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When it comes to choosing the best ballroom dance shoes for ladies, the options can be overwhelming. With so many different brands and styles on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you.

In this blog post, we will share seven of the best lady’s ballroom dance shoe list ideas to help you decide. Keep reading to learn more!

At a Glance: Our Top Ballroom Dance Shoes for Ladies

Ladies Ballroom Dance shoe List

1. Very Fine

If you’re looking for a high-quality ballroom dance shoe that will provide the perfect amount of traction and slide, look no further than the Very Fine Women’s Vienna Ballroom Smooth Tango Waltz Dance Shoe.

These beautiful shoes are constructed from premium materials and feature a memory foam cushioned heel for increased comfort.

The superior arch support is ideal for dancers who want increased stability and foot health.

Whether you’re hitting the dance floor for a fun night or competing in a ballroom dancing competition, these shoes will help you look your best.

2. Capezio

Looking for a top-quality ballroom dance shoe to make you look and feel your best?

Look no further than the Capezio ballroom dance shoe! Made of 100% polyurethane, this shoe is built to last, with a leather balance sole and a heel that measures approximately 2.25″.

The Nappa PU leather upper and Scored leather sole are top-notch, and the moisture-absorbent microfiber lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

The foam padded footbed and Achilles notch provide additional comfort, while the slightly tapered toe box gives you a sleek, elegant look.

The shoe is closed toe and sides with a Leather buckle for a secure fit. Whether you’re dancing the tango or the foxtrot, this shoe will help you look and feel your best!

3. Very Fine Melody

Take your dancing to the next level with the Very Fine Melody shoes. These stylish and comfortable ballroom dance shoes are perfect for any type of dancing, from Latin to Rhythm to Waltz.

Made with high-quality suede on the outer sole, they provide just the right amount of traction and slide, so you can move confidently on the dance floor.

The cushioned heel protects your feet from wear and tear, and the superior arch support ensures increased stability and comfort.

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just getting started, the Very Fine Melody shoes are a great choice for anyone who wants to look and feel their best while dancing the night away.

4. KleeKlcc

Introducing the KleeKlcc Closed Toe Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Dance Shoes T-Strap.

These beautiful shoes are crafted from lightweight materials, with a high elastic latex midsole and sweat absorption suede insole for ultimate comfort.

They feature a quick-release buckle and a simple, elegant design that is sure to turn heads. They are available in a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

5. Bolunka Dance Shoes

These ballroom dance shoes are good for professional ballroom or salsa practice.

They come in black and orange and have an adjustable ankle strap.

They are made of silk with a satin upper, and the heels come in 2.2 or 2.8 inches in height. 

This pair of shoes are functional, lightweight, and comfortable, and they are perfect for professionals or amateurs to practice Latin, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rhumba, and Samba.

6. Ballroom Shoes By Cleecli

This beautiful pair of shoes is made of leather and fabric, and the sole is suede.

They have quick-release buckling and a cushioned insole for support.

This pair has a wide, low, one-inch heel, and they are great when you are starting out.

They also come in a variety of colors and textures. (Update: Please check to see what colors are available)

You can get a sparkly red pair or a black pair, among others.

7. Capezio 550 Junior Footlight

These shoes are leather with a leather sole, and they have a 1.6-inch Cuban heel for practice.

They are both flexible and comfortable, while they provide stability and control.

They come with a sports grade heel support, and these ladies’ ballroom dance shoes are great for Latin and Smooth Dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz.

Any of these styles will help you get started in ballroom dance.

You can choose sandals, pumps, or practice shoes.

You can find them in black and caramel colors with different designs, and they are very comfortable and lightweight. 

ladies ballroom dance shoes

You can get dance shoes for ballroom in styles such as open-toe, closed-toe, pumps, or sandals.

The heels can be narrow or flared, and the height ranges from one to three inches.

You will find the shoes in various colors, and beige or black are the most popular.

When you are choosing a pair of shoes for ballroom dance, remember to keep the heel lower if you are just starting out.

You can always go to a higher heel once you have some experience.

Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes Chart

1. Melody By VeryFineSuede solePremium Satin2.5″
2. CapezioLeather Balance Sole100% Polyurethane2.25 Inches
3. Vienna by VeryFineSuede solePremium Satin2.0″
4. BulunkaSuede SoleCamel Satin2.5 Inches
5. KleeKlccSuede soleBreathable Lining2.5 Inches
6. CleecliSoft Suede SoleSatin & Mesh1.5 Inches
7. TdancewearSuede SoleVery Soft Satin+ Sparkly Glitter2.5 Inches


What is the best brand of ballroom dance shoes?

There are many great brands of ballroom dance shoes, but some of our favorites include Vienna by Very Fine, Capezio, and KleeKlcc.

What is the best material for ballroom dance shoes?

The best material for ballroom dance shoes depends on your needs and preferences. Some dancers prefer leather for its breathability and durability, while others prefer synthetic materials for their light weight and flexibility.

What is the best style of ballroom dance shoe for beginners?

The best style of ballroom dance shoe for beginners is a closed-toe shoe with a leather or synthetic sole. This type of shoe will provide the necessary traction and support for beginners.

What is the best width for ballroom dance shoes?

The best width for ballroom dance shoes depends on the dancer’s foot size. Some dancers prefer a wider shoe for added stability, while others prefer a narrower shoe for increased flexibility.

What is the best heel height for ballroom dance shoes?

The best heel height for ballroom dance shoes depends on the dancer’s preference and skill level. Beginner dancers may prefer a lower heel, while more experienced dancers may opt for a higher heel.

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