How Tall are Professional Ballroom Dancers?

How tall are Professional Ballroom Dancers

The average height of a professional male ballroom dancer is 6’3″ tall. Female ballroom dancers typically range from 5’6″ to 5’9″. Note, however, that these are just averages, and some professional ballroom dancers are taller while others might be a little shorter.

The height of a professional ballroom dancer matters in many ways. But how tall should a professional ballroom dancer be? In this post, I will be discussing this and other related questions.

Professional Ballroom Dancer Height

Professional ballroom dancers are required to compete with other people on the dance floor, so their height is important for them to reach around the shoulder length of any given partner they may have. 

This is especially true when it comes to tango dances as well. Having said that, most professional ballroom dancers tend to be around the same height.

The average height of a professional ballroom dancer is 6’3″ tall. Of course, this is average, and not everybody fits into it. For instance, some professional ballroom dancers are tall, while others might be shorter than the norm.

More often than not, however, a taller person tends to have a higher chance of being hired for competitions or shows because they can reach their partner’s shoulder-length more easily during dances.

Not only that, the height of a professional ballroom dancer matters in other ways too. For instance, they need to be able to stretch their legs well enough during performances to perform complex moves with ease and grace.

This also helps them not get tired easily while performing on stage or when practicing at home. According to some professionals, it is ideal for ballroom dancers to stretch their legs up until the back of their heads.

Female ballroom dancers typically range from 5’6″ to 5’9″, but again, this is just an average, and some professional ballroom dancers are taller while others might be a little shorter.

Why Height Matters in Ballroom Dancing

Height can be an advantage in ballroom dancing.

If you are taller, you can execute more moves than someone shorter. Having a longer leg with more reach also enables you to execute difficult moves better. In general, if you are taller as a ballroom dancer, it is easier for you to do complicated lifts and tricks without much difficulty.

It is easier to learn complex moves.

Taller people tend to enjoy the challenge of learning difficult and complex dances, while shorter people may prefer simple and easy-to-learn dance steps.

Taller people generally have better posture and flexibility than shorter ballroom dancers to perform easier dance moves with more grace. In general, having a taller dancer helps your team or duo stand out from the crowd as well.

Height can be an advantage to female ballroom dancers.

If you are a woman, then height can also play in your favor during competitions. For instance, if you are dancing with another man who is shorter than average, it will not look very good when the two of you compete.

While taller men have more advantages over their shorter counterparts, these benefits are not always guaranteed.

Some Downsides of Being a Tall Ballroom Dancer

Keeping balance may sometimes be challenging.

Taller people have a higher center of gravity and must work harder to keep their balance than shorter people. This can work against you when you are dancing or performing.

Taller people are more prone to injuries.

Taller dancers sometimes tend to weigh more than their shorter counterparts as well, so they must be mindful of weight-related injuries such as ankle and knee pain. If you are a tall ballroom dancer, it is important for you to consider and not over-exert yourself when dancing.

For tall ladies, wearing high heels can be problematic.

If you are a tall woman, wearing high heels can sometimes cause visual challenges for the audience watching. Because of this, some women try to avoid wearing very high heels during competitions or shows so they will appear more ‘normal’ in height next to their partners.

It’s hard to find a partner that is taller than you.

This is another problem that tall ballroom dancers face, especially when starting out. It’s harder for taller people to find a partner online or in person because most dance partners tend to be of similar height, so it looks aesthetically more appealing on stage.


How tall should a professional ballroom dancer be?

Most female professional ballroom dancers range from five feet six inches to five feet nine inches. Male dancers tend to be around five feet nine inches or taller.

Is it better to be tall or short for ballroom dancing?

While being a tall ballroom dancer comes with a raft of benefits, shorter dancers also enjoy a number of benefits as well. Generally speaking, taller dancers learn and execute dance moves more easily, while shorter dancers are more agile and have better balance.

What are the qualities of a good ballroom dancer?

A good ballroom dancer should be creative, patient, confident, and knack about choreography and creative movement. They should also be good at problem-solving and have a strong sense of rhythm.

What makes ballroom dancing unique?

Ballroom dancing is known for its elegance and beauty. The dances are graceful and fluid, with a sense of rhythm and movement unparalleled in other dance forms.

Final Thoughts

The height of professional ballroom dancers varies greatly. However, the height of a ballroom dancer has no impact on their ability to dance and excel at this form of artistry. However, it is better to be a taller dancer because you have more advantages over shorter dancers.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you are thinking of learning ballroom dancing, there is no better time than now.

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