Swing Dance Shoes for Women

best swing dance shoes for women

Dance shoes are an essential part of any dancer’s wardrobe, and choosing the right shoe can be a daunting task.

There are so many different brands, styles, colors, and sizes that it can feel impossible to know which one to pick.

But don’t worry!

This blog post will help you find your perfect pair of swing dance shoes.

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2. Ollio Classic Oxford

At a Glance: Our Top 7 Swing Dance Shoes for Her

Bloch Sandal Dance ShoeLeather Sole100% Leather1” Heel
Capezio 550 JuniorLeather Sole100% Synthetic1.5″ Heel
AkunaLeather SolePU & Glitter2.3″ Heel
Shall WeLeatherSuede2″ Cuban Heel

YAMI Satin Dance Shoes

These shoes, which come in either black or tan satin with a sparkle-encrusted buckle, are designed for all dancing types, including swing dancing. 

They have cushioned insoles and extra padding on the balls and heels for added comfort for your feet and legs. 

They also absorb shock well, which is vital if your choreography contains jumps.

What is more, the heel is designed for extra stability, eliminating one of the most significant risks of wearing heels for swing dancing.

The design is attractive and versatile, something that you might see on a street shoe. 

It is open-toed and has straps over the top of the foot and an ankle strap. 

However, the microfiber insoles make them easy to clean and help keep foot odor at bay.

These shoes nicely offset any dress or costume, from rockabilly-style 1950s to flapper-style 1920s dresses. 

They can also add flair to a simpler dance skirt, leotard, and tights.

Bloch Grecian Sandal 

Bloch is one of the most well-known dance shoemakers, so these sandals are specifically designed for dancing. 

They are relatively flat, so they’re great for rehearsals. 

That said, the sleek and fashionable design makes them usable for competition or performance, especially since the one-inch heel appears higher than when the shoes are worn.

These shoes are made from 100% leather and are durable and flexible. 

The outsole is suede, which provides the dancer with extra traction and can prevent slips. 

The shank is also flexible, showing off pointed feet and good technique.

Many people use these shoes while instructing various dance styles; they are comfortable enough for a full day on your feet. 

They come in black, pink, and tan.

Chase & Chloe Two-Tone Mary Jane’s

These swing dance shoes are the perfect pair to complete your 1950s retro look. 

They look like the classic two-tone Mary Jane’s, but they have several features that make them great for dancers. 

Many users especially report that they are comfortable and it is easy to move while wearing them. 

The stylish ankle straps keep the shoe in place during even the most complicated choreography.

They are inexpensive, which means that they aren’t designed to last for a long time. 

That said, that makes them great for practice or more casual hobbyists. 

They come in various color combinations, including black and white, burgundy and gray, white and tan, and many others. 

They are made of synthetic materials, so these are a great option, especially for dancers who prefer not to buy leather.

Capezio Junior Footlight

Capezio is one of the best-recognized names in dance footwear, and for a good reason. 

The company has been in operation for more than 130 years.

These shoes are classic ballroom or character dancing shoes.

The outer shoe is made of leather, and the insole is made of microfiber foam padding, so it’s designed to be comfortable and absorb sweat. 

The edges are all smooth, and the shank is light; they are specifically designed for comfort through long hours of rehearsal or performance. 

They also make an excellent option for weddings and other formal events.

The smaller-size heel makes them great for dancers just learning to dance in heels or for more challenging routines when you need the comfort of being close to the ground but want the feminine look of a heel.

These shoes are also compatible with Capezio taps, so you have the option of using them as tap shoes as well. 

They come in either black or nude.

Akuna Latin Dance Shoes 

This pair of fancy, flashy shoes is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement, especially in a competition. 

They can dress up even the simplest of dresses or costumes. 

They are very lightweight and comfortable, which makes them great for dancing. 

They are also much more affordable than other similar options on the market.

Ollio Classic Lace-Up Oxford

Looking for something a little bit different and still has a classic 1950s style retro look? 

If so, then these are the perfect shoes for you. They are flat, giving dancers the extra control and comfort of being close to the ground. 

They are also lightweight, even though they can be easily worn outside of the dance studio.

They have a rubber sole, so slippage is a rare issue. 

They come in various solid or two-tone colors, including classic black and white, tan, and even pink and white for an extra feminine touch. 

They are made of flexible synthetic material, so they move well with your foot without any animal products.

How to Measure Your Feet

When Measuring your feet, please remember to wear the socks/hosiery you would normally wear for this type of footwear.

  • Step1: Prepare a blank paper
  • Step2: Place your foot on the blank paper
  • Step3: Mark the end of your heel and the tip of your longest toe
  • Step4: Measure the length with a ruler and find out the size at below chart
how to measure your feet

How to choose the size of dancing shoes?

Dance shoes require higher fit requirements than ordinary shoes. 

We want to recommend choosing dance shoes that are one size smaller than your usual daily wearing size.

And you might feel a little bit uncomfortable when you first wear them, but after the shoes are bigger, they will be more comfortable for dancing.

How do I choose the soles of dancing shoes?

There are two types of shoe soles: the wool type and the rubber type. 

The fur bottom is usually made of cowhide, which is softer and could help the dancers have a better foot feeling, dancing more comfortably and relaxed. 

Rubber-soled shoes add a layer of rubber to the sole, which increases the sole’s wear resistance. 

What is the difference between outdoor shoes and indoor shoes?

Because indoor dance studios usually use smooth wooden floors, and shoes with fur-soled soles can increase friction.

That is the reason why we would like to recommend you choose the dance shoes with fur-covered soles. 

On the contrary, if you dance outside, the shoes with wool soles have high friction, so they are not conducive to spinning when you dance, making the wool soles more vulnerable to damage. 

Therefore, we recommend you choose rubber-soled dancing shoes for outdoor dancing.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there’s a lot you need to remember when choosing swing dance shoes.

Everything, from the heel sizes to the material, can make a huge difference.

Swing dance shoes can be expensive, but you can consider them as an investment.

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