriela by Very Fine Dance Shoes is the perfect accessory for your next night out dancing.

The heel measures approximately 2.5″, providing just the right amount of height to help you look your best.

The shoes are made with high-quality suede on the outer sole, which helps to provide traction and slide, while the high-quality leather insole ensures durability.

They have a cushioned heel to protect your feet from wear and tear, and they’re also great for dances such as salsa, tango, Latin, waltz, and more.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes to help you dance the night away, Gabriela by Very Fine Dance Shoes is the perfect choice.

2. Delphine

Introducing the Delphine, a luxurious Latin dance shoe for women that will make you feel your best on the dance floor.

From the glittering crystals to the memory foam heels, this shoe is designed for style and comfort.

The suede sole provides a smooth glide as you move, and the classical design is perfect for any formal or casual occasion.

Whether you’re looking to dazzle on the dance floor or simply add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, the Delphine is sure to turn heads.

3. Rosemoli Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

These Latin dance shoes by Andone are elegant with a classical style.

They have adjustable crisscross ankle straps with a matching rhinestone quick-release buckle.

They are made of silk with a high-quality satin upper.

They have a high elastic latex midsole, a cushioned insole, and a soft, breathable lining. 

These Latin dance shoes have an anti-slip suede sole with good skid resistance and balance.

The shoes are lightweight and durable with high-wear resistance.

The heels come in 2.2 inches or 2.8 inches.

They are great for all Latin dances, including the Salsa, Samba, Chacha, Rumba, and more.

They come with an extra rhinestone buckle in case you lose the one that comes with it.

4. TTdancewear Women’s Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes

These elegant Latin dance shoes by TTdancewear come in four different colors and two different heel heights.

They have a suede sole for ballroom dancing and come with quick-release buckles.

They are made of very soft satin material with sparkly glitter.

They are flexible, lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for both amateurs and professional dancers.

These Latin dance shoes offer the following features:

5. TTdancewear Women’s Latin Dance Shoes with Rhinestones

These are great shoes from TTdancewear and are made of satin and rhinestones.

They are elegant and beautiful shoes.

They have suede soles for ease when you are gliding and spinning on the dance floor.

The crystal AB rhinestones cover the back of the heel and the front, and they complement the soft satin material.

The shoes offer a gentle and supple fit with an extra padded footbed.

They have moisture-absorbent cotton lining and a shock-absorbing insole for added comfort.

The ultra-soft suede outsole provides you with plenty of flexibility.

You can get these shoes in a range of colors and heel heights, and they are great for all Latin dances.

They have a quick-release buckle for ease when you are putting them on or taking them off after you dance. 

6. Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

The Akanu Women’s Latin Dance shoes are beautiful and come in four different colors, including these sparkly silver shoes.

They are satin or synthetic with a 2.5-inch heel and an adjustable buckle at the ankle.

They are very stable and comfortable shoes.

In addition, they are flexible and lightweight, and they are great for Latin-style dances, including salsa, Rumba, and more.

They have forefoot straps and chiffon to provide support for your toes without pressing them. 

When you wear these dance shoes to do your Latin dances, not only will you have the support and comfort that your feet need, but the shoes are elegant and beautiful.

They come in glittery silver or gold, as well as black and nude satin.

They have an open toe and a flared heel with multiple forefoot straps for extra support.

These shoes offer everything you need to perform your Latin dances.

7. TTdancewear Rhinestone Silver Women’s Latin Shoes

TTdancewear makes these shoes, and they are elegant in silver with rhinestones.

They have suede soles for Latin dancing, so you can glide across the floor easily.

They offer great support so that your feet will never tire.

They have a 2.5 or 3-inch heel and are very sparkly.

They also have a quick-release buckle.

The shoes are very flexible and lightweight, which ensures performance whether you are an amateur or professional dancer. 

8. Sandalias JIAJIA 20519 Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

These dance shoes are stunning and very sparkly.

They have a suede sole for Latin dance, so you can glide effortlessly across the dance floor.

They offer a simple yet elegant style with excellent support and comfort.

9. HIPPOSEUS Satin Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

These dance shoes are made of high-quality satin uppers with rhinestones.

They are incredibly elegant and come in several different colors.

They have a classic ankle strap and a suede insole.

The buckle is an anti-rust metal buckle, and the heels are just under three inches, which is perfect for creating the perfect line down through your foot.

They are soft and lightweight, and the shoes provide excellent flexibility.

You will feel comfortable in these shoes no matter how long you wear them.

They are a great choice for Latin dances, including the Tango, rumba, chacha, salsa, and more. These shoes deliver comfort, safety, and performance every time you wear them. 

Latin Dance Shoes for Women Buying Guide

What is a Latin Dance Shoe for Women?

Latin dance shoes for women are typically high-heeled, open-toed sandals that are designed to look sexy and elegant.

They often have a strap around the ankle and a T-bar or slingback strap that goes up the back of the heel.

Latin dance shoes are made from smooth, glossy materials like patent leather or suede, and they usually come in bright colors like red, pink, or gold.

Many professional Latin dancers prefer to perform in Latin dance shoes because they provide good support and stability for high-energy dances like salsa and mambo.

They also make it easier to articulate your feet and legs while dancing, which is why they’re popular among beginner dancers, too.

What is the Best Latin Dance Shoe for Women?

The Best Latin Dance Shoe for Women is the Gabriella by VeryFine dance shoes.

They are incredibly comfortable and allow for a lot of movement.

I would definitely recommend them to any woman looking for a great Latin dance shoe!

See all Reviews.

What Features to Look for

There are a number of features to look for in a Latin dance shoe, but the most important thing is the fit.

The shoe should fit your foot snugly and be perfect around your ankle.

The shoes will stretch a little bit after you wear them, but you should not get shoes that are too tight.

When your shoes fit properly, it helps you connect to the music and execute your dance steps precisely. 

The ideal heel height is between one and 2.5 inches.

People often choose flared heels for Latin dances.

The heel helps to transfer your weight to the ball of your feet.

You also want the shoes to have an open toe, which makes it easier for you to point your toe and make more precise dance steps. 

Finally, you want a pair of dance shoes with plenty of extra cushioning across the footbed.

This will help to relieve your foot of pressure and absorb the shock.

When you have heel and arch support, you will have more stability as you dance.

Continue reading to see some of the best Latin dance shoes for women.

Latin Dance Shoes For Women Chart

1. GabriellaSuedeSatin2.5″
2. DelphineSuedeFine Satin2.5″
3. RoseMoliAnti-slip SuedeSilk, high-quality satin upper2.2-Inches
4. TTdancewearSuedeSoft Satin+ Sparkly Glitter2.5-Inches
5. AkanuSuedeSatin2.5-Inches
6. HIPPOSEUSLeather soleSatin upper2.95-Inches

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