Is Kizomba A Latin dance?

Is Kizomba A Latin dance

Kizomba is a popular dance that originated in Angola. Many people believe that is a Latin dance, but it is actually African. Kizomba has elements of African and Latin dances, so it is often mistaken for a Latin dance.

If you are interested in learning this fun and social dance, keep reading to learn more about Kizomba!

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Is Kizomba A Latin dance?

What is kizomba Music?

Kizomba music is a type of music that originated in Angola. It’s a genre that is typically slow-paced and romantic. 

Kizomba is a contemporary dance style that incorporates a long line of semba music and was influenced by Caribbean zouk and new electronic music in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Most kizomba songs are performed in Portuguese or a variation of the numerous Portuguese-speaking African languages.


Kizomba has its roots in Angolan music and culture, which you can see when watching videos of famous artists like Bonga

There are many more kizomba musicians like Calo Pascoal or Don Kikas. They make their living playing this style of music. 

It’s the influence of Angola on the Portuguese African countries and Portugal where communities have established clubs centered on the genre with a renewed kizomba style. 

In Angola, most clubs are based in Luanda. Still, a growing number of people from outside Africa are coming to these clubs for kizomba fun!

What is Kizomba Dance, and Where did it Originate From?

Kizomba is a partner dance originating from Angola. It’s a sensual dance that combines elements of African and Latin American dances.

Kizomba’s dance style is a descendant of semba dancing and is modified to match the music.

How to Execute the Basic Kizomba Dance Steps

In the following video, Joao and Vera will show you five Kizomba steps that you can practice at home.

Steps showed:

  • Double Time
  • Basic 2
  • Basic 3
  • Clock
  • Saida Woman

The Benefits of Practicing Kizomba Dance Regularly

Kizomba dancing can provide many health benefits, including:

  • improved cardiovascular health
  • improved mood and stress relief
  • improved balance and coordination
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • improved emotional well-being
  • increased social interaction and connection.





Does Kizomba Dance Come from Tango?

No. The new generation of dancers, primarily based in Paris and students worldwide, have adapted tango to create a new lexicon for kizomba. 

It’s also conceivable to observe identical steps as those seen in Argentine tango.

Furthermore, many of these dancers have modified their techniques to better reflect their performing moves. 

Frequently, they execute their steps with a straighter spine or even slide through them.

Can I dance Kizomba Socially?

Yes. Kizomba is a social dance that you can easily do with proper training. It’s a social partner dance that has recently gained popularity worldwide. 

Many people find it to be very sensual and romantic. Give it a try! You may surprise yourself and have a lot of fun.

Is Kizomba easy to learn?

Yes, kizomba is easy to learn. The basic steps are very simple and can be learned in a few minutes. However, like any dance, it takes time and practice to develop the skills needed to perform it well.


If you’re looking for a fun, new dance to learn that combines elements from both Latin and African dances into one, this is the article for you. 

We hope we have provided enough information about Kizomba to understand why people would think it was a Latin dance. 

Whether or not there are any similarities between these two types of dancing, learning Kizomba can be an exciting experience!

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