What to Wear to a Dance Recital for Beginners

What to Wear to a Dance Recital

A dance recital is always exciting. Months of preparation come together for this performance.

No matter what level a dancer is on the stage, this is their time to shine.

The performers will wear their costumes so that they can perform, but they will need to wear something on the way to and from the performance.

Continue reading to learn what to wear to a dance recital. 

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What to Wear to a Dance Recital

1. For Performers

What Should Ladies Wear to a Dance Recital

Some people wonder if it is okay for a performer to arrive at the dance recital wearing their performance outfit.

Normally, this is not a good idea.

It is important for the costume or outfit to be clean, pressed, and perfect for the recital. 

Ideally, the performer will wear something nice, similar to what the audience will wear.

A girl might wear a dress or a nice pair of pants with a top.

The idea is to be put together and look nice without going overboard.

Boys should wear pants and a shirt tucked in.

They should look neat. The performers will be fine if they are put together nicely.

2. What Should Ladies Wear to a Dance Recital?

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The first factor that will narrow down what you should wear to the dance recital is the venue where it is being held.

Keep in mind that you might want to take a photo with your performer, so you will want to look nice.

You will want to dress up a little if the recital is held at a local theater.

You can wear casual attire, such as a dress, a skirt, pants, and a blouse.

You should probably avoid loungewear or leggings.

Making the effort to dress up will make your performer feel special.

If the dance recital is being held at a more casual venue, such as the dance studio or a local dance hall, you will probably want to dress a little bit more casual.

You might wear slacks and a top, or you could wear jeans and a top as long as it looks neat.

If you want to wear a dress, you can wear a wrap dress or another cotton dress that is a little bit more casual. 

In another scenario, you might be a backstage helper.

This is an important job; you want to be comfortable, but you should still look nice.

Backstage helpers often need to come to the side of the stage, so they wear darker clothing to blend in.

You could wear black pants and a dark-colored top, or you might have a cute black jumpsuit.

You will likely be more comfortable in pants or a jumpsuit than you would in a dress, as you will be helping with hair, makeup, and costumes. 

If you are helping backstage, you should have a pair of comfortable black shoes.

If you are simply in the audience, wear whatever shoes go best with your outfit. 

3. What Should Men Wear to a Dance Recital?

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Men will also want to dress for the occasion, and the venue makes a difference.

If you are going to a local theater, you will want to wear a suit or a coat and tie.

This is a show of respect for the venue and your performer.

If you find that most men are going with a jacket and no tie or just a collared shirt, you can also wear that.

It will depend on your community.

You can ask around to find out what most men are wearing. 

If you are going to the dance studio or a dance hall, you can be a bit more casual.

You can wear jeans with a shirt and jacket or pants and a polo shirt.

You will be comfortable in anything casual and appropriate.

You will still make your performer feel like this is a special occasion, but you will be comfortable and fit in with the audience. 

What to Avoid

What Should Ladies Wear to a Dance Recital things to avoid

There are certain articles of clothing that you should avoid when you go to a dance recital.

For instance, you should never wear a hat.

If you have a hat on, you could block the view of the people behind you.

In addition, it isn’t considered proper etiquette to wear a hat to a dance recital. 

You should not overdress for the recital.

Save the ballroom gown and the tuxedo for a more formal affair.

You will also want to avoid bright fluorescent colors because they can be distracting to the audience members and the performers.

Remember that you are there to enjoy the show but do not want to draw attention to yourself with bright fluorescent clothing. 

You should also keep your outfit on the conservative side.

Avoid wearing a dress or skirt that is too short or stiletto heels.

Don’t wear too much jewelry.

You might enjoy wearing bangles on your arms, but remember that they can rattle when you move your arms.

This can be very distracting to the people sitting near you.

You should also avoid wearing too much perfume.

Be considerate of the others in the audience, and consider how your choices could affect them. 

Final words on what to wear to your dance recital

When you go to a dance recital, you want to dress nicely, but you should still be comfortable enough to sit through the performance.

Dance recitals can take several hours, so you should consider what you wear carefully.

If the recital is held at a local theater, you can dress up, but still, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Wear a pretty dress or a nice skirt with an appropriate top, and ensure that it isn’t too short or tight. 

Men will be comfortable in a coat and tie.

It is always a good idea to check with others who will see what they plan to wear.

Some communities are more casual than others, and you will want to fit in with the crowd. 

The most important thing is to look nice without being uncomfortable.

You want to be put together so that your performer gets excited about this special event.

When you try to dress appropriately, the experience will be a lot of fun.

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