Is Ballroom Dancing a Sport or Just a Form of Art?

Is Ballroom Dancing a Sport or Just a Form of Art?

Is ballroom dancing a sport, or is it just another art form?

There is a fine line between the two, but the world of ballroom dancing comfortably sways between art and sport.

Amongst the long list of sports known to man, it might be surprising for many individuals to come across dancing in this list.

Just syncing your body movements with music to make it look aesthetically pleasing—that’s what dancing is, after all.

As you continue to read, you will figure out how ballroom dancing takes it further and if it can be considered a sport.

Is Ballroom Dancing a Sport or Just a Form of Art?

You might find it strange to consider ballroom dancing a sport, but guess what?

It really has all the attributes needed to regard it as one.

The following points will help us to prove to you how our proclamation of ballroom dancing as a sport is indeed valid.

1. Staying Fit

Training hard, eating healthy, and building stamina—that’s what athletes do, right?

Dancers might not necessarily have the build of a boxing champion, but staying fit is one of the key goals of every dancer.

Their eating habits are altered to help them have a lean body, which, at the same time, can endure long hours of practice.

Dancers must be very good at maintaining their weight charts, which helps them know their momentum and balance better.

It is also imperative for every ballroom dancer to have outstanding stamina, just like any other sports player.

They must go through long hours of practice and even longer dancing shows.

Those are some of the reasons they are excellent at aerobic fitness.

2. Display of Skills

Can you expect Lebron James to be good at football?

Or can you ask Roger Federer to play rugby in a very professional way?

Certainly not.

Each of these two players excels at a particular set of skills.

Similarly, that is the case with the talent of ballroom dancing.

There is so much history associated with ballroom dancing that the skills have undergone alterations widely over time.

So, to learn dancing, you must first learn the basic skills needed to become an expert.

3. Joining Competitions

Is ballroom dancing a sport or just a form of art?

If you ever run into a ballroom dancing competition, it will probably be known as DanceSport.

This term widely replaces competitive ballroom dancing.

Ballroom dancing is highly competitive since it can be a measure of how brilliant you are at acquiring a specific set of skills.

There are proper classes where you can train for up to 15 hours a week.

There are also teams and rankings.

World Dance Council (WDC) holds world championships that cater to ballroom dancers.

Some dancers come from 20 countries regularly to these competitions to grace the audience with their supreme talent, bursting with art.

4. Injuries

Ballroom dancers use muscles you might not even know exist: glutes, calf muscles, rear deltoids, rhomboids, etc.

As these muscles are used, precise movement is necessary to accomplish the required step.

Failure to move the desired muscle part in a certain way does not only result in an awful move but sometimes in an injury, too.

Yes, you read it right.

Even ballroom dancers are prone to injury!

It is very common to rupture your Achilles tendon.

Many dancers report pulled muscles, too.

Additionally, female ballroom dancers have numerous cases of sprained ankles and blistered toes due to wearing high heels.

So you might find it absurd, but it is tough to carry on with your steps and make it look smooth after being stepped on by stiletto heels.

In the same way, it is tough to get back up after falling and score a goal!

5. Attracting an Audience

Having the stands full of people is definitely the highlight of any sporting event; the same goes for ballroom dancing.

As pleasing as it is to dance, looking at dancers skillfully moving their bodies to the sweet sound of music is even more pleasing.

Going to ballroom dance shows is super therapeutic for many people.

Many sketches and theater shows often have a scene solely for the dance.

Many restaurants also have a pair of dancers who exhibit a display of Tango while you enjoy your food.

Dance shows are also popular on television.

6. Rules

If you think ballroom dancing is just about practicing a few dance moves here and there, walking up and repeating it, then you might be wrong.

There is a particular set of rules based on which ballroom competitions are judged by scorekeepers.

The rules include maintaining body posture, poise, expression, and timing!

While marking dancers, many judges also look at your foot and leg actions.

What Is The Meaning of Ballroom?

The word ball,” in the term ballroom, is derived from the Latin word ballare which means to dance.

There are 12 types of ballroom dancing, such as Tango, Waltz, Cha-cha, and Foxtrot.

Ballroom dancing is a partner dance in which two people coordinate their movements with each other and the rhythm.

To appreciate it, many still watch it on stage, on television, and in film.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Is dance considered a sport or an art?

Dance is considered both a sport and an art form.

Is dancing considered an art?

Yes, dancing is considered an art form.

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