3 Best Men’s Dance Shoes with Suede Sole: Beginner’s Guide



Best Men’s Dance Shoes with Suede Sole

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If you are looking for your first pair of dance shoes with suede soles, you may wonder where to start. In this article, we will recommend three of the best men’s dance shoes with suede soles for beginners.

We will also provide a guide on choosing the right shoe size and style for your needs. So, whether you are just starting or you’re an experienced dancer looking for a new pair of shoes, read on for our recommendations!

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At a Glance: Our Top Men’s Dance Shoes with Suede Sole

What to Look for in a Dance Shoe

When you are looking for the best pair of men’s dance shoes, you should pay attention to comfort, support, performance, and style.

These features will help prevent injury and keep your feet comfortable all night.

They will help you perform at your best by providing the support you need.

They offer the perfect amount of traction while allowing you to glide across the dance floor.

The overall comfort and fit of the shoe are critical.

The shoe should feel snug around your foot and prevent it from moving around.

If it is too loose, it may be hard to grip the floor; if it is too tight, you will lose flexibility and can suffer an injury.

Styles of Men’s Dance Shoes

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There are three basic styles of men’s dance shoes:

Latin, Standard, and Practice.

The difference is primarily in the height of the heel, and you will want to use the shoe that best suits your dance choices.

  • Latin Dance Shoes: Latin dance shoes have what is called a 1.5” Cuban heel and the sole is usually suede.

They are used for the samba and rumba.

These shoes are almost always used in competitions or for learning Latin dances.

  • Standard Dance Shoes: Standard ballroom shoes are very similar to men’s dress shoes in appearance but they have a sole made of suede.

They usually have a heel that is about 0.5” high and they are usually worn for dancing the foxtrot or the waltz.

  • Practice Shoes: Practice shoes are for practicing.

They are usually made with a canvas upper that allows your feet to breathe and they do not normally have a heel.

Best Men’s Dance Shoes with Suede Sole List

If you are looking for the best men’s dance shoes with suede sole, you can try any of the following.

They offer comfort, fit, and quality that will allow you to enjoy hours on the dance floor in great form.

1. Capezio Men’s Standard Ballroom Shoes

The Capezio men’s Standard ballroom dance shoe is a lace-up dance shoe in faux leather.

It features a 1” heel with a suede sole for shock absorption on the dance floor.

It has a flexible outsole, and it is black.

On the interior, the shoe has a shock-absorbing sponge insole and a padded Achilles notch that assists in incredible comfort.

The cotton lining absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry when you are on the dance floor for hours.

These shoes are great for entry-level ballroom dancers.

Capezio is a trusted name in dance shoes.

The company was founded in 1871 by Salvatore Capezio, a cobbler situated across from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

The best features of these shoes are the following:

Shock-absorbing sponge insole
Suede sole
Soft PU leather upper
Moisture-absorbent cotton lining
1” standard style EVA wrapped heel with suede top lift
Folded edges, padded collar, and Achilles notch for comfort

2. Very Fine Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes

The Very Fine Latin Dance Shoes are black patent leather and they have a non-slip suede sole.

The outer sole is ultra-soft and professional quality, and the shoes are lightweight and comfortable.

On the inside, it has a cushioned insole for shock absorption and comfort.

The Very Fine Dance Shoe company is located in California and specializes in producing quality dance shoes.

This shoe is perfect for many Latin dances including the salsa, the tango, the rumba, the cha-cha, the samba, the jive, and more.

These shoes are comfortable and will raise your dance level in no time.

These shoes have the following great features:

Non-slip suede sole
Lightweight, comfortable feel
Cushioned insole for shock absorption and comfort
Professional ultra soft suede outer sole

3. Very Fine Flat Heel Dance Shoes

These Very Fine Flat Heel Dance Shoes are black leather, and they have a non-slip suede sole.

They are lightweight and comfortable and offer a cushioned insole that allows for long-lasting comfort.

These shoes are made with professional dancers in mind, so you can be certain that your feet will be comfortable for an entire dance night.

You can wear these dance shoes for many different dances including the salsa, tango, rumba, cha-cha, samba, jive, and more.

These shoes are a great choice and they come with a foldable shoe brush so that you can easily take care of your shoes.

These shoes have the following features:

Non-slip suede sole
Lightweight, comfortable feel
Shock absorption and comfort from a cushioned insole
Ultra-soft, professional-grade suede outer sole
Bundle with a foldable shoe brush

Men’s Dance Shoes with Suede Sole Chart

1. Very FineNon-Slip SuedePatent-leather1.5 inch
2. CapezioSuedeSynthetic faux leatherone-inch
3. Very Fine Flat HeelNon-Slip SuedeLeatherFlat

Final Words

Having the best men’s dance shoes with suede soles will make a huge difference in your ability to dance, and your experience will be more enjoyable.

The key difference is in the soles.

Normal men’s shoes are made of leather or rubber, but men’s dance shoes are made of suede.

In addition, men’s shoes for dancing have a more flexible heel and offer greater arch support.

All of these features ensure that your feet stay comfortable for hours of dancing fun.

These shoes have a suede sole that allows you to glide across the dance floor, and they will hold your foot snugly to prevent injury.

All of the featured shoes are well made and will work well for you on the dance floor.

The soles are non-slip and the shoes are all lightweight and provide comfort for your feet.

You will find that you have better performance and your feet will not be tired and sore after a night of dancing.

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