The 7 Best Dance Sneakers with Arch Support for Women

Best Dance Sneakers with Arch Support for Women (1)


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As a dancer, you need different shoes for different occasions.

You will want competition dance shoes if you compete, and those can break down into different styles of shoes.

However, you will want to reserve your competition shoes for competitions and formal affairs.

For everyday practice, you will want a good pair of practice shoes, and these shoes are important because they will get the most use.

Dance sneakers are designed for dancers, and they will protect your feet.

At the same time, they allow you to perform your dances seamlessly.

The most important consideration is the fit and comfort of the shoe so that your arch will be supported and your feet will be protected and comfortable.

Continue reading to learn about the best dance sneakers with arch support for women.

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At a Glance: Our Top Dance Sneakers with Arch Support for Women

Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dance Sneaker,Black,9 M US
Capezio DS11
Synthetic sole
100% Manmade
Prime Benefits
More Information
Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dance Sneaker,Black,9 M US
Capezio DS11
Synthetic sole
100% Manmade
Prime Benefits
More Information

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Capezio DS24 RockitSynthetic sole100% Mesh, suede, and synthetic0ne-Inch
Bloch Boost DRTRubber sole100% Leather and Textile1 1/4 Inches
Slow ManRubber soleMesh Fabric1.96 Inches
Capezio DS11Synthetic sole100% ManmadeOne-Inch

What to Look for in Dance Sneakers

When you are searching for the perfect pair of dance sneakers, you should start with features that are related to the comfort, fit, and performance of the shoe.

It is important that the shoe is lightweight so that you don’t have to make too much effort to move your feet.

Your feet will feel as though they are gliding when you use a lightweight shoe.

In addition, your dance sneaker should be made of a breathable fabric.

This will come in handy when you are dancing and your feet get hot.

The problem is that sweat can cause your feet to slip inside the shoe, which can lead to blisters.

Breathability helps to eliminate this issue. 

One of the most important features of your dance sneakers is the arch support.

You will need to try on different pairs to make sure that you find the shoe that is most compatible with your arches, as everyone has different feet.

However, this provides extra support and allows you to dance longer and harder without making your feet sore. 

You will also want your dance sneakers to be flexible yet supportive at the same time.

Flexibility allows your feet to move as needed for the dance moves.

Your dance sneakers should also have traction and soles that are designed for dancing.

Some dances require that you spin or twist, and all dances require that you glide across the dance floor.

Dance sneakers are designed with this in mind.

Finally, it is important that your dance sneakers support your feet.

Some dance sneakers have additional ankle support, which is great for anyone who is at risk of injury.

Either way, you want your shoes to offer support so that your feet aren’t sore and you don’t suffer an injury.

Best Dance Sneakers for women

Best Dance Sneakers with Arch Support for Women

If you are ready to find a great pair of sneakers with arch support, take a look at the following options. They are all shoes that you can use as your practice shoes when you dance.

1. Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

This dance sneaker by Capezio is made by one of the most trusted names in dance shoes

They are black with 100% mesh, suede, and synthetic materials, and they have a synthetic sole.

The design of the sole is a split-sole, and they have a non-marking PU outsole with built-in patented flex points.

They also have a forepart spin spot and flat boxed toes for toe stands.

These sneakers give you great versatility when you dance, and they have plenty of breathability and ventilation.

They also have a perforated arch, a padded tongue, a collar, and Achilles notch, and a contoured, cushioned, removable EVA footbed.

They have a sports lace system that features polyester-cotton laces.

They recommend that you order one size larger than your street shoe size.

This is a specialized dance sneaker with sole, platform toe, and spin spot, and they are lightweight and breathable.

Take a look at the following features:

Vents for circulation, ventilation, and breathability
Perforated arch
Flat, boxed toe for toe stands
Split sole design
Non-marking PU outsole
Padded tongue, collar, and Achilles notch
Cushioned removable EVA footbed
Trusted brand

2. Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Dance Sneaker

The dance sneaker by Bloch is 100% leather and textile.

It has a rubber sole and a 1¼-inch heel.

It has a split non-marking outsole with a high arch to provide extra support.

It is made with lightweight high-performance materials, and it has a variable lacing system so that it will fit well in the arch. 

On the interior, these sneakers have a dri-lex lining that is non-wrinkling, breathable, and odor and mildew resistant.

The suede heel helps to grip, and it has a DRT-cushioned heel for shock absorption during dance as well as for comfort.

The outsole is manmade with four parts that have high density, and there is a spin spot for full 360-degree turns.

They recommend that you order one size up from your street shoe size.

These dance sneakers have the following features:

Split, non-marking outsole
High arch with lightweight high-performance materials
Provides a range of movement and support to appeal to dancers
Variable lacing system for optimum fit in the arch
Compression-molded EVA sock liner
The dri-Lex lining is non-wrinkling, breathable, odor and mildew resistant

3. Women’s Jazz Shoes Lace-up Sneakers

These dance sneakers are called the Slow Man shoe, and they come in a wide variety of colors.

They are made of mesh fabric, and they have a rubber sole.

They also have a padded collar, arch support, and Achilles support.

They are great for dancing because they have a spin spot and a comfortable memory foam footbed.

The heel is middle height, with a boxed toe for toe stands. 

These dance sneakers have plenty of ventilation with a breathable EVA plus mesh footbed and a perforated arch.

These shoes are stylish and comfortable, and they have breathability and plenty of support for dancers.

These shoes offer the following features:

Perforated arch for ventilation
Middle height heel
Spin spot
Mesh and EVA breathability
Padded collar, Achilles support, and arch support
Stylish and comfortable

4. Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Sneaker

This dance sneaker from Capezio is 100% man-made, and it has a synthetic sole.

The heel is approximately one inch, and it has a platform.

This shoe has superior arch support and an Achilles notch for comfort.

In addition, it has a non-marking PU outsole with built-in patented flex points.

It comes with two sets of laces. 

This dance sneaker has the following features:

Split sole with arch support system
PU leather and tech mesh upper
PU outsole with patented flex points and forepart spin spot
Padded tongue, collar, and Achilles notch
Contoured, cushioned, removable EVA footbed

5. Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker

This is another great dance sneaker with arch support by the trusted brand Capezio.

They are 100% canvas, and they have synthetic soles with a heel height of approximately 1.25 inches.

They offer a snug fit, and they have generous padding.

They feature a PU outsole with built-in flex points and a forefoot spin spot for easy spinning and gliding across the dance floor.

They also have non-marking soles and a contoured, removable foot bed.

These sneakers come with the following features:

Excellent arch support
1.25-inch heel
PU outsole with built-in flex points and forefoot spin spot
Contoured, removable EVA footbed
Non-marking soles
Generous padding

6. Sansha Salsette Black Women’s Sneaker

This is a dance sneaker by Sansha, and it is made of 100% mesh and suede.

It comes in four different colors.

It has a suede sole for gliding across the dance floor, and the heel measures approximately one half an inch high.

This leather and mesh sneaker has a padded collar and lace-up vamp.

It has quick-drying and breathable fabrication. 

These dance sneakers offer many great features, including the following:

Suede soles
100% mesh and suede fabrication
Four different colors
Padded collar and lace-up vamp
Great arch support
One-half inch heel

7. Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Dance Shoe

These dance sneakers by Bloch are black, and they are 100% canvas.

They have a rubber sole, and the heel measures approximately 1.25 inches.

They feature a split non-marking outsole with a high arch that provides lasting support.

They are made with lightweight high-performance materials.

The built-in arch support has extra elevation to accentuate the arch for dance. 

The shoes are made with a suede heel grip with DRT-cushioned heels for maximum shock absorption and comfort.

They also have a lightweight man-made midsole with air cushioning of 4PSI for shock absorption.

The spin spot allows for easy spinning when you dance.

This shoe has the following features:

The dri-Lex lining is breathable, odor and mildew resistant, non-wrinkling
Extra arch support with elevation
Spin spot on sole
Lightweight high-performance materials
Split non-marking outsole
Suede heel grip with DRT-cushioned heel for shock absorption and comfort
High-density man-made outsole
Variable lacing system for maximum comfort and support

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