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Professional ballroom dance shoes: Top 3 Benefits

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Buying a good pair of professional ballroom dance shoes can often be a problem for amateur ballroom dancers.

Most prominent dance shoe brands tend to be expensive and are likely to start from $90 and onwards.

This can be cumbersome if you are still learning ballroom dancing.

After all, enrolling in a ballroom dance class and actually continuing to dance professionally are two different things.

If it were the latter, then you could still consider investing in an expensive pair of ballroom dance shoes.

Consider this, though.

Owning a pair of professional ballroom dance shoes offers several advantages that justify the investment.

Also, you don’t need to purchase from a high-end dance shoe brand such as Dance Naturals or American Classic from the get-go.

There are several kinds of dance shoes available that can do the job without draining your bank account.

Some of the biggest benefits of owning a pair of professional dance shoes include:

1) They Help With Technique

If you are finding it hard to maintain your technique while you dance, your current dance shoes might be the problem.

Wearing your regular shoes for ballroom dancing will inhibit your movement.

These shoes tend to have a thick and inflexible outsole that ends up sticking to the floor.

Dance shoes tend to have suede soles that allow for smoother movement.

They do not stick to the floor and allow you to move and turn more easily.

2) They are More Comfortable

A regular pair of shoes will cause your feet to ache after your dance class.

If you wear sneakers, then you can expect some kind of protection for your feet in case you fall or trip, but that is about it.

Professional ballroom dance shoes are much superior in terms of comfort.

They usually have extra padding that cushions your feet while you dance.

They are also designed to absorb the shock that your feet are subjected to while you dance.

This can help protect your feet in a much better way.

3) They Last Longer

Professional dance shoes are a lot more durable than normal shoes.

This is important considering how quickly your shoes will wear down if they are not designed for dancing.

Instead of having to constantly replace your regular shoes with a new pair, it is wiser to invest in a pair of dance shoes instead.

These shoes are designed to withstand the pressure that results from dancing.

As a result, they last longer and you get a lot of use out of them before having to buy a new pair.

Popular Choices For Professional Ballroom Dance Shoes

If you are looking for a good pair of dance shoes that are cost-friendly, then we recommend the following:

YYTing Women’s Latin Dance 

These dance shoes are made out of satin.

They sport a flared heel of 2.5 inches which can offer a lot of stability to your feet.

They are also very comfortable to wear while dancing and you can enjoy a reasonable amount of flexibility on the dance floor.

They are particularly suitable for Salsa.

SHALL WE – Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes 

shall we latin salsa dance shoes
Via: Lightinthebox

The outer material of these shoes is also made out of satin.

They have a suede sole which makes them perfect for ballroom dancing.

If you are looking for a little more glamour, then these dance shoes are a great choice.

They sport miniature glass beads at the front. You will also find glass beads present on the back of the heel.

The heel is flared and is 2.5 to 3 inches long.

These shoes are very flexible and comfortable to wear.

They are also very lightweight and are perfect for Latin dance styles.  

Very Fine Dance Shoes 2707 (Competition Grade)

These are competition grade shoes that can be worn at a professional ballroom dance event.

They are made out of satin and have a soft suede bottom.

This can help you enjoy a very smooth movement on the dance floor.

They are also extremely durable and will last you for years.  

They sport a flared heel of 2.5 inches.

These shoes are suitable for a variety of dance styles such as Rumba, ChaChaCha, Paso, Samba, Jive, Doble, Swing, Mambo, Salsa, Bolero, Merengue, Bachata, and Argentine Tango.

Final Thoughts

Getting a pair of professional ballroom dance shoes can help improve your overall experience of ballroom dancing.

You can improve your technique a lot more easily and dance more comfortably as well.

These shoes also offer more durability, and a single pair can last you for several years without needing to be replaced.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase dance shoes from an expensive brand, then you can always consider one of our recommendations.

Rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

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