What is The Best Ballroom Dance to Learn First?

Easiest Ballroom Dance to Learn: How to Begin
Ballroom dance students practicing rumba

There are so many different ballroom dances to choose from, and deciding which one to learn can be hard.

In this post, we’ll outline the pros and cons of each dance type so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Happy dancing!

What is The Best Ballroom Dance to Learn First?

The best ballroom dance to learn first is the one that you are most interested in. If you are a beginner, it might make sense to start with a less complicated dance, such as the foxtrot or waltz.

However, if you feel drawn to a more challenging dance like the quickstep or tango! It’s essential to choose a dance that you will enjoy learning so that you can stick with it and continue improving your skills.

Whichever ballroom dance you decide to learn first, find a good instructor who can teach you the basic steps and lead you through some practice sessions.

Top 5 Easiest Ballroom Dance List Ideas

1. Swing

Swing is a variation of the jive dance that became popular in the 1930s and was introduced by Cab Calloway.

He was an American dancer and singer who loved the happy and energetic dance moves required by jive.

This is a great dance style for young and energetic individuals.

Swing is a sassy ballroom dance that will get you going, and you will definitely enjoy its steps.

Here are the simple steps to perform it

  • The footwork is tricky, starting from the left foot, moving one foot behind the other, and lifting the front foot. This is called the rock step.
  • Next, you need to perform a triple-foot action, moving from left to right, called chasse movement.
  • End with the rock step.
  • The hand movement of the partner changes as they move to and from.

2. Foxtrot

History tells us that foxtrot was introduced in 1910.

It is a slowly progressive ballroom dance that is easy to learn for beginners, especially since it has simple steps.

With easy gliding movement on the floor, Foxtrot is the epitome of smooth, graceful movements to impress anyone.

Here are the simple steps to perform Foxtrot:

  • Start with your left foot and walk two steps forward.
  • Pause and take a quick step to your left.
  • Repeat the first step in the forwarding motion.

The steps work opposite for the female, and the dance starts with a backward motion and a right foot.

3. Waltz

You don’t have to be the perfect dancer to perform a waltz, making it effortless.

Derived from the German language, waltz means to roll or glide along.

Originating from Austria, this dance is now widely accepted and performed worldwide.

You might not know this, but Waltz has been massively criticized.

Professional dancers disliked it because it lacked complicated dance movements or postures and was simple to learn, thus ending business.

Religious figures also considered it obscene and vulgar due to the closed position of partners.

Nonetheless, it is now one of the most popular dances worldwide.

Here are the simple steps to perform Waltz:

  • You must move forward with one foot and then bring the other forward.
  • Then, move to the right.
  • Move backward in a similar pattern and then step to the left.

4. Rumba

If you are looking forward to some flirty ballroom dancing, Rumba is more of your style.

It is an incredibly romantic dance form with slow movements that are easy for the newbies.

Originating from Cuban dances, it is perfect for the bride and groom at the wedding.

Here are the simple steps to perform Rumba:

  • Start with most of your weight on the left foot and then sway to the right side.
  • Then, bring the right foot in.
  • Change weight from the left foot to the right foot once.
  • Now, end with bringing the left foot back to the starting position and then bring the right foot in.
  • Now, shift weight between the right and the left leg.

5. Cha Cha

Cha Cha is a Cuban ballroom dance that generated from mambo and danzon dance styles.

When the dancers’ feet touch the ground, they make a funny noise like Cha Cha, and that was how the dance form was named.

Here are the simple steps to perform Cha Cha:

  • Move to your side with the left foot.
  • Glide the right foot to the left foot.
  • Quickly move the right foot behind the left foot by taking a step backward.
  • Now bring the right foot forward and take a triple step as you sway your hips from side to side.
  • Now take a step forward and sway your hips thrice.
  • Come back to the starting position.
  • Take a step back and sway your hips thrice and come back to the starting position.

Tips for Ballroom Dance Newcomers

How can a beginner become a pro at ballroom dancing?

Here are a few tips you need to consider:

  • Firstly, identify the different types of ballroom dance correctly. This is the best way to realize which ballroom dance is easiest for you. The numerous dancing styles have their own pros and cons.
  • Relax your body and let the music and its rhythm flow through it before you even take your first step. Familiarize yourself with the beat of the music.
  • Learning to dance is just like any other fun activity, so don’t overburden yourself with competitive thoughts. Let it come to you naturally.
  • Follow your dance teacher with your eyes and focus on their movement. Ask questions when you feel the need.
  • Look closely at the posture and movements required for the dance.

Repeat the steps in front of a mirror because this will build your confidence.

As what they always say, practice makes you perfect or master skills so can be said for ballroom dancing.

Learning to dance in an elegant manner requires persistence and time.

Ballroom Dancing Beyond Movements

Now that you have grasped the basics of the easiest ballroom dance to learn, making a decision is simple.

Choose a dance form that you connect with whether it is the sensual rumba or the more classic waltz.

Relax and enjoy the music as you sway with your partner and glide along the floor confidently.

Remember, it comes naturally, and the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to dance impeccably.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is the Easiest Ballroom Dance to Start With?

The easiest ballroom dance to start with for beginners is often the Foxtrot. With its simple and smooth movements, the Foxtrot is accessible to those new to dancing.

The basic steps involve walking and gliding motions, making it comfortable for beginners to learn. The dance’s slow-quick-quick rhythm is straightforward to grasp, and its elegant style allows dancers to gain confidence quickly.

What is the Most Useful Ballroom Dance?

The most useful ballroom dance often depends on the context and personal goals. The Waltz is often considered highly useful due to its foundational nature, teaching dancers essential partner connection, posture, and coordination skills.

It forms the basis for many other dances. Another useful dance is the Foxtrot, which emphasizes smooth movements and adaptability, providing a strong foundation for social dancing.

However, all ballroom dances offer unique benefits, contributing to dancers’ overall skill set and versatility.

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