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Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes: Quick Overview for Beginners

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“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Having the right shoes for ballroom dance is important.

They are made for dancing, and they have a metal shank in arch for support.

In addition, they are lightweight and very flexible.

You will find dancing easier and more enjoyable when you have the right shoes.

Ladies’ ballroom dance shoe styles can vary widely.

You can get them in styles such as open-toe, closed-toe, pumps, or sandals.

The heels can be narrow or flared, and the height ranges from one to three inches.

You will find the shoes in a variety of colors, and beige or black are the most popular.

When you are choosing a pair of shoes for ballroom dance, remember to keep the heel lower if you are just starting out.

You can always go to a higher heel once you have some experience.

Take a look at the following shoes for ladies for ballroom dance.

Ladies Practice Ballroom Dance Shoes

Bolunka Ladies Latin Dance Shoes for Practice

These ballroom dance shoes are good for professional ballroom or salsa practice.

They come in both black and orange and they have an adjustable ankle strap.

They are made of silk with a satin upper, and the heels come in 2.2 or 2.8 inches in height. 

This pair of shoes are functional, lightweight, and comfortable, and they are perfect for professionals or amateurs to practice the Latin, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rhumba, and Samba.

Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes Low Heel

Low heel Women Ballroom Dance Shoes By Cleecli

This beautiful pair of shoes is made of leather and fabric, and the sole is suede.

They have quick release buckling and a cushioned insole for support.

This pair has a wide, low, one-inch heel, and they are great when you are starting out.

They also come in a variety of colors and textures. (Update: Please check to see what colors are available)

You can get a sparkly red pair or a black pair, among others.

Wide Fit Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

Capezio Women Ballroom Dancing Shoes Wide Fit

These shoes are leather with a leather sole, and they have a 1.6-inch Cuban heel for practice.

They are both flexible and comfortable, while they provide stability and control.

They come with a sports grade heel support, and these ladies ballroom dance shoes are great for Latin, and Smooth Dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz.

Any of these styles will help you get started in ballroom dance.

You can choose sandals, pumps, or practice shoes.

You can find them in in black and caramel colors with different designs, and they are very comfortable and lightweight. 

ladies ballroom dance shoes

Wrapping Up

Having the right shoes for dance practice is necessary.

Make sure that they have a metal shank in the arch for assistance.

They are lightweight and extremely flexible.

You will discover dancing simpler and more pleasurable when you have the right shoes.

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