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Ballroom dancing is one of the most enjoyed forms of dancing that people love to learn.  

They enjoy dancing whenever they can and it is fast becoming something that many people are learning how to do and be able to dance when they go out in the evenings or for weddings.  

When they first fall in love with ballroom dancing, they will need to take lessons from a ballroom dance instructor.  

Finding a dance instructor is what they do when they want to begin to enjoy ballroom dancing at its finest.  

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How Much Do Ballroom Dance Teachers Make?  

how much does a dance instructor makes

Most dance instructors make between $25,000 and $35,000 per year.  

They may make more with other incidentals that the studio for which they work for is providing them.  

Since this is their base pay, they can make more when there are commissions and bonuses added onto their base pay. 

They can make a very good living and in some areas where the average median income is in the $40,000 range for being a dance teacher.  

When they are enjoying what they do, they make sure that they are always able to live within their means.  

What Does A Ballroom Dance Teacher Need For Qualifications

how much do ballroom dancers make

In most cases, a ballroom dance teacher is picked because of their looks and personality.  

They also have some sort of dancing background but not necessarily in ballroom dance.  

Since they are picked because of personal reasons, they need to stay in shape when they are chosen.  

They will be trained to understand all of the ballroom dances and then they will begin to understand how to teach.  

The training of a ballroom dance teacher can take months.  

It is a long process of learning and perfecting the dances and also being able to teach them.  

Other Facets Of Ballroom Dance Teaching

dance teacher salaries

Not only do they teach their students how to dance but many of the ballroom dance teachers also perform.  

They will have dance parties with the students being present at the studio on a weekly or monthly basis.  

Some of them will also go out into competitions where they can win awesome prices.  

For the most part, their bread and butter, so to speak is made when they are teaching their students.  

Working For A Studio As A Dance Instructor

dance teacher in a group class

When a ballroom dance instructor works for a studio, they usually have a pool of students that come through the door.  

Each instructor receives their students in a fair and equal way.  

They can also get their own students but they will generally follow the same process for teaching that the studio provides for them.  

Some instructors have their own studio and they may set up their own rules for teaching and gaining students.  

They will make more money because they own the studio versus working for one.  

Some teachers prefer this overworking for a studio however, people that want to make a steady living at ballroom dance teaching will work for a studio so that there is a constant flow of students.

Hours For A Dance Instructor

In most cases, dance instructors will work 6 days a week.  

Monday through Friday, they usually work 1 pm – 10 pm.  

Saturdays they will work from 10 am – 1 pm.  

Usually, Saturdays are a dance party of some sort where all of the students and teachers dance together as couples.  

During these times, they can invite family and friends to come in and dance too if they would like.  

It is a great time for everyone and there are usually refreshments served. 

During these parties, the students get to show off their skills so they practice a lot to show others how good they are becoming with their dancing.      

Staying In Shape

People that are ballroom dance instructors need to stay in shape at all times.  

But a lot of times you’re can get away with it depending of the level of dancing that you’re teaching. 

However, you taking teaching and dance seriously then been in shape is highly recommended.

If a lady instructor would want to get pregnant, they have to plan ahead of time that they want to have children and sometimes they stop dancing for months before that. 

Loving The Job

Dance teachers love what they do.  

They may have to sacrifice on some things but it doesn’t matter to them because they enjoy what they do for a living.  

One thing they always have to remember is to have the proper shoes.  

They also need to have a fantastic wardrobe because they will be dressed nicely at all times when they are working.  

Most women have fancy dresses and most men have nice clothing also.  

It is part of their job to look nice at all times.  

Carrying along with an extra outfit every day is part of what most dance teachers do automatically just in case something happens to the clothing that they are wearing.  

They are always prepared for a change of clothing.  

This includes carrying extra pantyhose along for emergencies for the women.  

They will need them.            

Loving ballroom dance is something that many people are doing.  

They enjoy the way that they look and feel when they are dancing the exquisite music.  

For the dance instructors, making a living at something that they love to do is important to them.  

They know that they are doing something that they love to do and make a living doing it.  

For them, it is the only way for them to live and they would think of doing no other career.  

They are in love with what they do and it shows daily.

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